The Ten Principles of Financial Freedom

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How to Win the Game of Money - Strategies for Financial Freedom

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Financial Freedom in 7 Steps: My Secret Formula for Wealth | Brian Tracy

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The Only 3 Money Principles You Need To Know

How long will it take machines to produce widgets? Yet you have robbed Me! It is holy to the LORD. Lev NKJ 9. The younger people should start right at This is what gets blessed as you tithe! A year and a week ago, I began contributing to the Forbes personal finance channel. Today, my first book, an eBook published by Forbes , comes out.

The topic is career and money secrets for success, which may seem like typical Forbes fodder, but for me writing a book on this topic signifies a personal redemption. That didn't stop me from falling into debt a second time, but then, I became so panicked, I changed my money habits for good. She thanked me profusely and told me that it had changed her life and inspired her to get out of debt. In order to do so, she began meticulously tracking every dollar spent.

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Hearing stories like this keeps me motivated to teach others simple ways to manage their money. For my book, I boiled down personal finance into the three most important guidelines you need to know. Whether your money problem relates to debt, credit, retirement, saving, not making enough money or something else entirely, these principles should help you resolve your issues and start making headway toward your goals and building a stronger financial future.

Financial fitness, like physical fitness, is mostly about good habits. This principle is at the core of all good financial management. When you spend less than you earn, you save. And what you save becomes wealth. This was key for me to climb out of debt, stay out of debt, build up my savings and achieve life goals like quitting my job to freelance, living in Italy for four months, moving to a new city and more.

No matter how wealthy or poor you start out as an adult, this is the secret to maintaining a life of freedom to pursue your goals. The wealthy, if they live beyond their means, lose their riches, and the poor, if they do the same, will never escape poverty.