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We talk to Emma Cowan about the ideals behind this place and Barbara da Nova Leite Cowan shows us the natural buildings: made with straw bales, cob, wattle-and-daub and empty beer bottles…! Check out Mount of Oaks here! Welcome in our Greeny-in-Betweeny!

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Say what?! Yes, this is how we named our van after being on the road for a couple of months already.

It was about time to give our dear home on wheels a name, like real vanlifers. Why have we chosen this name? In this tour through the van we feature how we can shuffle our beds from nighttime setting to daytime use, how we make use of our tiny kitchen and how we create our office to work on our project while using the solar panels.

Do you sometimes dream about living in a van and how would it look for you? Sunny wishes from Portugal! Many thanks to Independent Solar Solutions for their support with our solar setup.

Finding A Better Way To Live

We also made a video specifically about how the solar power works in our van. This Portuguese organic seeds organisation aims to spread awareness about the positive impact of using organic seeds for healthier soils and a healthier planet. Fields overgrown with brambles.

Ruins that showed that once life were flourishing here. It was overall dry and the roads were very dusty. I could imagine that farmers gave up living here and moved to cities. I was dreaming away while cycling and became aware of the stunning mountaintops.

A Better Way Of Living

With little imagination I could see the beauty of living here. Silence, space, possibilities. I found out quite quickly that there is a group of pioneers attracted to this area. They have a specific interest in bringing back life to this region with a focus on sustainability and organic farming.

There is governmental support for those who are willing to make the exciting jump to settle here. This is the area where also the organic seeds organisation Sementes Vivas is located.

What is it like to work at A BETTER WAY OF LIVING?

Cycling to BOOM, meeting fellow green travellers. They had some BOOM festival tickets that one could win. I was determined to be among the lucky ones. Thanks to much support of many friends I was happily cycling to Boomland with a precious ticket in my pocket. A sustainable travel to a sustainable festival where I would meet my green Santa. Will do the trick and service its purpose in the club, but in my opinion it is absolutely overshadowed by the pulsating A side.

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Many people think that living in the countryside provides a better way of life. I belive that there are people who like living in the countryside and that they also think that it provides a better way of life, and for some, the countryside is really disgusting.

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On the one hand, people think that living in the countryside has health benefits. One of the most important benefits is that there is less pollution than in the city. Moreover, the life is quieter, you can rest better. In addition, their day to day is relaxed. They can walk without any worry.

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On the other hand, the city has a better communication.