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Southern Folks: Memories of spring on Miz Lena's farm

Right before the episode aired, Lena posted the following on her Twitter page to promote her big night:. Lena started her monologue with a couple of jokes but also opened up on just how much this moment means to her, admitting she used to fantasize about hosting a late night talk show one day. She even did the patented fist-pump when she came out. But, Halle peeped game and gave her just what she needed: a big kiss.

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See, Halle knew. Because every single minute after that, Lena embodied a different level of swag like a real nigga. And best believe folks gave Lena her props. And yes, we do know Lena is engaged to the beautiful and talented executive Alana Mayo.

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Staff Writer, Entertainment at The Root. Equipped with the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence. Two years out of college found Vaughn teaching at Niskayuna High School and attending summer school at Middlebury. Through it all she sang.

Stamps: Life, God and the world according to Miz Lena | Times Free Press

There is a progressive social tradition embedded in American folk music and the folk community has long been defined by certain attitudes about how folk music should be made. Folk places emphasis on the human voice. Tony Barrand John Roberts. Bob Beers. These two British expatriates met as graduate students in psychology at Cornell University in They began performing together the following year after discovering they both had an interest in folk music.

Though largely self-taught folklorists, they are both known for their expertise and extremely entertaining presentations of English folksongs, sea ballads, drinking songs, and music portraying industrial strife and social history. Their entertaining style and broad repertoire have earned them an international reputation. They have performed at major festivals, colleges, clubs, and coffee houses in the US, Canada and Britain. Their Noel Sing We Clear, pageant of mid-winter carols and dances, is much looked forward to by a large Capital area audience. Tony is a professor at Boston University and is also known for his efforts at reviving Morris dance in America, as well as for his own Morris and clog dancing.

John is well known for his expertise playing both Anglo and English concertina, as well as banjo and guitar. He's been known to pick up a stick, don bell pads and caper about as well, but spends his time as a music editor and transcriber for Singout, Melbay, and other influential publications.

John's song repertoire is phenomenal.

CLHP Intern Blog: Alex Becker

Each of this talented duo have done much to further our collective knowledge of the folk tradition. They have certainly provided us all with a collection of songs and stories that have been sung and told over and over again, continuing to entertain, delight and inspire us. The band had existed since the fall of and had played for dances and weddings. They became the central impetus for a revival of old time country dancing in Upstate New York.

That became Front Hall record number 1 and sold over 60, copies.

Later the dining room became the packing room as we began to do mail order, and other rooms became stacked with Front Hall records. The whole idea was to try to gather a lot of things no one could find into one place and make them available. We can thank Bill and Andy for the Old Songs organization, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving traditional music and dance through the presentation of public concerts, country dances, group instruction, and festivals.

Bob Beers grew up in the mid-west and graduated from Northwestern University with a major in music.

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He had originally planned to be a concert violinist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. His plans were changed, however, as he believed that the knowledge of folklore he had learned from his grandfather and the playing of the psaltery that he had inherited from the man, should be perpetuated.