MAN UP, MAN! : 101 Ways to be a Real Man, Really

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Some of these random questions to ask a guy are funny, some are weird, but all are sure to lead to fun chats.

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Bacon maple already exists , so the bar has been set. If he got the call, where would he go? Sometimes you meet a guy you really get along with and you can see the two of you becoming friends. For tips, check out our list of personal questions to ask a guy and be sure to scroll down to see the best of them.


This one is especially good to ask a guy who knows how to dress well. If you want to get to know the guys around you on a deeper, more personal level, you need the best deep questions to ask. Are muscles and money all it takes to be a man , or is there something else? Everyone struggles with prejudice. How we deal with it is what matters. You want to surround yourself with people who are learning and growing.

Find out if this guy is. What a person considers to be their own strengths or weaknesses is very telling. Would you rather questions are a time tested method of starting conversations. The best thing about would you rather questions is that they work in so many situations.

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Which is a bigger motivator : ethics or profits? At a certain point, one must choose between money and contentment. The temporary bliss of a vacation or the more permanent use of the newest tech? Before you dive into these questions, let me give you some tips on how best to use them. But be warned: you might end up with a new friend anyways.

A poorly timed question is worse than an unasked question. Mankind craves communities. Remember that the chances are good that the guys around you are open to conversations and new friends. Strike up a conversation.

How To Be A Better Man – 100 Plus Ways To Take Charge Of Your Life

By now you have dozens of great questions to ask the fellas in any situation. Ranging from conversation starters to deep questions, with some funny and random questions thrown in along the way. These questions to ask a guy are designed to help you turn strangers into friends and make it easy for you to get to know the guys around you.

Keep in mind that the purpose of these questions is to help you connect with other guys, so listening to answers is just as vital as asking questions.

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Start using these questions to ask today, and watch as you become more comfortable at work, at the gym, or out on the town. Start here. This post contains affiliate links what is this? Share 4. Pin 1.

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Conversation Starters. Best Interesting. To Get To Know Him. Personal, Deep. Would You Rather.

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Save yourself the time and frustration by picking up this skill yourself. If you trace back the practice to the origins of humanity, most of the first agriculturally inclined individuals were men. It can be a self-sustaining means of survival. Especially in the warmer months, backyard, beach, and park barbecues are some of our absolute favorite activities. Because they combine two of our favorite things: eating and the outdoors. We live in a digital world. But you should let that keep you from practicing your handwriting.

Believe it or not, but writing things down — rather than typing them — is more closely tied to memory. It can also be quicker and more convenient given the circumstances.

MAN UP, MAN!: Ways to be a Real Man, Really by Ed Cawley | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

It might seem simple, but hanging artwork is something that requires a bit more consideration. Then this is a skill you need to look into. God forbid you ever have to try to save someone from choking, but it does happen. Having something lodged in your throat is one of those emergencies that requires immediate action, because waiting for the paramedics will most certainly end badly. After all, the human body can only go so long without oxygen — maybe a few minutes maximum in a panicked situation such as this.

This is one of those skills that is fairly polarizing. So, let us begin by saying this: for some people, hunting is an enjoyable way to spend some time amongst friends doing something they all love. For others, it is solely a survivalist skill to be used only when absolutely necessary.

Either you make a hobby out of it, or it can end up saving your life. Maybe both. Unless you drive around in an all-electric or a hybrid, it can be difficult to know when your car battery needs changing. Most of the time, it seems like people find out one day when they go to turn their engine over and nothing happens. Red goes to red and black to black. There are several ways you can do it, which include flint and steel, focusing the rays of the sun, and even combining chemical compounds.

Pick up on a few of these methods, just in case you ever need them. Navigation without electronics, while seemingly complicated, can become like second nature for a practiced student. For instance, you can use cues from your surrounding environment — including flora and fauna, geographical layout, and the position of the sun. This is especially helpful if you ever want to take an extended off-the-grid hiking trip.

Perhaps the most clear and common need for a bartering and negotiating skill set is buying a car. This skill also helps with business negotiations, such as asking for a raise. Well, in that case, water travel might actually be one of the safest ways to stay mobile.

Give it a shot sometime. And anything that can both make your life easier and more enjoyable is a worthy endeavor. Luckily, there are hundreds of different kinds of instruments that suit just about every walk of life. Whether you want a classic — like a 6-string guitar — or something a little more obscure — theremin, anyone? Bar games give you something to focus on other than just drinking. Learn the classics at your favorite pub while enjoying a beer and, just maybe, try out some more obscure ones, like shuffleboard.

This skill extends in both directions along the locale spectrum. That means you should be both adept with a chef knife in the finest of kitchens and out in the wilderness. For starters, cooking your own food can be rewarding, cheaper, and healthier than eating every meal out somewhere. It can also impress a date. But, being able to find and prepare food in the wild can serve to save you from coming down with food-borne illnesses.

And that can mean survival in the face of certain death. Lifting weights can be extremely hazardous to your health and safety if you do it wrong. Not only can you cause yourself serious injury, but you can start yourself down the road to long-term damage. It even helps build confidence and competence when in smaller groups or even person to person. Well, let us be the first to tell you that learning how to ride a bike only seems easy because you probably did it when you were a kid. But, be prepared to get a few scrapes along the way. Sewing is incredibly valuable for anyone to learn, as it can allow you to create, modify, or even repair clothing.

Guns are dangerous. There, we said it. They also serve as a great home-defense option to protect your house and your family from invaders, should such a terrible occasion arise. And that extends to safety training for before and after pulling the trigger. If you want to own a gun, learn how to safely use it. Most folks nowadays can just run down to the local market and buy pre-cut firewood.

And now they even offer waterproof headphones to accompany you. Again, this is one of those skills that may seem obvious and easy, but if you do it wrong, you could end up looking foolish and potentially hurting yourself. Throwing a bad punch will not only be ineffective, it can actually serve to injure the person throwing it.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to figure out how to punch properly.

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Then again, you might. Whether you like to go camping, spend time sailing the ocean , or even just want to rig up some backyard games for your next barbecue, tying a proper knot is going to make everything more sturdy, secure, and reliable. Business interviews, weddings, formal dinners, and awards ceremonies all call for wearing a suit. And an integral part of a suit is a tie. You should also learn how to tie a bowtie, should you ever be interested in changing up your style and standing out a bit.

This skill is a must for just about every man. There are plenty of ways to get a decent shave without much effort. But nothing compares to the closeness of a wet shave with either a straight razor or safety razor. Unfortunately, the ability to write anything longer than a text seems to be a dying art. Make yourself stand out from the crowd both in the professional and personal world by taking the time to properly compose your sentences — grammar and all. It might not seem that important in a world so encumbered by short, quick phrases and acronyms.

But it can mean the difference between impressing and disappointing an important party in your life. Amongst the most important skills on this list are those related to survival. Posted By Chris West. Posted By Mike Bitanga. Skip to content. Posted By Sean Tirman Jun 23, Build A Shelter Hopefully you never find yourself in a situation where you need to sleep in the wilderness unexpectedly. Change Your Oil Obviously not as pressing as changing a tire, changing your oil is arguably more important.

Compose A Photograph Point and shoot , right? Dance Neither bobbing your head nor going full Elaine Benes counts as dancing.