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His customers had spoken, Mr. In recent weeks they have besieged libraries with requests for the books, signaling a new wave of popularity for these erotic novels, which have become the best-selling titles in the nation this spring. In some cases demand has been so great that it has forced exasperated library officials to dust off their policies — if they have them — on erotica. That enthusiasm has carried over to libraries.

James, is the most popular book in circulation, with more holds than anyone can remember on a single title 2, and counting last Friday at the Hennepin County Public Library, which includes Minneapolis, up from on April 9. Cole said.

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But some libraries have been caught on the other side of the issue. The Brevard County Public Library in east central Florida pulled copies of the books from its shelves after library officials decided they were not appropriate for the public. In Fond du Lac, Wis. Joan Bertin, the executive director of the National Coalition Against Censorship, said in an interview that it was unusual for a library to remove a book from its section for adults.

View all New York Times newsletters. This is really very much against the norms in the profession. We believe the Brevard County Public Library System is indulging in an act of censorship, and essentially is saying to library patrons: We will judge what you can read.

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Decisions about which books to stock tend to rest in the hands of local library officials, calculations based on what patrons are asking for and how much money a library system has to spend. The characterisation is two-dimensional: Anastasia is supposed to be highly intelligent and quick-witted, but she never behaves like it. Consequently, Christian's proclamations that she's "the most fascinating woman he has ever met" give the impression that Mr Kinkballs doesn't get out much.

Why has the book been so successful, then? Well, sex sells. However, I find it hard to understand how this could really be doing so much for so many. Despite its kinkalicious set-up, Fifty Shades is no tale of unbridled lust; it's page 78 before Grey and Steele have so much as a snog. The lust becomes more bridled still when Christian puts his charming romantic offer on the table, furnishing Anastasia with a list of rules dictating her required eating, sleeping, exercising and dressing habits.

By the time Anastasia discloses that she is a virgin, the lust is wearing a saddle and answering to the name of Dobbin. Because of Ana's admirable chastity and purity, Christian condescends to have nonviolent first-time sex with her very considerate. Although Anastasia has never so much as touched her own vagina before she refers to this part of her anatomy as "down there" she has four cataclysmic orgasms as a result of Christian being a sex magician.

After a successful deflowering, the lovers take a bath, where Christian seemingly never having heard of candida washes Anastasia "down there" with a soapy cloth, and Anastasia makes the happy discovery that she has no gag reflex.

  1. Les Morts dans lâme (French Edition).
  2. Exchanging Islands;
  3. Halbe Unschuld (German Edition).
  4. Places of Last Resort: The Expansion of the Farm Frontier into the Boreal Forest in Canada, c. 1910-1940.
  5. Libraries Debate Stocking ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trilogy.

A few chapters later, they have met each other's families and are, for all intents and purposes, in a conventional monogamous relationship with a BDSM element. This is more or less all that happens until about three pages from the end, where the pair breaks up, presumably to facilitate more annoying conversations about how complicated their relationship is in part two, Fifty Shades Darker. It's probably clear at this point that, for me, Fifty Shades is not a one-handed read.

The book might qualify for a deposit in my spank bank if I got off on men buying women expensive presents. It is directed by a woman, whch is very interesting, and makes me ver curious why she strayed so far off the book, also written by a woman. Clear case of a profit seeking - business woman, tv writer , creating a profit based franchise with the sole purpose of profit.

Knowing full well, with years in advertising, that her 3 books would sell like hot cakes, knowing the market she was sellimg to, one after the other - glorified "romance" novelist" and then be made and sold - into film. She had and executed a great plan for her business.. Cudos to her. What a stupendous expulsion of cinematic excrement!! North-Americans apparently get hot and bothered by taking tame little peeks into a genre long ago mastered by the French.

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There are a many such titles far more worthy of the "erotic" tag, produced in Europe decades ago check out any of the 14 titles which can be found under the List titled "Artcore" here, for many better examples of the genre. Although Dakota Johnson appears to be worthy of greater projects than this one, the poor dialogue kills this with it's flatness and unintentional laughs.

This is nothing more than a post-millenial Harlequin Romance with pretensions. The director definitely lacks the artistic vision that was necessary to turn the novel into something of substance. Innocent virgin grabs billionaire; or at least a cardboard cutout of said billionaire and learns the prerequisite geisha-like obedience which apparently all modern up-and-coming career-girls dream of! Our heroine's roomy even dates his brother!

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It's a billionaire bro' tag team championship! Charlie Hunnam made a wise career choice by pulling out of this fantasy without frisson. I did not read the books and have no intention to do so, but I must praise Dakota Johnson for her nuanced performance here. The Christian Grey character felt weak, but Dakota gives oomph to an otherwise -- ahem -- flaccid film. It wasn't the sex fantasy everyone had hoped for, I know, but by taming it, I enjoyed the softer side of their relationship. The more emotional undercurrents showed a little, which I think was beneficial. I know it didn't live up to the hype, but I enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel.

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It's a stylish "erotic" film I guess with attractive actors Honestly this was a well done movie, acting was great and made me sit and get absorbed in the movie. Not a lot of movies are that great out there, between crappy acting and stupid storylines. Yes, this is out there storyline but the acting brought it together and made enjoy the movie. Don't bother watching this movie it is a waste of time. And I agree with one of the other comments - the character Christian is abusive. His dark vibe is not sexy it is creepy and wrong, this character should not be idolised as women deserve to be treated with respect.

Do not waste your time!!! I will not read the book and this movie was sooo bad I could not get past the first 30 minutes! The dialogue and acting and premise were so awful and unbelievable I had to turn it off. Based on bad proffesional reviews of the book I would not waste my time reading that trash.

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For those into weird sex, you may like it. I find that disturbing on many levels, and if you have been in a abusive relationship as the actress here is, it will make you sick to watch it. It is not love but a twisted lust these two share. Love is far from that. I can't believe people like this stuff and how well the book sold! Society is going to hell. In this movie, the Dominant character needs to have great charisma and a mischievous approach to his sexual relationships.

He should consider himself to be God's Gift to the college girl, whom he has quickly decided to seduce. Unfortunately, the Dominant character is portrayed more like a submissive male: a shy, driven, poor kid turned billionaire who is awkward around women; and, who only feels safe relating to a woman within an artificial environment of power and pain. For the movie to be entertaining and believable, the Dominant character should relish the challenge of liberating the college girl who has become the object of his desire.

He should be overwhelmed by his own desire to free her whom he already envisions as his Beloved submissive from the social constraints of her physical inhibitions and emotional secrets.