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Response from the Sanskrit College, Calcutta: the question of priority. Response from the administration: caution Macaulays weapons: Growing demand Failure of engraftment Unemployment, Trevelyans trick? Unsold books Neutrality in matters of religion. Orientalist response to TBM Legal dimension In alignment with the South Asian tradition: waqf Endowment as a universal gesture Use of stipends and competition in the Calcutta madrasa Difficulties in introducing western education Case for English and western education largely built on exaggeration The case of Luther and Bacon Relevance of engraftment, result in increase in the number of individuals interested in western learning Classical languages needed to rejuvenate vernaculars.

Trevelyans tract Funds hijacked by individuals with vested interests: scholars, British and India. Bengal Government Aucklands Minute of Money as much as about principles For the Anglicists: Consolidation of funds For the orientalists: engraftment again. English classes only after primary education Scholarships at all institutions under the Bengal government. Adams report New information the reports makes available TBM and GCPIs unease with the findings of the report: expensive and target select few Ambiguous response from Auckland to Adams report Lancelot Wilkinson and Brian Hodgson Experiment in Bhopal Hints relative to native schools Hogdsons argument for mass education through vernacular, popular culture and the rest.

The mess of the turbulent years: Various articulations of content and medium Disagreements between presidencies Lack of coordination between agencies Time to rethink and redesign: the Despatch of 19 July A much longer document: School education Content Medium Boards for coordination Inspection Teacher training University education Technical education. What does Woods Despatch aim for? Moral and material blessings from her connection with England Material progress are implicated in the advance of education, in the spread of European knowledge employment and labor and capital rouse them to emulate us in the development of the vast resources of their country, guide them in their efforts, and gradually, but certainly, confer upon them all the advantages which accompany the healthy increase of wealth and commerce; and, at the same time, secure to us large and more certain supply of many articles necessary for our manufactures and extensively consumed by all classes of our population, as well as an almost inexhaustible demand for the produce of British labour.

Aim for? Orientalist position worth pursuing, with a caveat of course Historical and antiquarian interest Hindoo law and Mohamedan law Strengthening the vernaculars Yet the system of science and philosophy which forms the learning of the East abound with grave errors, and Eastern literature is at best very deficient as regards all modern discovery and improvement. The question of medium English was a necessity in the beginning, because of the lack of translations Neglect of vernaculars Affects reaching out to large numbers Whats involved in using the vernaculars: what should one know Enriching the vernaculars.

Department of Public Instruction for each of the five provinces Universities Graded schools: three tiered system Grants-in-aid school Secular education Local management Willing to submit itself to be inspected by the Department of Public Instruction Levy a small fee from pupils or generate income of some scale. Period of consolidation Charles Woods Despatch of , immediately followed by the events of The transfer of power from the company to the Crown Consolidation of power and establishment of systems of administration Calcutta as the locus of decision making in most matters Keener interest in matters concerning education: Several despatches Commissions Committees New institutions being established across provinces and presidencies Financial problems Deficit budgets Lack of industrial growth and no increase in tax revenue.

Against mass education Against womens education Against grants-in-aid for mission schools Endorsement of downward filtration theory. Lord Stanleys despatch of reverses all of Lord Ellenboroughs recommendations and argues for the continuance of educational policy and interventions along Woods despatch of The Education Commission of No more charters to be renewed and hence no more periodic reviews Missionaries raise a storm about the neglect of certain provisions in the Woods despatch. The Education Department Decision making and monitoring is now the job of the provincial departments New province, new department.

All provinces to report to the Director of Public Instruction. Functions Advise the provincial government on educational matters Administer funds allocated by the provincial government and the central government Monitor certain institutions directly under the provincial governments Inspect and report on institutions that applied for grants in aid Create and report on the functioning of educational institutions on an annual basis.

Creation of the Indian Educational Service in Missionaries Officials running institutions as individuals Institutions run by Indians Institutions under the Education Department Indigenous institutions.

History of Education in Colonial India

Missionaries at work Claims and strictures on neutrality back home Queens Proclamation of Missionaries complain:. Promises not kept Officials are indifferent to religion Problems in obtaining grants Textbooks prescribed. Two questions Should the government withdraw and handover the educational activities to the missionaries? Secondary role What should the governments policy be in matters of religious education?

Religious education in the interests of the people True education is inspirable from religious education Teaching of Bible to made compulsory The matter turns complex in time. The possibility of a conscience clause. The Missions Disappointments A few institutions, but run well Reports recommendations Spread of education, especially English education, did not lead to proselytization The dilemma is posed: Christian education for whom?

What should the missions be happy with? Institutions under the Department Private agencies and no expansion of institutions directly run by the department. Woods Despatch. On the ground: rapid expansion Fear of protests if the missionaries were to be allowed to take over Absence of private Indian enterprise on a large scale The need to ensure efficiency and quality Missionaries protest.

The questions to be decided upon Should the state withdraw from the field of education? Is this a good measure for education If yes, how should this policy be implemented? Any agency that can contribute could be called upon A suitable agency or a number of agencies Government not in favor of the missions Transfer of conduct and funding to local bodies Complete withdrawal in primary education Gradual withdrawal in favor of private Indian enterprises.

The government accepts the first and not the second The language recommending withdrawal is couched in another way. Private Indian enterprises Government and missionary decisions open up space for Indian enterprises Revival and renaissance of a national sentiment The ground reality of actually running the institutions European knowledge Who can teach English?

Societies emerge, clubbed with religious and social groups Internal re-ordering of the system within these institutions. To quote U. That is, acquire all of present Mexico and Central America. Pro slavery Southern U. Anti-slavery northern abolitionists condemned it. Illinois Congressman Abraham Lincoln opposed the war and the acquisition of slave territory. Many anti-slavery abolitionists in northern cities rioted against the war in scenes such as those repeated during the Vietnam War.

Many anti-war rioters went to Canada from whence they sailed to Mexico to join its military forces fighting the U. The best known group of U. Both U. For instance, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had nothing to do with the drafting or signing of the Treaty.

Although he had briefly served as President at the beginning of the war in , he soon resigned the post to assume command of the Mexican Army of Operations in northeast Mexico. After abandoning the battlefield at Angosturas, Coahuila, he retired to his hacienda at Manga de Clavo, Veracruz. Army arrested him at his residence but turned him over to the U. The Navy placed him aboard a ship and sent him to Havana, Cuba. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo drafted by U. Instead, the U. At this point the reader should recall the objective of the war was to acquire ALL of present-day Mexico and Central America.

Yet, the acquisition of additional slave states was so unpopular that the government bought roughly one-third of what it had conquered through war! Note the Treaty guaranteed recognition of land titles, culture, language and equal administration of justice for residents of the bought territory. They were also given one year to decide whether to stay and become U.

It must be stressed all this pertains only to the land mass bought and paid for by the U. Government at the end of the war. It is historically known as the Gadsen Purchase. Law-wise, U. California, which had declared independence before the war, also adopted the New York Code of Law. It is interesting to note the State of New York had rejected the said Code of Law as antiquated and inadequate. Not to be forgotten is that fact that Texas was already a state of the Union under the Treaty of Annexation so it did not and does not figure in the Treaty and its so-called guarantees.

So here we are at the th Anniversary of the U. Santa Anna is still blamed for something he never did and the U. Also ignored is the fact that neither the Spanish Government since nor the Mexican Government since had truly been able to govern Texas and the Southwest. And, as seen recently, the rights of the Spanish speaking and Native American citizens are being violated. So what did the U. Deserts, undeveloped vacant land, hostile Native American tribes and nations and a Spanish speaking population tied to the land with little regard for Madrid or Mexico City.

I comply but not obey. It is easy to follow the misconceptions, erroneous, emotional and propaganda laden acts and statements concerning Santa Anna, Mexican Americans, Mexican citizens and Native Americans. Zavala County Sentinel ………….. Nicholas Trist was an ambassador appointed to Mexico by President Polk; as he was negotiating the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo with Mexico, Polk fired him; yet, Trist -- without appointment -- negotiated the treaty with Mexico.

Considering the circumstances, General Santana read Chapter 12 of a book by Jose M Pena on this dynamic and controversial personality had fled and Mexico City was nearly surrounded by US troops. Signed under extreme duress, the original document actually included many good provisions. Congress did just that; it changed a negotiated international Treaty. The changes eliminated Article X which dealt with the Land Grants. The Protocolo was later called a "secret agreement" and became very controversial during the elections back then.

Even today, there are differences in interpretation of certain provisions between the U. Among most historians, however, the case of Army Pvt. Their version received some traction Jan. His statement, which he later would deny saying, was made first to Longoria's widow Beatrice Longoria and then to American G. Forum founder Dr. The American G. Forum and new Texas Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson intervened to get the soldier buried in Arlington National Cemetery. PBS ombudsman Michael Getler took up the divisive issue in by publishing the email exchanges between Hudson's wife and film representative Lois Vossen.

Richard Hudson defends Kennedy by using the recollections and opinions of funeral home pianist Betty Dickinson , who said she heard of the conversation between Kennedy and Mrs. Let it die? And they point to Kennedy's comments made to Groh, the reporter, who later recalled the interview in a written statement printed on newspaper letterhead and dated Feb. Historians have searched for it in vain, too. Carroll does agree with one point at the end of Richter's column — the irony in that Pvt. They add, however, that the Longoria family and the American G.

Full text of "FBI Book Reviews, "

It was not until the death of Tejano music star Selena in March that the vast majority of the U. The countless memorials to Selena, a popular full length movie depicting her life story, and spontaneous public demonstrations of grief for their loss were extensively covered by major news media in the country. How is it that mainstream society missed noticing such an energetic group any earlier? Or did they? The fact is that Spanish Mexican Tejanos have been hiding in plain sight for many generations.

They are the direct descendants of the first citizens of Texas. As such, they are not immigrants to the U. Their long family genealogy connection is the equivalent of modern-day Anglos tracing their lineage to the Thirteen Colonies of the East Coast. Yet, the richly-deserved honor of dignity and respect has not been granted to Tejanos or to the descendants of Spanish Mexican pioneers of the Southwest whose history in what is now part of the U.

Sadly, Tejanos have endured the pain of social exclusion since Texas achieved its independence from Mexico in They were deliberately shunned simply because they looked Mexican Native American , spoke Spanish, and were largely Roman Catholic. The situation only got worse when Mexico officially lost Texas to the U. It was then that the group became an ethnic minority destined to be treated as foreigners in their own homeland.

Initially by brute force and later by unfair laws, the Anglo majority tried to sweep clean the new territory of all Mexican New Spain traces. Expectedly, the effort proved impractical. It had greatly increased its land size through conquest. However, no matter how hard they tried, short of complete annihilation of the local inhabitants, the Mexican-distinct culture had created numerous Spanish-named communities from Texas to California.

Hence, horrid acts of bigotry against the conquered Mexican people became standard practice. So began a premeditated act of colonial-style racism that has been years in the making. That it is just now being built in speaks volumes. To be sure, Tejanos and Spanish Mexican-descent citizens of Southwest origin have tried to be noticed. Mexican-descent citizens are by far the largest segment under the U. Hispanics umbrella, numbering over 30 million 60 percent.

By all standards then, they qualify as a world class ethnic group with its own identity. They have attempted to gain a firm foothold in the ladder of acceptance. Yet, every step has been a struggle for fairness. Ardently patriotic to the Red, White, and Blue, Mexican-descent citizens have earned the medals to prove it. Still preserving their distinctive heritage roots in a vast region in what is now the U. Their culture straddles the U. Then, in , families were split in half when the border became a permanent Mason Dixon Line.

That is why residents on both sides of the border look identical to one another. Their long-term separation has not diminished their mutual enthusiasm to maintain close ties of kinship and celebrate their vibrant, unique way of life in the geographic area also called The Borderlands.

After all, they are the same people. That point is the purpose of this article. Following the vile behavior example of s southern sheriffs who used their official positions to fight racial equality for Black citizens, the Arizona sheriff is using his position to likewise violate civil rights.

He has developed his own predatory criteria. If Mexican-looking blue-collar worker citizens are heard speaking Spanish, or drive older vehicles, they are targeted for illegal search and seizure. Ironically, many Mexican-appearing Arizona citizens descend from families who have lived in the Southwest for eight to ten generations. Equally, members of the various Native American tribes whose ancestral lands are threatened by the Berlin Wall-type fence have called Arizona home for thousands of years. His supporters must realize that terrorizing carloads of terrified working-class poor families is not a courageous act.

It was said in to a Congressional joint session by President George W. Simply stated, to stop bullying in our schools, students are urged to report it.

See a Problem?

In the same way, Mexican-looking U. Litigation in courts of law will show the state of Arizona and other intolerant state governments that this ultimate act of bullying will not be tolerated. Elizabeth Brumfiel, a widely recognized scholar in the field of feminist archaeology who studied Aztec culture, examining not only the functional and economic significance of ancient relics but what scholars learned about changing gender roles and relations in society, has died. She was Brumfiel, a past president of the American Anthropological Assn.

In , the Mexican village of Xaltocan presented her with the Eagle Warrior Prize — named after the highest warrior class in Aztec society — for her dedication to the Xaltocan community. The next year, she was lead curator for "The Aztec World," an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago that traced the history of the last of the great Mexican civilizations through nearly artifacts on loan from Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology and Templo Mayor Museum and other institutions.

Born Elizabeth Stern on March 10, , she grew up in Chicago. She began teaching anthropology at Albion College in Michigan in and moved to Northwestern University in In Brumfiel made her first trip to Xaltocan, where she studied ancient ruins in what is now a suburban community near Mexico City. She often had to persuade residents to let her dig in their backyards. I can tell you about it, and you can tell your children and grandchildren,' " she said in a interview with the Associated Press.

There's much more than political events. Through Brumfiel's efforts, a museum honoring Aztec culture was established in the village of Xaltocan. Brumfiel is survived by her husband of 45 years, Vincent; her son, Geoffrey; and a sister. Matthew Martinez served nine terms in the House of Representatives. He was ousted during the Democratic primary in Los Angeles Times. Former U. Matthew G. He was The cause of death was not disclosed. Martinez won a special election in to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of Rep.

George E. Danielson D-Monterey Park. Reelected eight times, he was one of the major sponsors of the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, which supported programs for the elderly, including Meals on Wheels. He was also the main sponsor of the National and Community Service Trust Act of , which created AmeriCorps, a network of national service programs.

In , he lost his bid for a 10th term when he was decisively defeated in the primary by Democratic state Sen. Hilda Solis , who went on to capture the 31st Congressional District seat, which ran from East Los Angeles through nine San Gabriel Valley cities, including Monterey Park, Alhambra and Rosemead, until redistricting shifted it farther west. Critics of Martinez said at the time that his support for a gun-control measure backed by the National Rifle Assn.

He made headlines as a lame-duck legislator when he changed his party registration to Republican, giving the GOP a seven-vote margin for his final five months in office. Born in Walsenberg, Colo. He later settled in Monterey Park and ran a furniture upholstery business. He was a Republican until he began his political career in the early s as a Monterey Park city councilman.

He served two terms as mayor of Monterey Park before running successfully for the state Assembly in One of his five children, Democrat Diane Martinez, followed his political path, serving in the Assembly from to In addition to his daughter, he is survived by his wife, Maxine Grant; four children; two stepchildren; 15 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. The rules provide for a religious exemption which is so narrow that it excludes, for example, most Catholic health institutions. Every year, some 5.

However, not only Catholic organizations, schools and hospitals are affected by this HHS ruling but all Catholic employers. With such very limited exemptions—the survival of which is uncertain given the growing judicial activism—it is fair to say that the HHS edict affects all God-fearing Americans. The bishops highlight that the new HHS rules place Catholics in a dilemma: either violate their consciences and the divine mandate to preach the Gospel to all peoples Mark , or stop providing healthcare coverage thereby incurring heavy penalties.

Rejecting these two unacceptable alternatives, the protesting American bishops are proposing a third one. They are calling upon all Catholics and men of good will to vigorously engage in the political process to reverse this unjust government diktat that subverts the First Amendment rights of all. Dhimmitude is the status of subjection applied to Christians and Jews in the countries conquered by Islam. Restrictions and regulations in dress, occupation, and residence were often applied. Esposito, s.

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Robert Spencer, ed. Dennis M. Schnurr, Jan. It was mostly ignored by the media that the mandate required all insurance providers to cover not only contraceptives but also abortion-inducing drugs such as Plan B the morning after pill and ella, which can cause early abortions. As Americans United for Life noted, the preventive care guidelines for women were actually the abortion-inducing drugs mandate.

Sam Miller on Catholics Excerpts of an article written by non-Catholic Sam Miller - a prominent Cleveland Jewish businessman: "Why would newspapers carry on a vendetta on one of the most important institutions that we have today in the United States, namely the Catholic Church? Do you know - the Catholic Church educates 2. The Church has colleges and universities in the U. The President has said that all hospitals must distribute contraceptive information, or will be fined. Although many evangelicals and Protestants do not share the Roman Catholic belief that all forms of artificial contraception are immoral, all Christian churches have traditionally taught abortion is wrong, he said.

The health care reform carves out a narrow exemption for the mandate for churches and institutions that serve only members of their own faith. All others must fund contraception, including abortifacient methods such as Ella and Plan B. Under current regulations, religious institutions have an extra year to comply with the mandate. The new regulations have the Catholic Church finding support across the religious spectrum. The outpouring of support has crossed confessional, and sometimes religious, boundaries.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has filed two lawsuits against HHS challenging the contraception mandate on behalf of both Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic liberal arts college founded by Benedictine monks, and Colorado Christian University, an evangelical school. But this is wrong. It is emphatically not only Catholics who deeply object to the requirement that health plans they purchase must provide coverage of contraceptives that include some that are abortifacients. Among those who signed it were Dr.

Topography of Faith The Pew survey sorts people into major groupings-Christians; other religions, including Jewish and Muslim; and "unaffiliated," which includes atheist, agnostic, and "nothing in particular. The Kansas proposal also is notable because it complicates the debate over immigration issues in the home state of Kris Kobach, a former law professor who helped draft tough laws against illegal immigration in Alabama and Arizona. Kobach, known nationally for advising state and local officials across the nation on immigration issues, is secretary of state, the chief elections official in Kansas.

The proposal is likely to stir controversy in the Kansas Legislature and divide the Republican majority, some of whose members are pursuing proposals to crack down on illegal immigration. Representatives of the business coalition, which includes agriculture groups and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, provided a draft copy of their proposed legislation to The Associated Press ahead of its formal introduction in the House and Senate. Kansas has an estimated 45, illegal-immigrant workers. The coalition spelled out details of its proposals only days after state Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman publicly discussed the possibility of getting a waiver from the U.

Backers of the proposal believe their new program would be helpful to commercial dairies and feedlots in western Kansas, as well as landscaping, roofing and some construction businesses. In December, unemployment rates in most of the western half of the state were less than 4 percent, well below the state figure of 5. The new program proposed by the groups would create a pool of immigrant workers businesses could tap after the state certifies a labor shortage in their industries. Sent by Juan Marinez marinezj anr.

Obama has deported more immigrants - over 1. Even though his policies recently have concentrated on deporting criminals, his Secure Communities program as unjustly targeted workers with no record. Cal-OSHA has issued fines for the violations. Can you help us tell Cal-OSHA to see these cases through, conduct follow up inspections, not reduce the fines and treat any subsequent violations by the same companies more severely?

A supervisor noted the teen's illness, but failed to seek medical help for him. Cal-OSHA found AgPrime did not provide adequate water, shade, rest breaks or first aid kits at the worksite, did not train new employees or supervisors to identify and treat symptoms of heat illness, and didn't have procedures to protect workers laboring in high temperatures or to call emergency medical help if needed. The state Division of Labor Standards Enforcement reviewed the case because of the farm worker's young age and "the circumstances that led to the injured worker and his guardians' separation of employment from AgPrime," a state news release said.

We also told you about another case where year-old Romero Vasquez collapsed in a cantaloupe field last July near Blythe on the California-Arizona border after toiling in degree heat. He later died. Clunn Consulting, the farm labor contractor, didn't provide farm workers with required training on identifying and treating symptoms of heat illness and failed to enforce its own heat illness prevention program. These citations against labor contractors are the first step in ensuring farm workers are protected in the fields. But for the fines to have any real meaning, we need to ensure Cal-OSHA follows through on these cases and doesn't continue practices from the previous decade when fines were reduced to next to nothing.

He has been in family practice for twenty-five years. He incorporates a variety of means to administer marijuana therapeutically, eatables, salves, lotions, oils, sublinguals, vaporizers, and inhalants. Holtzman strongly recommends against any form of smoking, including marijuana. In the case below, with the threat of death imminent, any means of administering marijuana to ease pain is acceptable. When other treatments were ineffective, marijuana worked. Below are a couple of recent cases which reinforce my conviction that marijuana could be a valuable drug. I am skeptical that marijuana can be used in the treatment of cancer, other than to treatment the symptoms of pain associated with cancer and the side effects of the with the conventional cancer therapies, such as radiation and chemo.

I did however see a patient was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. He was given six months or less to live. Due to the poor prognosis he elected to forego chemo therapy, which was offered as a way to possibly slow the terminal cancer. Instead he started self-medicating with a sublingual hash marijuana oil concentrate that he bought from Canada and leatrile that he bought from Mexico. That was four years ago. That is one case, where it is possible that marijuana may have helped.

I don't have all the documentation. Since marijuana research is not being done, we are not gathering data to see if people are dying of cancer needlessly. A 72 year old lady came to my office for a medical marijuana evaluation. She had been suffering from PTSD, with anxiety and depression, which resulted from seeing her husband die slowly from cancer. The only thing that eased her husband's suffering, in the end, was the use of medical marijuana. And now she medicates with medical marijuana which controls her PTSD symptoms.

Seeing how the marijuana was the only thing that helped her husband suffering, she said she would never turn down anyone suffering from cancer who asks for her help to obtain marijuana. What kind of a government is that. We have millions of soldiers coming home, battered in body and spirit. I am not saying marijuana is the answer, but there is surely enough anecdotal data to suggest investigating marijuana's use for both pain and PTSD treatment. Older racial and ethnic minorities living in the community are less likely to be diagnosed with depression than their white counterparts, but are also less likely to get treated, according to a recent NIMH-funded analysis published online ahead of print December 15, , in the American Journal of Public Health.

Previous studies have found racial and ethnic differences in the diagnosis and treatment of depression among the general population. The survey asked questions about health care use and costs, insurance coverage beyond Medicare, access to care, and use of services. Among those diagnosed, 73 percent of whites received treatment either with antidepressants, psychotherapy or both , while 60 percent of African Americans received treatment and These kinds of diagnosis and treatment differences are consistent with previous studies, the researchers noted.

They also noted pronounced differences in socioeconomic status and quality of insurance coverage across ethnicities.

Fidel Castro e a luta armada

Fewer whites reported having low incomes than ethnic minorities. However, these differences did not appear to account for the disparities in diagnosis or treatment rates. According to the researchers, future research should investigate cultural factors such as help-seeking patterns, stigma, and patient attitudes and knowledge about depression as potential factors contributing to the disparities. For instance, ethnic minorities may be less likely to seek help for a mood disorder, and those with lower incomes may have more difficulty gaining access to specialized health care.

In addition, they may be more likely to seek help from non-medical providers, such as pastors or lay counselors, according to the researchers. Other research has suggested that minorities tend to cite stigma or shame associated with having a mental disorder as a reason for not seeking help for depression. Differences in diagnosis rates may also reflect the notion that African Americans tend to have a greater sense of distrust of doctors in general compared to white patients, said the researchers.

In addition, minority patients also may be more likely to present with more physical aspects of depression such as sleep problems or pain, rather than mood or cognitive symptoms, which can complicate detection and diagnosis of depression. For instance, psychiatrists and other health care workers could be offered public financial incentives for practicing in poorer communities where depressed older people may go untreated.

In addition, adding cross-cultural education into professional training opportunities for health care workers could further reduce disparities. In the meantime, promising approaches such as universal depression screening programs could be implemented, the researchers concluded. Racial and ethnic disparities in depression care in community-dwelling elderly in the United States. American Journal of Public Health.

Online ahead of print Dec. Frank Talamantes, Ph. Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within 6 months:. Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within 6 months:. Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within 1 month:. Number of MRI scanners a prime diagnostic tool per million people:. Please note, Government run, National Health Insurance?

Classic Woman Awards,. January 22, CBNNews. Experts have attributed the problem to everything from failing schools to substandard teachers. A new report by the non-profit Institute for Jewish and Community Research finds that American high school and elementary textbooks contain countless inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism, Israel and the Middle East.

The Institute examined 28 of the most widely-used history, geography and social studies textbooks in America. It found at least errors. Garcia modeled that program after the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo College, Career and Technology Academy, which offers formers dropouts the chance to finish state proficiency tests or earn missing high school credits while simultaneously taking courses at South Texas College. Still, Garcia wants to see more dropouts in his community earn their diploma and connect to college.

And he has not set his sights on just La Villa students. Each morning and afternoon, depending on their work schedule, students come to central office and practice state tests, study for missing credits and receive additional tutoring. He should have donned a cap and gown with the rest of his classmates last spring.

And when a critical six-week test day approached, Reyna found himself attending the funeral of his grandmother, a former teacher. For the time being, Reyna has quit working to focus on his diploma. When he begins college classes, he plans on beginning a history degree so he can be a professor one day. Neal Morton covers education and general assignments for The Monitor. He can be reached at nmorton themonitor.

Photo By spirit-Fire. Then the authors calculated the cumulative income these people could generate over there working lifetimes, ranging from , to 2. The cornerstone of his reform plans is enacting the largest school voucher program in the country, but the governor also wants to increase the number of charter schools and online education resources for students. Teachers at the bottom 10 percent of evaluations would be employed on probationary status with no pay raises.

Sylvia Ann Carvajal Sutton ssutton5 satx. A complete list of features and film screening schedule to be announced February 15, Film Sponsors: Diego Special Cine Club Memberships can be purchased at www. Purchase tickets at www. A complete schedule of films, movie tickets, and information is available at www. Her song and poetry are invitations to healing our earth, to renewing our human spirit. Her debut album Border Crossing Diosa is a historical document of poetry, prayer and protest. Mamakoatl began singing and playing the guitar in high school in Mexico.

Maria Loreto: Chilean vocalist Maria Loreto was born in the town of Temuco, the cultural center of the Mapuche people who successfully resisted the European invasion and maintained independent control of their territory for over years. Maria Loreto began performing when she was five and was an accomplished guitarist at The Mapuche culture influenced the young musician, who learned to play instruments such the trompe, pifilkas, cascahuillas, cultxrun, and txrutxruka.

Nina Serrano: A poet, writer, storyteller, and independent media producer Nina lives in Oakland. Mexican American playwright Josefina Lopez is showcasing the struggles of Latino immigrants through film, and through a community theater in Los Angeles. Our correspondent spoke with her about bringing those immigrant stories to the public.

Josefina Lopez speaks with actor Rene Rivera about his one-man play. Called The King of the Desert, it deals with his struggles growing up in a barrio, or ghetto, in Texas near the U. This is the kind of story Lopez wants to put on stage at her community theater, called Casa She told an earlier immigrant story in Real Women Have Curves , an acclaimed play that became a successful film 10 years ago.

Lopez coauthored the screenplay and America Ferrera starred in the film. I'm just helping out my sister until I find a better job. I'm just working here until I win the lottery. Lopez says that story needed to be told. It's about people always underestimating you. In his play being performed now at the theater, Rene Rivera looks at the difficulty navigating life between two cultures. We should have more theaters like this. Recovered texts provide a much-needed intellectual foundation for the exhibition, collection, and interpretation of art produced along this cultural axis.

The ICAA Digital Archive reflects the findings of this monumental digitization project and is now available, free of charge, to the research and teaching community as well as to the public at large. The uploading of documents to the archive is an ongoing process. Please visit us often. Sent by Roberto Calderon, Ph. Latina International United States. Esther graduated from the University of Miami. She has a degree in Political Science and Cultural Anthropology. Esther is fluent in several languages, and also had a Junior Internship for the United Nations.

She also held an executive position for a company that worked with the U. Esther donates much of her time as a spokes model to the Ayuda Organization www. Esther has also been a spokes model for Emission Critical. His organization is called Nuestra Palabra , which promotes Latino literature, literacy and culture.

His mission is simple: to smuggle Latino books back into Arizona. Thus far, he told us there about 70 people in Houston planning to make the week-long trek, but organizers and authors in other cities in Texas, as well as New Mexico and Arizona, are piling on their own plans. A workshop on Mexican American studies, talking to politicians and community members, and perhaps even writing around in an ice cream truck giving out Mexican American studies books is on the agenda, he told us.

If you would like to help, donate, participate, send books, or spread the word, this is what you can do. Visit his website , watch his video, donate money , or donate your books send to P. Box check them out on Facebook or Twitter. We writers are a twitchy lot, and when we are away from our computers and into the society of people who are bemused, intrigued and largely ignorant about we do, we get asked a lot of questions. What do you write? I also write fiction. What are you working on?

Should I start over? When is your book coming out?

Articoli Recenti

I was just reading this really bad book and thought of you. I need to get out of here! Would you read my manuscript? Have you ever heard time is money? Listen up, get your wallet out! Have you considered self-publishing? People who self-publish pay a large chunk of money in order to produce a book that very few people will read. I would rather be paid for that honor. Is your book something I would know?

How the heck do I know what you read? So what should you say to a writer in a social situation? I would stick with the tried and true: politics and religion. In commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on Feb. Constitution, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and other international agreements guaranteeing human rights. Below are opening lines for each of the works cited. Clicking on the underlined titles should take you to the text.

Are Ethnic Studies Necessary? The rationale was that these classes, particularly Raza Studies, cultivated resentment of whites and a sense of victimhood among Latino students.