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He has a beard, beards are creepy! And he has a mustache too, that makes him look like hes evil!! Also hes gay. Old peopla rent supposed to be gay! You are absolutely retarded, I have no doubt about that. You have time to make opinions kid, first you need to grow up. You should sue the one who told you that British fought and lost ww2 to america. You can get in trouble for that. British were American Allies in WW This is just a stupid loving sparcling vampires and chiuauas in love with the poker face girl fan.

Harry Potter is awesome! And, british rule! The Biris? Omg you sound like an 8 year old who thinks Edward is hot and that is the only reason you like Twilight. Do everyone a favor and finish 3rd grade before every trying to make points again. I agree with everyone that this is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious FAIL!!

For the sake of humanity I hope they are a troll!! Say that to my face and I will literally prove you wrong In the real world actually right now. I wish I have dungbombs now. At least J. I am part of a semi-large army on Fanpop and I am here to defend all Potterheads like me. I could go on…. I just need a few Harry Potter people to fight for this cause and to squish all you Twitards and prove that Harry Potter will be written down in History unlike Twilight.

The only mention of Twilight is how it ruined the myth of Vampires and Fairies. Now stop it troll, come on, not that hard to apologise to these people you hurt. Would you like me to say anymore? This made me laugh my ass off. Thank you spoiled brat for making my day.

The way you call the characters ugly and that britsh people are lower than Americans is sick and humiliating for yourself. We are equal, plus open up and real book sometime and actually get something into your thick skull. You are exactly like your steriotype and thank you for showing the whole world what Twilight fans are like. Next time, do us all a favor and think about how stupid you sound before posting it on the internet for everyone to see. People die. Good people die. Death IS ok, and natural, in your world does everybody live forever?

Because in everybody elses it is something that has to be dealt with something Rowling communicates through the loss of loved ones and main characters in her books. In no way is it communicated that torture is okay, the blatantly obvious bad characters are those that torture, and never is it described in detail, get turned on by killing people? It is not referred to in even a remotely sexual way whatsoever and its incredibly assuming and ridiculous to think so. I barely want to talk about this point as it is so ridiculous. A fact, my darling is something scientifically proven rather than the idiotic opinion of a fool on the internet, if by this logic that the contents of a book is of no matter, simply the country of origin, you are putting wheres waldo in a higher literary standing than the works of the Bronte sisters, works such as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights you illiterate and uncultured fool.

Also sweetheart in respect to this point british is not in direct coronary with confusing, if you cannot understand a plot intended for children below teenage reading level I refer you to MY last point and suggest wheres waldo where you will only have to grasp the title at most. Who would kill and torture people for fun? Sadly, and you would understand this if you had any knowledge of whats happening in the world around you, people in day to day life.

The Volturi are realistic you say? A government of vampires…that is youre definition of realistic? Such as hitler did not so long ago as it goes. Bloody isnt a bad word and neither is hell and thats the LAST BOOK by the time you reach that book mast people would have been exposed to that kind of stuff.

Death is normal an only books so no not every book and yah littlekids read this but they need permission from thier parents and if parents want to look into it and say no then thier loss. I just punched a hole in the wall siriusly my mom is going to kill me…. There is nothing wrong with being gay. British stuff are really cool! Werewolves transform on the night of the full moon! You sweared in this too, idiot! So what if they die. A good book has a mix of emotions and has intresting plots. You need sad parts for a good book.

Umm J. Anyone with common sense should know that. British is cool. Not all are like that but SOME are. And your reason is total BS! Atleast they ave better acting then Kristan Stewart besides the cast of Twishit even hates it. Also you can listen closely and understand, dumbass. You think everything is weird you must be 8. Emma Watson is beautiful and an amzing person. Luna is goals.

They are wizards so ofcourse they will dress weird. Does that ring a bell? Besides the villians in twilight are just boring. It has such a better storyline and the people who play in it are cute. Twilight is so interesting like its a girl who may be in danger because of vampires and their kids are actually adorable.

Plus the romance is A1 not some dumb crap. I completely Agree!! Treat your family badly but as long as you have a boyfriend you will live happily ever after. Please learn history before you embarress yourself and also insult culture and history. By the way little girl you have sweared more in this little crap blog then the entire Harry Potter series, books and movies included. Sorry i dont no how to comment anywhere else but WTF? Are you actually sirius, your a fucking idiot, Harry Potter is the greatest thing that has ever been created.

Edward cullen, is a pedo vampire thing and jacob is a self obsessed werewolf! The characters are a pile of shit! Also, Hogwarts! People die in Hp and it makes potterheads sad but you still watch it over and over again, but when bella was gunna kill herself in like every flipping film it was like just kill yourself then i can stop watching this awful shit! Ok my rant is over but Potterheads are united and get along and join together, twihards, well, there scum! Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. I agree totally.

I mean, are you, like, a stupid, racist, idiot? So, get a life. Twilight is superficial and unrealistic and shallow! Just wait. Rob said he was glad to be in atleast one movie in HPeven though he dies at the end. Ok… you are a half-wit. I probably need to say nothing more than that but i shall. Twilights has way more than Harry Potter does and bloody hell?? I mean seriously compared to twilight Harry Potter is the Bible. Have you even read the last one? All it is is SEX!! Those books are 5 hours of my life i will never get back! Secondly, ummmm you do realise you were being racist in that crappy rant of yours.

And the actors have accents because they are British and compared to some of the accents your country has to offer they are normal. Because they ARE normal and easily understood- anyone with half-a-brain can understand them. Rowling wants you to hear what the main characters are hearing. I am an Australian and I understand everything fine. Well characters dieing… that aguement is weak. That is what happens in real life.

If Voldemort had waited for Harry to finish his years at Hogwarts it would have been as boring and stupid as this blog and the Twilight series. I can help you study if you want! And so what if the characters are ugly- which they are not- That is life, not everyone looks like Joey Richter. The whole point of that is that no matter what you look like you can do good.

Rant over!!! This poor person. What does one do with their lives? Now I am a complete Potterhead I will not be mean the Twilight fandom because fandom wars are never a good thing. I will say to this person that they need to do some research on history. Never try to argue without knowing what you are arguing, it makes you look stupid.

The Philosophers Stone. Next time I suggest that you do try to not completely butcher the english language whilst you go on a rant. Villains are evil for a reason sweetie, they torture people for fun because they are bad sadistic people. You have used the whole it is bad because it is British thing almost 5 times in a row, find a new argument. I say shame on you for being so naive and stupid. Go educate yourself. Harry Potter promotes helpfulness, self ability, completing school, strong women and beauty in the soul. Twilight promotes teen pregnancy, weak women who need a boyfriend to survive and stupidness.

I feel sorry for you, whoever brain washed you must have taught you the same thing. U r correct my friend this person is dumb as hell! Also seriously u must be dumb as hell not to be able to understand there English i mean even in the US they have different kinds of accents i mean seriously! Thank you!

You have made my day. I wear glasses too! The girl would have to come sit beside me, and I would have to kill her. She would not have time to scream or feel pain; I would not kill her cruelly. That much I would give this stranger with her horribly desirable blood. I completely agree!!!! Along with french, spanish, German, Hebrew but English is my First language!!!!!!

Whatever idiot wrote this should drown themselves in a bucket. In other films, like Snow White and the Huntsman where she get to play a character who actually has personality you can see that. But I have two: Heriditary animagi. Do you have nothing better to do than sit here and hate on a book. Why does my entire family and I mean everyone even some of my cousins hate hp say that Twilight is not worth the money to watch?

And why do you have to scroll all the way down this page just to find someone who likes twilight. This post was so rude, racist and showed everyone how stupid you are. Admit it: Harry Potter is way better and you should get a life. Also, America was made by Britain so if all things British suck, America sucks. Robert Pattinson openly hates Twilight, hence he played Edward as a manic depressive to make other people hate it. North America and South America are continents. Wow, you are really honest… Got some homophobia going on here, together with your hate for gingers and Harry Potter.

You say Harry Potter is hard to read because of the slang? What about Twilights grammar? What country a film is made in, or the books are written in, does not affect the quality of the produkt you stupid little muggle…. And he played in Harry Potter first, so Twilight just continued stealing characters from Harry Potter.. Ridiculous… And you wrote Seriously Siriusly…. Compare Jacob and Sirius. Notice anything similiar? Anything else? The main themes are the same.

Sirius turns into a big black dog while Jacob turns into a werewolf, this idea is similiar to Lupin who also turns into a werewolf. And in comparision, which was written first? Harry Potter!!!! Twilight ideas are a cheap rip off of Harry Potter. Consider this just part two. I swear to take revenge. Like- 1. What inbreed cunt wrote this? Hello Dude, get a life! This is all soooooooo hilarious, repetitive and oh wait-nonsense.

All your reasons are baseless! It would definitely tarnish their brains and the effect it would have on their thoughts of future teenage would be dreadful. What moral does even teenagers receive, only that a life would be hell to live without a boyfriend! Yes people die in it, good people included in them, this is because its realistic enough and what do you mean to say, Good people dont die? K committed no crime in HP. The films contains British accent because they are supposed to and obviously it is all British territory like Hogwarts.

Moreover you cannot call P. Dumbledore gay just because he wears dresses! Luna is a bit weird only because she believes on the impossible and what she thinks. An example for you in your words:Vampires are pretty cuz they are meant to be, Bella was normal in looks cuz she was meant to be so! I think you should clarify the idea of villains first because all that you mentioned above is what they basically do.

And if you once think over twilight villains with a clear head you will surely realize that they do the same and are not so different. So Lord Voldemort is the perfect Villain ever produced. I surely expected a better response from Twiheads but if this what you have to say and point your finger out on HP, you sure need to grow up. Although i await your next round of reasons, i rest my case for now and i do want to wish you luck with them.

Make sure they are good enough to be famous when out so that i could read them and respond at once, unfortunately i got a bit late with these. While you are completely right on most counts, I do need to mention that Professor Dumbledore, is, in fact, homosexual, as J. Rowling herself mentioned in an interview. Apart from that, however, you are completely right. Of course dying is OK and natural. It would be unrealistic if the characters were fighting a war that everyone survived and walked away from whistling and skipping through a meadow full of flowers.

People die in war and that is exactly what this book is about, a war against bigots, fascists and mass murderers. It is good to teach children and ignorant adults alike about death.

Why Harry Potter kinda sucks

It is important to learn that you will lose the people you love but that is no reason to stop fighting. Do you even read what you have written? Or do you just jot down the first stupid thought that pops into your head? Do I really even need to say anything about this? Are you kidding me? As a fellow American I cringed when I read this. It made me sick. Just because something is British is not to say it is better or worse. As Americans we have produced just as much garbage as we have quality work. That can be said for all cultures.

The British have produced Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock and those are just the things I am a fan of and popped to the top of my head not to mention classic literature. Their country is the origin of great work, the birth place of amazing writers and poets. We owe them so much culturally. Also, are you really and truly stupid or did you just sleep through every history lesson you ever received? We absolutely did not fight against them. Get off your fucking patriotic high horse you idiotic bigot. When I first read Harry Potter I was eleven years old and I found absolutely nothing about the language confusing.

The plot line was simple and spelled out just for eleven year olds and if you know basic logic the slang was easy to understand, being as there was so little of it. Besides, what is so wrong with using a dictionary, based off of your writing you could use one. Funny accents? You mean their normal speaking voice?

Using the accent the English language originally came from? The accent we descended from, you mean that accent? Calm the fuck down. They are speaking normal English. As Americans, we have no right criticizing the way they speak, being as we inherited their language and they completely changed the accent and words and phrases. Many of our idioms come from the UK and despite how different out accent is, it evolved from them.

You want to understand them? Go live in England, get used to the way they speak and learn. Are you blind as well as dumb? Daniel Radcliffe is gorgeous, Rupert Grint is hot and Emma Watson is sexy as hell, not to mention beautiful. Not to mention it has no effect on the quality of the story. Just like the Volturi, or did you not read Twilight? Also, are you kidding me? And where in this green Earth did you get the idea that beards and mustaches are creepy?

Who thinks that? The villain is unrealistic? Excuse me, what? He actually has a goal in mind. Plus, murders develop a bloodlust, a need for power that is satisfied int he killing of others. If you paid any attention in history, you would realize that Voldemort is a symbol for Hitler and for all dictators. They are creepy losers with bad hair in cloaks?

Well, I agree with you mostly, but there is one thing you got wrong. Dumbledore is actually homosexual, JK Rowling said in an interview. No offense, but just saying. But, that said, you are totally right about it. I mean really? The person has spelling mistakes, like writer like reader, right? Nicely said. It just gets me sadder. You are correct in that Dumbledore cannot be called gay just for his attire, however Rowling herself once said that she alway saw Dumbledore are homosexual. I am literally burning individual pages of Twilight as we speak.

I find it funny how you think Harry Potter is depressing, and yet Bella went practically bipolar for months because a boy left her. Potterheads, keep on supporting. My thoughts exactly and I am a Potterhead not a Twihard. I hate twilight people. I got into an argument with a twihard in school and I freaking won. You need to be thrown off the fan boat for telling her that. Grow up.

AND in twighlight they actualy have a sex seen! Because that makes your reply a FAIL. Just saying. Moaning about his grammar? Nothing compared to this Twigurrl shit. I at least understand his whole post. I mean come on, the WW2 thing! Britian and America were allies idiot girl! Plus have you ever read the twilight book, Bella is a dead beat complaining idiot who is a character in a clearly writtin in a horrible book. I mean does Stephanie Myers not know anything about grammar, in the first paragraph she put the predicate nominative in the verb phrase, is she an idiot?

I mean how could you bash a supior book to a piece of toilet paper, wait excuse even used toilet paper has a better plot line. Are you what, 9, maybe And you sat that HP swears to much then you go and throw the f bomb around like an idiot. So I would go delete this because its all over tumblr and everyone knows what an idiot you are.

This whole thing is so completely ignorant. And people have facial hair, get over your little ignorant butt and face the truth, Twilight sucks, and this post just made it suck even a whole lot more. I live in Germany and guess what! Even in our 5th-grade English book there is an extract of Harry Potter in english of course! In a schoolbook! So and now think about why I never found an extract of Twilight in a schoolbook. Hey you all! Check out my new blog!

Harry Potter was amazing. It is up there with Shakspeare and Tolkien. Tolkien invented a brand new world, so did Rowling. OK, I am very, very angry after reading this post. I mean, What the hell!!! It is just an epic fail. I know that this post has been posted ages ago but I will comment.

And what the hell is the point here? Tell that to all the human killing, the animal hunting, vampire slaying by breaking them to pieces and setting them on fire , and torturing at the end of New Moon, done by the Volturi in Twilight. And let me remind you something. On the other hand, Harry Potter is what real life is. We experience loss. But, we need to face it. In the end they are killed. Children will come to understand that torture is bad.

I mentioned that in the point above. Besides, girls now think that getting your hand broken and bleeding to death by a tracker, being thrown into a glass table, jumping off a cliff, riding motorbikes to kill themselves, or going through a life threatening pregnancy at the age of 18 will give them the man of their dreams. Yeah, right. Twilight is superior to Harry Potter because America is the superpower?!?! I am sorry but I have no choice except to call you a troll. You are a troll. I mean, how lame is that! I have no disrespect against America or any other country but, America is only a superpower because it hid itself during the 2nd World War while the whole world is in danger and in the end wiped 2 cities, full of innocent people, off the world map.

It fed itself from the middle asian countries like Iraq. Not on the country from which it comes. Not Twilight. Harry Potter has a theme park of its own. You should be thrown in jail. Check your history again. America is the place where crime is just, natural. They were allies, you troll. And just so you know, Robert Pattison is British and he totally hates Twilight. Americans have got the slang.

People usually refer to an Oxford dictionary. Not to a Harvard dictionary. Bella has just got ONE expression and Edward sparkles. Besides, everyone cannot be perfectly beautiful. Harry Potter characters and real life, believable and not dead vampires. If you are going to judge people on hot they are, it shows that you are just a whimpy idiot who has no character. Anyway, Harry Potter characters are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, you idiot. And, Dumbledore you say, is weird? Dumbledore is the most brilliant person you could ever meet.

And beards are not creepy. The last time I checked, Abraham Lincoln had a beard. And yes, Dumbledore is gay. So what? Old people are supposed to be gay? Homosexuals grow old too, you moron. And Dumbledore wears a dress which is actually a robe because Harry Potter is set in the 19th century. What is truly gay is that Edward sparkles. That is what villains do. They torture and kill people.

That is why they are bad. The main thing that makes a story interesting is that the antagonist should be strong and powerful not a group of idiots from Italy. He has been attacking every year. He gains power slowly and finally he decides to establish his rule. He is not unrealistic, even by a bit. Unrealistic are the Volturi. They are plain idiots. And it is the Volturi who actually kill humans, torture people for fun. Harry Potter books have been widely acclaimed for their literary genius and amazing story and characters.

The movies were credited for excellent acting and have won many awards too. They have been even nominated for the Academy Awards. Preach it. View more here! Working for Bigfoot Jim Butcher Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest client's body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes he's treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve.

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When her happy family is rocked by a long kept secret her stable life falls apart faster than she can pick up the pieces. Witch For Hire N. When her happy family is rocked by a long kept secret, her stable life falls apart faster than she can pick up the pieces. A Witch's Concern N. Conneely Michelle has been figuring out what her life is like now that the demon has been killed, and Sylvia and Varro are dead.

Even the clans of witches trying to attract her to their way of life have backed off and given her a chance to grieve. Her relationship with Elron is stronger than ever, but there are things left unsaid. Witches are out for her blood, her family is caught in the crossfire, and friendships are threatened. Michelle finds that her problems are larger than one clan of witches, and is forced to choose between the people she holds dear and the way of life she loves.

This is the fourth book in a series, following A Witch's Trial. It is a standalone novel, however, your reading experience will be greatly enhanced if you've read the previous books. A Witch's Demons N. Conneely For months Michelle has known another demon would come after her. He knows the demon has arrived. When a detective from a neighboring town calls Michelle, some secrets will be revealed, but will she discover the demon in time to protect the people she loves?

Will she survive a fight not just for her life but for her very identity, the core of what makes her a witch? A Witch's Path N. Conneely After a near death experience, Michelle has vowed to do her job, magical assistance for the police, and leave the heroics to someone else. Besides, life should be settling down for her since the trolls have been captured and the sorceress was neutralized.

A Witch's Rite N. Conneely Michelle is getting used to her new life, one with clans, parents, a loving grandmother, and a boyfriend. But her old responsibilities are still around. It starts out like any other case. Suspicious magic has been reported, and the police need Michelle to help them check it out. When it turns out that the magic is deep in the Cohutta Wilderness Area, Michelle asks Elron to accompany her. When that small problem turns into a really big problem, spells are flying, danger is everywhere, and only one question remains.

Will they escape alive? A Witch's Trial N. Conneely When Michelle pulls an old book out of a fire, she finds answers and heartbreak. The book confirms that a demon walks the land, though according to legend they were all dead. Now, she needs to rediscover the secrets to killing demons before her loved ones fall victim. While he struggles with love and guilt, it becomes clear that not everyone gets their happily-ever-after. Your reading experience will be greatly enhanced if you've read the previous books. What begins as a fresh start quickly becomes something Kimberly could never have imagined.

Becoming a witch was never part of the plan. Kimberly is soon hailed a Queen, but why that happened and how she deals with it is only the beginning of her adventure. Fearing for not only herself but her daughter, Kimberly struggles with fighting destiny and not fulfilling a prophecy laid out long before she and her daughter were born.

Can this duo of new witches come to terms with what has happened or will all be lost and their destiny not reach its full potential? Book 2 is now live! Now, if only the other witches would stop relying on her for every problem and give her some time to adjust. With her coronation as Witches' Queen looming, a whole new situation requires her attention. Her mother doesn't know that she and Aurora are witches and that could be a problem. Keeping her mother in the dark, won't be an easy feat.

With strange happenings, a plethora of new animals, and a cast of unusual characters, Kim's secret will be nearly impossible to keep. But, Kim's not the only one keeping secrets these days. A new threat emerges and it may be too much for Kim to bear. Who or what will be there to rescue Kim? This is a Novella of some 30, words a Novella being some 17, to 40, words Scroll up and grab a copy today!

If only the witches would answer her questions! Halloween is approaching, Aurora will be away with her father for few days and a hidden room is revealed to her in the basement of her home. Who is using her house? And why?

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Once again full of doubts, Kim will have to face the worst threat of all. Will she be able to solve the situation and overcome the difficult period? Year's Best Fantasy 3 Kathryn Cramer The door to fantastic worlds, skewed realities, and breathtaking other realms is opened wide to you once more in this third anthology of the finest short fantasy fiction to emerge over the past year, compiled by acclaimed editor David G. Rarely has a more magnificent collection of tales been contained between book covers — phenomenal visions of the impossible-made-possible by some of the field's most accomplished literary artists and stellar talents on the rise.

Year's Best Fantasy 3 is a heady brew of magic and wonder, strange journeys and epic quests, boldly concocted by the likes of Ursula K. Step into a dimension beyond the limits of ordinary imagination. Witch and Wombat Carolyn Cushman A well-known science fiction reviewer for Locus delivers a sparkling, cleverly plotted fantasy in the tradition of such authors as Tom Holt and Terry Pratchett. In this humorous tale, a magical realm of sorcerers, dragons, and fairies must endure an invasion of tourists from the mortal plane. Not a mark on her body.

No trace of her murderer. Only her chipped glass slippers hint at her identity. Guided by the wind and aided by three charmed axes won from the River God, the Woodcutter begins his hunt, searching for clues in the whispering dominions of the enchanted unknown. Looming in the shadows is the malevolent, power-hungry queen, and she will stop at nothing to destroy the Twelve Kingdoms and annihilate the Royal Fae…unless the Woodcutter can outmaneuver her and save the gentle souls of the Wood.

Blending magic, heart-pounding suspense, and a dash of folklore, The Woodcutter is an extraordinary retelling of the realm of fairy tales. Throughout the ages, the wizard has claimed a spot in human culture-from the shadowy spiritual leaders of early man to precocious characters in blockbuster films. Gone are the cartoon images of wizened gray-haired men in pointy caps creating magic with a wave of their wands.

Today's wizards are more subtle in their powers, more discerning in their ways, and-in the hands of modern fantasists-more likely than ever to capture readers' imaginations. In Neil Gaiman's "The Witch's Headstone," a piece taken from his much-anticipated novel in progress, an eight-year-old boy learns the power of kindness from a long-dead sorceress. Only one woman possesses two kinds of magic-enough to unite two kingdoms-in Garth Nix's "Holly and Iron.

McKillip's "Naming Day" gives a sorcery student a lesson in breaking the rules. And a famished dove spins a tale worthy of a meal, but perhaps not the truth, in "A Fowl Tale" by Eoin Colfer. That's where The Whatchamacallit comes in. A fun and witty companion to daily life, The Whatchamacallit provides the proper names for more than elusive thingamajigs and doohickeys, complete with the histories, myths, and anecdotes behind them.

The entries collected here are not extraordinary, nor are they the unlikely objects used by specialists or experts. The whatchamacallits in these pages are things that we see, touch, use, or think about every day. Objects that are between our fingers and under our noses—and yet we cannot put a name to them. From achenes to zucchetto, from bobeche to vibrissae, The Whatchamacallit covers the flotsam and jetsum of daily existence.

Whimsical, informative, and just plain smart, this useful compendium offers hours of enjoyment for anyone who just likes to know stuff. The Whatchamacallit will transform you from someone who is occasionally at a loss for words to that far more dynamic person who—in an understated and discreet way—always knows the right word for everything.

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A seduced prince willingly fell prey to a sensuous usurper's erotic treacheries. The award-winning editors of Snow White, Blood Red return us to distinctly adult realms of myth and the fantastic — with eighteen wondorous works that cloak the magical fictions we heard at Grandma's knee in mantles of darkness and dread. From Roger Zelansky's delightful tale of Death's disobedient godson to Peter Straub's blood-chilling examination of a gargantuan Cinderella and her terrible twisted "art," here are stories strange and miraculous — remarkable modern storytelling that remold our most cherished childhood fables into things sexier, more sinister.

Featuring original stories from 20 authors, this dark, captivating, fabulous and fantastical collection is not to be missed! Alien Arrivals John Daulton The populations on several worlds have discovered themselves to be but part of a galaxy filled with other sentients. Book 4 of the Galactic Mage Series begins a new phase of existence for the people of those worlds, and it follows the lives of Altin and Orli, Roberto, Queen Karroll, Blue Fire, Shadesbreath, and of course, Pernie, as they begin to discover what roles they have in the redefined universe.

Other familiar characters also appear, including the return of Black Sander and the ever-malignant marchioness. Their motives and machinations become increasingly clear, and their ambition, patience and cunning will be put in pursuit of greater power and influence. It's a "new world" in the wide, wide galaxy, and the opportunities are endless Alien Arrivals is a , word novel, fourth in the series. Book 5, Dance of Destinies is also out, and Book 6 untitled as yet is expected late or early The adventures of Altin, Orli, Roberto, Pernie and all the rest continue as sentient races from across the stars come together in a Dance of Destinies.

Pernie Grayborn presses on in her march toward becoming an assassin and the instrument of the elves. But that process forces her onto another world, one where she is the alien. Worse, the distance threatens to destroy her chance of realizing her heart's true desire: the death of Orli Pewter and, with it, the chance to marry Sir Altin Meade. But fate may be helping her with that.

Altin and Orli are in trouble. The newlyweds are trapped on an alien spacecraft in which the laws of nature seemed to have abandoned them—and the laws of magic, too! If they can't escape on their own, it will be up to Roberto and the purple-corseted crew of the Glistening Lady to attempt a rescue. But what can the stalwart Spaniard and a handful of hot chicks do against spaceships that are thirty miles long? Besides, Roberto has problems of his own. The War Queen has drafted him to do her inter-planetary dirty work, and he finds himself immersed in a universe where the lust for power is rampant and underworld villains plot against seemingly everyone.

Greed spans an entire galaxy. Dance of Destinies is the fifth book in the Galactic Mage Series. Book six is expected late or early Seeking to avoid a looming doom, he sets his magical sights on the stars—a quest that will likely bring about the very consequence he's seeking to escape. Far across the galaxy, Ensign Orli Pewter of planet Earth has a looming doom of her own—one of loneliness, depression and, worse, a race of genocidal aliens known as "Hostiles" seeking to destroy humanity.

Trapped aboard a spaceship she never asked to be upon, Orli is in a fight for both her life and her sanity. Worlds apart, Altin and Orli share a destiny, but neither knows the other is alive. The Hostiles know. And they have other plans. Book 4, as yet untitled, is underway and expected in With the apparent betrayal by Blue Fire sending the forces of Earth and the forces of Prosperion whirling into chaos, what's to become of Altin and Orli's love, much less their lives?

And worse, failed diplomacy now risks the lives of billions more as war rages across the galaxy, the very heavens bloated by the hate of so many races bent on revenge and dominance. Hostiles picks up the story where Rift in the Races left off, leaving Altin and Orli struggling to survive the fallout of failed interplanetary politics. Somehow, they must endure the intergalactic menace of planet-sized magic, a vengeful space fleet, and the untimely rise of a jealous orc army bent on righting the wrongs of humanity's Prosperion past.

And not only must they endure it, they must, if possible, make it right. What was once a proud, if humble, way of life has now become one of desperation and fear. Many have fled. Only the stubborn remain. Making matters worse, the harpies have returned. Some have been spotted in the skies. People are missing, and a woman is dead. Realizing they cannot save Three Tents on their own, the proud miners send for help, appealing to the army garrisoned in Hast. The army sends Sergeant Ilbei Spadebreaker. With wit, pickaxe and a bit of brute force, the pot-bellied old veteran begins his work.

He soon unearths layers of subterfuge far deeper than anything that can be dug up in a mine. What begins as a hunt for a band of brigands becomes a journey into the cavernous underworld of counterfeiting, corruption and conspiracy. Whether you are familiar with planet Prosperion or heading there for the first time, the down-home, medieval style of fan-favorite Ilbei Spadebreaker will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. The Earth fleet is now moving to take advantage of its recent victory. With better combat strategies and Prosperion wizards only a blink away, the time has come to finish the job they set out to do: destroying the Hostiles.

But complications arise. Altin's discovery of space-traveling humans from distant Earth has threatened ancient and foundational beliefs for the people of his world. The shockwaves from this revelation begin to unravel a long-standing but precarious balance of power. With her eyes to the sky and all its galactic possibilities, Prosperion's War Queen soon finds her realm on the brink of chaos. Together, Altin and Orli must once again find a way to mediate the forces of pride, frustration and fear between their two peoples, or both planets will be destroyed. What ensues is an action-packed, laser-blasting magic ride through space, war, romance and conspiracy—a thrilling tale of alliances and alien hostility.

Unfortunately, sometimes "alien hostility" is a matter of perspective. The Dubious Hills Pamela Dean Receiving an enormous responsibility as Physici for her people, the only individual in the Dubious Hills capable of experiencing and understanding pain, fourteen-year-old Arry seeks to protect her world from a wolf invasion.

Tam Lin: Fairy Tales 2 Pamela Dean A modern retelling of an ancient Scottish fairy tale sets the story of a girl whose lover is stolen by the Queen of Faeries against the backdrop of a midwestern college campus in the late sixties. Demopoulos and his ragtag crew of time and space travelers face a terrifying new challenge that threatens the entire universe after they crashland their spaceship on a giant trash planet.

Bride of the Castle John DeChancie Preparing for his marriage to Linda, groom Gene dreads facing his wedding guests and swears he would rather face a horde of barbarians until an unexpected shift across a portal into a bizarre world makes his haphazard wish come true.

A parlous party at the Castle Perilous comes to a dead halt when the body of viscount Oren is discovered and foul play is suspected. But who is the killer? And where is the murder weapon? The rambunctious revelers at Castle P. Castle War! John DeChancie Castle Perilous is still tottering from last year's battle with the Hosts of Hell, and regaining stability proves a hard balancing act. Before Jeremy can design a program to calm the tremors of the universe, an alternative wicked reality appears that threatens to topple everything! Castle P. Alan Kolkey, a psychokinetic telepath and scientific genius must face lessons he'd rather not when he meets his match in Dawn LaSarde.

Dickson The Stargazers have long been guardians of the Old Magic, the precious life force of Ellemire that was stolen long ago and brought to Earth. For generations, the witches have traveled to our world to conceive a child and bring that magic home one little bit at a time. Unfortunately, this ritual turns once beautiful young women to shriveled crones and social outcasts.

Aster, the youngest of the Stargazer coven, is the next to make this crippling journey, but a lot more is riding on her success. She is the Great Mother, the long prophesied witch whose child is destined to release the Old Magic back to Ellemire and save the land from coming darkness. But she soon learns that saving her world comes at an unspeakable cost, one that forces her to decide whether she can even fulfill her obligations at all.

Meanwhile, her devious and power-hungry aunt Oleander is nipping at her heels, determined to do whatever it takes to make Aster her pawn and her slave. Eccardt This unique book examines the history, culture, and inner workings of the seven smallest independent countries in Europe. These are among the oldest states on the continent and, despite their diversity, they have much in common. Most have relatively high per capita incomes and life expectancies, and relatively low unemployment. This narrative presents the unique issues that confront small countries, including maintaining their independence, economic viability, preserving their native languages, and sustaining their governments.

The second part of the book describes each microstate in turn, showing how each one has met these challenges and adapted over time. These concise and engaging chapters contain cultural information on subjects including the arts, gastronomy, and popular tourist sites. Arcanum Welcome New Students Rosemary Edghill, Mercedes Lackey Fifteen-year-old Tomas Torres, the son of an immigrant family who are just barely making it, gets picked up by the police for doing some work for the local padrone collector.

But what is the work? What is Tomas arrested for? Arson, but arson that cannot be explained. Tomas has a most unusual gift: he is a fire-starter—he can start fires with sheer force of will that flame from the tips of his fingers. More, he can will fireballs to hurl at his enemies or opponents, and he can incinerate any evidence.

But the courts decide they have enough to convict young Tomas and send him off to a school which Tomas believes to be a kind of jail : St. Rhiannon's School for the Gifted and Exceptional Student. At St. Rhiannon's, Tomas soon finds that he is not alone. Rhia's, as they call it, is a school for students of all ages with "gifts" like Tomas's: students who are pre-cogs, storm-callers, witches, healers, wizards, techno-shamans, psionics, firestarters, teleporters, psychics, sensitives and much, much more.

Things he could never have imagined happen at St. Rhia's, and in time Tomas comes to feel less alone. He begins to believe in what he actually sees astral warriors, for example and all that he is taught by his attractive young mentor, VeeVee. All students at St. Rhia's are attempting to learn to control their gifts. Tomas, too, must learn about the ethics and the laws of magic of which he knows nothing and more, how to control the strength and force of his fire. Join Tomas and his friends as they journey through St. Rhia's and beyond, both through the outside world and through magical Gates to the magical worlds of Chaos and other kingdoms where their gifts will be tested.

If they succeed, their powers will take on new relevance and meaning. She is known for her Valdemar novels which involve complicated stories about relationships between human and non-human beings and that bring into the story all manner of cultural issues such as social mores and ethics. While the structure outer structure of Lackey's world in her writing resembles our world as we know it, the world within the world is one that is inhabited by vampires, fire-starters, witches, elves, magicians, sensitives, wizards and the like all who can work powerful magic in our world through different portals as in this book.

Rosemary Edghill is the pseudonym for the American writer and editor eluki bes shahar her legal name who publishes work that is science fiction, fantasy, and romance. She collaborates here with Mercedes Lackey. Edghill was born in What most woodworker's don't realize is that combining both hand and power tool worlds is the best way to produce the highest quality woodworking.

In Hand Tool Essentials you'll learn how to choose and use hand tools for chopping, cutting, paring, sawing, marking, drilling and more. Many of the tools are familiar, but others will surprise you with their usefulness. Though they've been around for hundreds or thousands of years, these tools have gotten lost in the rush of the industrial revolution.

Rediscovering the value of these tools in your woodworking will also give you a better understanding of how your power tools work. But this book is more than about how to use hand tools. It's about using hand tools in balance with power tools to save you time, provide a more pleasant woodworking experience and ultimately give you a better woodworking project. Estrella There were idiots — and then there were the Ancients. They had to use the power of countless other worlds to kill each other. The barriers separating the world of Fracture from other worlds shattered, and the Ancients were overrun by endless hordes of otherworldly monsters.

Civilisation collapsed, monsters ate lots of people, and pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Eventually, the survivors invented barriers, a powerful form of magic capable of stabilising parts of Fracture and keeping out otherworldly monsters. Score one for civilisation. She also likes to give people nicknames — irritatingly accurate nicknames. But it is beneath a shattered sky that Sophie finally learns that Matilda really is every bit the legend people say she is. The Galactic Peace Committee L.

Estrella In one universe, humanity conquers the stars. In another universe, humanity is overrun by monsters so evil that their very presence dims the light of the stars. In yet another universe, humanity is drawn into an endless battle for dominion over the galaxy. This is not one of those universes. In this universe, humanity is in charge of the Galactic Peace Committee. In theory, the Committee is an unmatched force for good, bringing peace and prosperity to countless worlds and ensuring that conflicts between different races are settled with words and not planet-cracking weaponry or super plagues designed to turn everyone into goo.

In theory. Jake Smith is a diplomat. He works for the Committee. Can Jake survive petty aliens? What about angry aliens? How about a fleet of aliens out for blood? That… that might be a little bit trickier. The Galactic Peace Committee… keeping peace sort of throughout the galaxy. To earn a pardon and avoid prison or execution, Timmy, Grand Necromancer and Lord of Black Tower Castle, has been completing missions for the Council with the help of an elite team of truly heroic individuals. He loves tug-of-war and fetch. The Hungry Dragon Cookie Company is a collection of fourteen short stories that take place before, during, and after the first three parts of The Unconventional Heroes Series.

It's done! Now what do I do? I wasn't ready toleave yet Reviewed by Kristen L. CarnA fantastic book. Please read! You won't be sorry. Mental Illness is never an easy topic to discuss. Gates handles it flawlessly. Book Teaser. Marjorie Hembroff — Indie AuthorTell us a bit about yourselfI grew up on a farm in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, the fourth in afamily of five I was imaginative and an avid reader since early childhood. Alot of time was spent dreaming up games and activities with a quartersection to roam.

There were areas to explore which included the old stonefoundations of the original house. I spent a lot of time exploring the smallorchard and play area. One time I made little clay pots out of clay piled atthe back of the house. Another game was playing doctor and store using the lilac leaves as money. Fresh peas from the gardenmade good medicine. Some of my ideas created a lot of entertainment while others got me into trouble. My mother taught me to do basic embroidery stitches to try to keep me occupied. For years Iimagined myself to be like Anne partly due to having parents old enough to be grandparents.

I, likeAnne always seemed to be getting into scraps. A lot of my time was spent with my nose in a book anddaydreaming when I should have been doing other things. I now live in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. I also has a white cat, Patches. I work in acrylic, pencil and colored pencil. My subject matter ranges fromflowers and landscapes to animals. I am proud ofthe book I wrote. I put forth the best book I could with the knowledge I had. I have learned a lot ofthings since publishing that are being applied to other stories and books.

The story comes from myheart and Bess had started begging to come out of my head and come alive on paper. I am now workingon the sequel, The Mystery of the Hidden Cabin. What type of books do you write? Most of my books so far have been for children but are also enjoyed by adults. I also like to write middlegrade stories and adult stories. Some of these I put on my website. Would you like to feature a book? I would like to feature my newly released picture book, Gramma Mouse Tells a Story. In the story, Tiny,Gramma Mouse, tells her grandbabies the story of the time she crosses the garden to visit CousinMouse by herself.

She promises her parents she would go straight there, watch for danger and notdawdle. Along the way she ignores all warnings but does learn valuable lessons on her journey. Sometimes it takes anywhere from two weeks to a month depending how long the book is. There is a lotof rewriting and a book can take several years to complete.

Do you write in 1st or 3rd person? The sequel is in firstperson with journal entries. At first, I found it easier to write in third person, and I have graduallychanged to writing in first person. I leave my work alone for awhile and then go back and start editing. If I edited while I was working onit, I would lose track of where the story was going. I like to make little notes each time I stop work forthe day.

Sometimes I read a bit of the story, where I left off, to get my train of thought back. My published novel is for ten to twelve-year-old girls and the picture book is for four to eight years oldchildren. This means that the marketing is promoted to parents, teachers, and grandparents. I have self published both my books. I used assisted self publishing with FreisenPress and TellwellPublishing. Both books went through an editing process.

How do you promote your books? I also promotemyself through doing interviews like this one which in turn promotes my books. I use my Facebook pageand twit about my books. My books are available on Amazon, FreisenPress bookstore, and Tellwell and locally of course. Who are your favorite authors?

My favorite childhood author was LM Montgomery, and she still is. She is my hero and inspiration. Herbooks have vivid descriptions of Prince Edward Island, Canada. She grew up there, and that was where herbooks took place. I have read so many books over the years which makes it difficult to find a favorite authoramong them.

Patrick Walshe McBride | Amazing Voices in | Actor, Movies, Beautiful men

Istarted with the story Ghostly Encounters. Since then I haveput in other stories similar in nature. All my proceeds go to the heart and stroke foundation. Anticipate the new year with titillation. Promises broken, loves lost, dreams blown out like a popped balloon!

And the glow of new promises, hope, inspiration. The New Year reminds us to glance at yesterday but not for too long. Stare wide-eyed through the eyes of a child for tomorrow. And never let go of your dreams. Be passionate, demonstrating drive and compassion. Show love, don't just say the words. Let others believe you. Be the one everyone talks about with a sparkle in their eye.

Be that person Every moment. I try to swallow, but my mouth feels as if I've eaten a dirty cloth. Coughing onlymakes my throat worse. Too much wine last night. Hangover from hell. I hear voices and for a moment panicbut I recognise Eric's voice. Who is he talking to? I open my eyes to faint light. I look up and see him. He looks angry. What did I do last night? Why isn't he smiling at me? He walks towards me, slow and easy like a snake. Sexy man. Thanks to the truth serum I put in your wine. For a moment my mind still finds that smile sexy but something about his words frighten me.

I try to move my arm to caress his face but I can't. Realisation dawns on me with mounting horror and panic. I struggle and he grins. He steps back as I thrash around, trying to move my body. My fear intensifies. My stomach tightens, crawls in ways it shouldn't and I vomit. It stinks of red wine andwhatever I'd eaten last night.

I can't remember anything but our love and drinking spiced wine. I thrash around in the chair but I know it's futile. I won't get free. Eric tied these knots, he is a master at hiscraft and I'm a dead man. He leans over me and the scent of lavender washes over me from his breath. Tears roll down my face.

I thought you loved me? I sound pathetic. My head snaps back and pain as bright as a starburst explodes. You were a mission. The other one moves behind me. I feel his hands on my shoulders, his fingers gripping. Fear crawls into my lungs and I gasp for breath. The chair I am bound to crashes to the floor. I'm completely screwed.

I was a dead man from the moment Eric sauntered into my life. I can see his nomad boots from where I lie on the floor, they are so shiny, and I start to laugh. Book Teasers. Hi and thanks for having me. Usually even my erotica has paranormal elements. I am the author of the Paranormal Detectives Series, which has hit the top twenty on Amazon in its category consistently with each release and won three awards for best villains. I am also the author of various short stories in the paranormal and erotic categories.

What brought you to the world of writing? I always made stories up in my head and had imaginary friends when I was a kid. Fiction was something I grew up enjoying, and wanting to create it came naturally. I decided on my career path when I was eight, and have steadily worked towards my goal of being an author.

I love it. It wasreleased in May , and since then I can see my growth as a writer clearly, but I find it to be a reallydecent book in its genre but I might be biased haha. I write books about unrealistic characters vampires, witches, etc in very realistic situations with reallimitations and emotions. When I started writing, I knew I wanted three-dimensional characters, strongwomen, lots of violence, and strong emotions while subtly addressing sociological issues.

Ilove how my readers are so invested in her character. When I wrote her, I wrote her for me. When I published her, I gave her to my readers. Yes, I would, thanks. It will be released on January 17th from Vamptasy Publishing. The truth can be deadly. In the first of this two-part novel, we learn the history of hunters Brighton Sands and Mark Evans in theirtwo lifetimes, culminating in their final battle with the insane vampire they have been hunting forcenturies. In the second part, with Angelica Cross still on the run, multiple vampiric murders lead to the kidnappingof a famous vamp.

Detective Danny Mancini must drag a mortal into the bowels of Hell in order to rescueher. But why does Leander Price want her so badly, and what does she have to do with an ancient vampireprophecy? It depends. My first book took less than two months, the second one took over six same length , andrecently I wrote two books k and 60k words each in four months. It depends on the story, how fast Ican tell it. Technically no. I am more of a pantser. Third, mostly, but occasionally I will write in first. I have a novellette coming out in April called ABloody Legacy and that will be in first.

I leave it a week after finishing the second draft, write the third, and then send that to my betas. Afterthat, I edit based on their suggestions and that fourth draft is what my publisher gets. Anyone over the age of seventeen. I like to think my books have a universal appeal. I have readers intheir twenties, and readers in their sixties, and every age in between. Good art has no age limit. Stolethat line from Mike Dirnt of Green Day haha. Of course, people who already like vampires andmonsters will enjoy the books more, but I have romance and mystery and pop culture inside of them. Sarah, who runs the company, treats her authors like people, notemployees.

Their cover artists and editorsrock, too! Social media, newsletter blasts, online ads, group posting, doing author takeovers, passing out mybusiness cards at cons and bookstores. Word of mouth. I read everything by everyone! Pre-Order now. All proceeds to charity. I welcome any and all new readers. I write to give others the enjoyment I receive from fiction. So please, come one, come all. I welcome any new Vamplet who wants to join me. At twoshe became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle. Book two, Miranda's Rights, was released on January 8th, Bookthree, Life Sentence, was released on August 2nd, by Vamptasy Publishing, and book four, Right ToSilence, was also just accepted by the publisher and will be released January 17th, When she's not writing, she's going to rock concerts, watching the CW, or reading manga.

I think with vampires, you can't really go wrong. For generations, vampires have been a hit because they're unobtainable, mysterious, sensual, dangerous, kind of sexy. Sara justslept with Caroline's boyfriend. Sara's boyfriend was there, just to make thehumiliation complete as two relations crashed and burned like meteoriteshitting the atmosphere. Now both are heading across Europe to seek refugeat their parents. For one it will be a journey of self discovery, for the other ajourney of redemption.

Neither has a clue what is waiting for them on theway.

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Told by a cold and sometimes brutally honest narrator, this story is writtenin a style that intends to emulate, and pay homage to European romanticfilm. They sell crystals, herbal remedies, and occultic books. Mina will do a psychic card reading or a house blessing for you, and Will offers Reiki sessions or personalised bindrune charms.

However, what sets them apart and makes them unique in their practice is that Mina and Will share the same body. Dissociative Identity Disorder is a label with no fictional heroes, only tired tropes describing serial killers, insanity or comedy. No fictional heroes, at least until now. The Author relatesevents when her life and financial well-being were threatened by thiskiller disease. Her strong faith in God saw her through all the trials she had toundergo during her several months of chemotherapy sessions andcancer surgery in a foreign country.

Writing this book gives her the opportunity to demonstrate to othersthe meaning of prayer and family unity. The book serves as an inspiration for those in a similar situation to notgive up, trust in god, and continue fighting. Ovarian Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Ten years hence she is Cancer Free. A must read for anyone with or without an illness! The author has included her thoughts on The True Value of Insurance.

He had everything most men nearing middle age could want. A beautiful wife. A young son. All his hair. He still has his hair, but not all is at it seems. However that is not the sum of his problems. When his new supervisor, a promiscuous bombshell more than ten years his junior, sets her sights on him, she is by no means subtle about her interest in him, no matter who might be watching. But temptation comes in many forms, and Richard has recently found his eyes lingering on the woman from downstairs who babysits for them. Was it his imagination, or were her skirts getting shorter?

In this first volume in L. No matter what his wife might think, this tempting little wench is determined to rock his world…The Paladins of Naretia by T P KeaneA vision sparks the beginning of treachery and war, and the kingdom ofNaretia is about to fall He isfeared by all, and holds a darkness inside that is said will end all life by hiseighteenth birthday. Even the traitors within the wizardcaste are blind to what is coming. But it is coming.

Seeing Jesus medaled in every category for which it was entered. There she stands out like a blackhead on a bright red nose. The hive wants nothing to do with Sara. Nor does class clown Delbert Thrash, nor any of theother kids for that matter. Sara makes friends with homeless Mr. He tells Sara stories, stories that not only entertain her buthelp her discover resources within to cope with her loneliness and frustration.

Unfortunately, only Sarahas ever seen him. Sara discovers every dark cloudhas even darker clouds pushing past. When she turns to Mr. Can Sarah use Mr. Not only does Seeing Jesus deliver a humorous, coming of age story, suitable for Christmas reading, thenovel introduces young readers to questions of spirituality and philosophy. Without turning doctrinaire,Seeing Jesus provides readers a chance to address questions they will confront in the news, their classesand professional lives.

Stephens, a professional educator and writer, developed a number of innovative classroom programs forexceptional and at-risk youth. Stephens plans to release an extended version of Seeing Jesus for adults in Stephens and his wife Carol rescue cats for Austin Siamese Rescue, and have successfully found homes formore than abandoned and elderly cats since They live in Oak Hill, Texas, once a ruralcommunity but now an exit ramp from Austin.

Seeing Jesus is available on Kindle unlimited and in paperback. The Human Relations Indie Book Awards were founded in as a way to recognize indie authors who write on human relations topics. Indie authors from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines submitted books on topics ranging from self-help subjects to human relations memoirs that delve into both personal and professional subjects.

The complete list of categories and winners have been posted online. Riding the wave of youthful exuberance,full of confidence and enthusiasm, he seems set to sail up the ladderof corporate success. As if by conspiracy with destiny, two unrelated events occur withindays of each other and his ideal life is suddenly and brutallytransformed. Andy is falsely accused of a breach of confidence and unethicalconduct within his working environment and while busy trying todeal with that, he is called upon to help a distraught girl friend on atrip to her homeland of war torn Rhodesia.

Mason is wholly unprepared for the tragedy that follows and he isleft bitter and angry in a land ripped apart by racial injustice,political intransigence and civil war. His corporate ambitions intatters and his emotions in disarray, he enrolls in the Rhodesianmilitary where he evolves to become a hardened and respectedcombatant with the elite Special Air Services. Returning wounded from an ill-fated mission, Andy discovers that Alyson is pregnant and they decide tomarry. However, on their wedding night, a devastating incident has a dramatic impact on their union, whichinevitably exposes an underlying secret liaison of deceit and betrayal with far reaching and catastrophicconsequences.

The tragedy of the times is symbolized in Andy's prosperity, his courage in the face of adversity and theprogressive downward spiral as everything around him gradually decays. As one heartbreak follows another, Andrew's emotional strength is sapped and his decline into alcoholismleaves him vulnerable and reckless.

Wanda Luthman - Indie Author Tell us a bit about yourself. I wrote books and poems. I loved to keep a journal. One day, I woke up with a whole story in my mind burning to get out. I wrote it down as fast as I could. It became my first published book, The Lilac Princess. This creates a powerful role model for them.

Role models helpchildren to grow up to be the best children they can be. Readers will go on thisjourney with little birdie as he grows up. A fun, sweet book with a sentimental ending. If not, it can take me several days with some frustrating moments inbetween pulling my hair out. No, because stories just come to me, usually. I will usually re-read right away and fix what jumps out at me.

Then, I let it alone for a while and let myunconscious work. When I come back, I go through it with fresh eyes.

You have to appeal to the children and then market tothe parents.