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David J. Glover, J. Simburger, Edward J. Although emphasising metrolink connections around L. Hewett, J. Explains the name of each metro station and its surroundings. Editions P. Tacussel, Short introduction to the Montreal Metro, its history and day-to-day operation, for young people. Text deutsch. See author's page for details. Vokrug Sveta: Moskovskoye Metro.

All Munich Metro Stations in Colour. Unterirdisch durch die bayrische Landeshauptstadt. Camilo Jose Vergara: Subway Memories. Lorraine B. Stan Fischler: The Subway and the City. Brian J. Cudahy, George M. New York University Press, Jan , p. Robert W. Cudahy, B. A facsimile of the edition originally published by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company to commemorate the opening of New York's first subway line.

April , pages. Rather a novel, with only a few photographs. Ravelli, Robert J. The Regional Transit Guide.

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Greller, J. Jean-Pierre Rigouard, E. An Underground History. Isaac Joseph : Meteor. Descouturelle, A. Mignard, M. ISBN : A technical study of the rolling stock from to Clive Lamming: Paris Ferroviaire. Clive Lamming: Paris Tram. Jean Orselli: Les nouveaux tramways : Comment ne pas rater son tram. Plotkin, Susan L. The interest of this book is its presentation. Instead of using alphabetical or lines order, chapters are ordered as a history of France, with an explanation everytime a station's name is related to the period studied.

There are no pictures. Bonneton, ISBN This small book pocket sized, printed on glossy paper is a story of the Metro at the beginning of the 20th century through old postcards building, trains, stations, Various: Le kiosque des noctambules , une oeuvre de Jean Michel Othoniel.

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It' s the story of the new metro entrance called "Le Kiosque des Noctambules" at station Palais-Royal. Chansons Metropolitains.

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Capital Transport, new edition. La Vie du Rail, Paris, Sheila Hallsted-Baumert, a. Geschichte und Geschichten von Pariser Metro Stationen - Edward Creagan takes readers behind the curtain of health care and gives them the keys to the kingdom to be an empowered patient. Editor: Andrew W.

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Saul, Ph. Readers who want to know which illnesses best respond to nutrition therapy, and how and why that therapy works, will find this book a must-read. Author: Peggy R. Wolfe Publisher: Park Publishing, Inc. Author: Lawrence L. Author: Susan W. Editor: Bonnie S. Driggers Publisher: Lydia Inglett Ltd. Author: Diane Lewis, M. When we use chemicals on lawns and gardens, they pollute our drinking water. A doctor and mother shares how to chart a happier, healthier course. This collection of essays explores the essence of midlife including children, reunions, loss.


Eastman wryly writes about aging and change with insight, humor and warmth. Transform your relationship to personal excellence and overcoming challenge. A secret is revealed long after the death of a beloved army officer. His widow discovers years later that meeting his comrades would provide ultimate healing. This new book opens up the true simplicity and flavor of Indian food for anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or familiarity.

The award-winning multicultural collaboration between a U. Navy officer, an Afghan high school, and Pashtuns worldwide that reveals our common humanity in a time of war. Author: Jeanne A. With over color photos, first-hand accounts of wildlife encounters, and fun facts, this book explores Nature on the Mendocino and Sonoma Coasts of California. Now, several years into parenting her twin boys, Dr Flais is sharing her wisdom and experience as a mom and her expertise as a doctor to help other parents prepare for and raise multiples with confidence. Designed to guide parents and teachers in the effective use of electronic tablets to help children challenged by a variety of special education needs.

Traveling back to her adoption from Poland in infancy he discovers attachment disorders in orphans. It explained everything. An indispensable reference book full of insights. An inspirational guide for parents, caregivers, family members and friends who do not understand the whole world of autism spectrum disorders. Author: Howard I. Schwartz, Ph. Author: Eileen C. Author: Kathryn A. Gill Publisher: Davies Publishing, Inc.

Bonus: 15 continuing medical education credits. Author: Donald P. Ridgway Publisher: Davies Publishing, Inc. Bonus: 18 continuing medical education credits. Author: T. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding to help them design vehicles with improved aerodynamics; leading to improved fuel efficiency, better performance, and greater passenger comfort. Over practical activities, methods for helping children gain more control over their lives.

Each chapter provides rich theoretical material to understand the issues children face. TO A. Publishing veteran Katherine Pickett gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at each stage of book production, helping new authors avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

  1. Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson;
  2. Independent Publisher: THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry.
  3. EL-Tahweela (no more Borders Book 1).
  4. A New Beginning.

Author: Martha Bergland and Paul G. Biography of a self-taught renaissance man and pioneer who fathered the National Weather Service and mastered botany, geology, archaeology, mineralogy, engineering, meteorology, and cartography. Author: Rabbi Menachem M. Author: Kenneth P. Ken Lizzio corrects such misperceptions in this firsthand account of the year he spent in living with the head of the Naqshbandis.

A guide to the life and teachings of Muhammad. Told in a straightforward language that will appeal to all who seek an easy to read primer on the Prophet and his teachings. The raw truth of our deepest fears shared in real diary entries enlivens tools to transform the human spirit and sparks a movement toward authenticity. Modern-day fly fishing, like much in life, has become exceedingly complex, with high-tech gear, a confusing array of flies and terminal tackle, accompanied by high-priced fishing guides. This book reveals that the best way to catch trout is simply, with a rod and a fly and not much else.

A Christian travel guide to Israel with integrated journal pages — full of historical, archaeological, religious, and cultural information; enhanced by striking full-color photography and design. Readers will learn about pairing wine and food and where to get these wines outside of Europe. Should ambition cease with death? Author: Mark A. We really appreciate it. Get event planning emails you actually want to read! Great stuff, sent occasionally! Blog home. Jan 21, Charlie highlights 3 main points that students found particularly valuable: Having all the information in one central place, so that he and the team could point students to the app for quick answers.


Giving students the ability to create their own, personalised schedule for the week. Delivering regular push notifications throughout the week that highlighted key events and information. How can we really understand the way the new students app was used?

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A new tool to support a vibrant and integrated student community The University of Essex will continue to track student retention, but the initial signs are clear: students were happy at being able to access all the key information on the device they use more than anything else — their smartphone.