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The existence of God was a question that Miriam Katin faced as a very young child. Using black and white pencil drawings, Katin juxtaposes her childhood under the Nazis and her life as a mother in the United States, the latter rendered in colour. The women puzzled at the edict requiring Jews to relinquish their pets to the authorities. While Miriam, an unknowing two-year-old, fed ice cream to her dog, Rexy, the women discussed their concerns for the future. There were rumors that Jews were being deported and disappearing without a trace.

Miriam Altshuler

Events escalated rapidly, and, when Esther was ordered to move into a ghetto, she planned their escape. Burning anything which might reveal her as a Jew, she bought false identity papers and transformed herself into a village servant girl with an illegitimate daughter.

Fleeing Budapest, Esther and Miriam began a journey in which every day was an uncertainty.

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Esther learned to blend in, to lie and to do whatever she had to do to protect herself and her daughter. She and Miriam encountered both uncommon friendliness and hostility from their fellow countrymen. They endured the wrath of winter, hunger, fatigue and hopelessness. Maintaining their cover meant that Esther was forced to become a mistress to a German officer, and she was later raped by Russian soldiers. The Illustrated Exodus. The Millennial Story of Passover.

Long Live the Queen.

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    Highly recommended. Going beyond his earlier work, this book also applies the revolutionary work of historians on collective memory to understanding the history and religion of ancient Israel. Readable, yet scholarly, this delightful book deserves to be ready by both Christians and Jews, scholars and students, or anyone interested in understanding the Bible. Schniedewind, University of California, Los Angeles.

    As Smith compellingly argues, the formation of memory is indeed the central characteristic of the Biblical text, and in a wide-ranging provocative discussion, he allows us to see the multiple ways in which the Biblical authors struggled to make sense of their past and to define its ongoing significance for them. Informed by the author's wide knowledge of Near Eastern literature, it tells the complex and fascinating story of ancient Israel's evolving traditions and beliefs.

    Memoirs should be required reading for anyone, general reader or specialist, who wants to understand how collective memory as well as amnesia worked together to produce the monotheism that became the hallmark of Hebrew scripture. In this book he enriches the discussion by explaining the process of selective memory that shaped the biblical account. An important contribution to the study of the religion of Israel.