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There's also an interview with members of the "Asian cartel that's been poisoning San Francisco with meth for almost 25 years," the show reported. There are six safe houses in the city, presumably in the Tenderloin and South of Market, two areas which the "cartel" supplies. They also supply the Richmond and the Sunset Districts with their "10,square foot" meth "superlabs," which produce about 25 pounds of the product a week.

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Addicts often neglect their dental hygiene and grind their teeth at night, causing further damage. The drug, a form of methamphetamine, is extremely addictive, producing a powerful high followed by a severe comedown.

What is 'flakka'?

The pictures were put together by online drug recovery directory, Rehabs. Meth is one of the most serious drug problems in many Mid-west states in America, according to the site. Mr Snyder added that the suspect, Austin Harrouff, had no previous criminal record and no clear motive in the alleged attacks of Michelle Mishon, 53, and John Stevens, Investigators are still working to determine whether or not the suspect had flakka in his system, the sheriff's suspicion highlights a larger problem with man-made hallucinogens sweeping South Florida.

Flakka is a psychostimulant drug in the synthetic cathinone family, known colloquially as "b ath s alts" , and it was probably developed as a legal high in response to other drugs being criminalised. It is in the same group as the drug mephedrone and was only recently banned in the UK and in the US. It is a stimulant, which increases alertness, attention and energy, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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  • But the incident itself is isolated, and it remains unclear whether or not Harrouff was actually on flakka. Given the availability and widespread distribution of the drug, however, if it turned users into cannibals, there would be more reports of such instances publicly available. Since then, other videos showing people with erratic behaviour were soon attributed to the drug.

    However, none of these videos actually show people taking the drug.

    Nazis Were Fueled by Crystal Meth, New Book Shows

    The drug's similarity to bath salts reinforced the media speculation that they would give somebody "superhuman strength" — an unconfirmed side effect critics say was used to justify forceful arrests. But although its dangers may have been exaggerated, taking the drug is risky - it is addictive and can cause fatal overdoses. In Broward County, Florida, some 60 people died by the end of — only 14 months after the drug began taking its hold on the area.

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