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He suggests they put on a show to pay off the mortgage. Polly agrees to this plan until she finds out who he is and suspects a trick. Bobby and Polly are both heartbroken, but Bobby decides to put on the show anyway… disguised as Mr. A few days later, ten Zangler Follies girls arrive in Deadrock. Bobby has asked them to help stage a spectacular show at the Gaiety. The men of Deadrock are thrilled to see the girls, and they agree to appear in the show.

But rehearsals for the show are disastrous; the cowboys are terrible dancers. Sadly, the only people to attend are Eugene and Patricia Fodor, British tourists writing a guidebook on the American West. Despite the disappointment, everyone realizes that the show has galvanized and revitalized their once-sleepy town.

Dehydrated and exhausted, he takes a few steps and collapses. Unfortunately, she is still in love with the man she thinks is Zangler. Just as Bobby is about to convince Polly that he has been impersonating Zangler, the real Zangler stumbles into the saloon looking for Tess. The next morning, Polly sees the two Zanglers and realizes what has happened. She slaps Bobby and leaves in a huff. Irene insists that Bobby return to New York with her, but Bobby rejects her and affirms his love for Polly.

The townsfolk all gather at the theatre. Bobby wants to try the show again, but Polly thinks they should abandon the venture. Everyone exits, leaving Bobby and Polly alone. Ramone and the other Warner executives present there, were impressed by Madonna's self-possession and fishnet-crucifix style, and they decided to test her voice in a New York studio. Peters assigned Joel Sill, an executive in charge of music at Warner Bros. Pictures , to handle the recording of the two songs for the film. It was really descriptive of the scene in the film.

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This is for Madonna? Can she sing a song like this? After Sill let Bettis and Lind know that Madonna was singing the song, some time elapsed before either of them heard anything from Warner Bros. In between, they went to one of the recording sessions and were not impressed with the process of recording the song. Bettis commented, "We went to one of the sessions, and to be honest, that particular session did not go all that well.

Crazy for You (Madonna song)

We heard nothing else about it and we were a little nervous that the song was going to be dropped from the picture. It was there he received a call from Lind, who informed Bettis that a new version of "Crazy for You" was recorded and was made ready for a single release. Bettis was surprised and went over to Lind's house, where he warmly received the new recorded version of the song. It had a different arrangement from the demo version , and the arrangement was done by composer Rob Mounsey who rearranged the original track and added the background vocals.

Bettis said: "We owe a big debt of gratitude to [Mounsey]. He really made a hit record out of [the song]. Benitez was previously associated with producing dance-pop themed songs and it was the first time that he produced a ballad. It was the first time that I produced a live session, as opposed to having synthesizers and drum machines do everything.

I tried to make the song stand on its own, but at the same time work in the two scenes in which it was used in the movie. Benitez also noted that "Crazy for You" was an important recording for Madonna, as the song being a ballad, was openly accepted at adult contemporary radios. She had already charted with her singles " Like a Virgin " and " Material Girl ", hence Madonna wanted to prove that she can sing in a different genre of music.

Warner Bros. Records chief Mo Ostin went to Robert A. Daly , chairman of Warner, and requested him to pull out the Madonna tracks from the Vision Quest soundtrack. Daly summoned Peters and Guber to his office and informed them that they had to let-go of the Madonna tracks.

Peters protested and shouted at Daly, resulting him escaping in fright and Warner allowing "Crazy for You" to be released as a single. According to author Rikky Rooksby, the song is sophisticated compared to her previous singles. The introduction features a melody by a woodwind instrument and an electric guitar chord, sliding from one motif to the other.

It has a snare drum on the last beat of the bar , leading to the spacey quality to most of the verses.

Crazy For You

Other instrumentation comes from a harp , a bass synthesizer and a chattering single note guitar lick. The fuller rhythm of the song does not start, until the chorus is reached. The turn of the melody allows Madonna's voice to stretch further on the higher notes. According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes.

The song has a basic sequence of E—A—B—A as its chord progression. Lyrically, the song talks about extreme love for one another. According to scholar Dave Marsh , the lyrics talk about frank sexual desire among two teenagers. He believed that the line "I'm crazy for you, Touch me once and you'll know it's true" was not ambiguous and it helped Madonna to capitalize on such disambiguation. Keith Caulfield of Billboard said that "Crazy for You" is "[p]erhaps the ultimate slow-dance song. Randy Taraborrelli characterized the song as "sassy" and commented that the song provided proof that Madonna was vocally capable of delivering a serious ballad.

The song debuted on the chart at number 55 on the issue dated March 2, With "Crazy for You", Bettis was in doubt whether the song would reach the top, after it was stuck at number two for three weeks, behind "We Are the World". Luckily enough, the final week of the upsurge of the record, we topped 'We Are the World', which lets you know how hot the song and how hot the artist [Madonna] was. The video was included in Celebration: The Video Collection , released in In February , the song was re-released and again reached a peak of number two.

She wore a black top and long black skirt with her hair in knots and a crucifix attached. Paul Grein, music editor of Billboard , commented that "She was at her best on 'Crazy for You', making good use of a deeper, huskier vocal quality that mirrors the song's deeper lyrical approach. In the Re-Invention World Tour of , Madonna performed the song in the last segment of the show, the Scottish segment. During that segment, she wore a Scottish kilt and a t-shirt which had different captions in different venues; usually it had the caption "Kabbalists Do It Better", however she also had "Brits Do It Better" and "Irish Do It Better" on the British and Irish stops of the tour, respectively.

At the end of the performance, she would usually throw her t-shirt to the audience. It's called People Power Freedom [sic], did I say that right? Up with democracy and freedom! That is the revolution of love. And that's what a rebel heart fights for. So on this very special occasion, I want to sing this song".

Credits adapted from the soundtrack's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A second sample of Madonna's "Crazy for You", where she sings the full-throated chorus, supported by backing vocals. See also: List of cover versions of Madonna songs and List of Madonna tribute albums.

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Alfred Publishing. Retrieved April 17, Retrieved June 30, By now, Lank is a complete wreck from catering to the Fodors. When Irene finds him, he goes into a rage, and realises that she and Lank - soul mates in frustration - are made for each other. She wastes no time in seducing him. A few minutes later in the refurbished theatre, the cast is having a meeting. With two weeks left on the mortgage, the issue is whether to try putting on the show again or to let the bank foreclose. As everyone bickers, the Fodors step forward and offer their own, very British philosophy.

By the end of the number, Polly is now no longer angry with Bobby. The issue is put to a vote, and to Bobby and Polly's amazement, the decision of the company is to give up. They tried the show once and it didn't work. Why should it work a second time? The company straggles off and Bobby says goodbye to Polly. He's going back to New York. Polly is shocked, but when Bobby hints that he'd stay for her sake, she's too proud to admit that she loves him. After thanking her for so many fond memories, Bobby leaves: Polly mourns the loss of her one true love. Suddenly, Zangler sweeps into the theatre.

Having seen the company perform "Stiff Upper Up" he's decided to revive the show and writes check after check to pay for a new effort. Zangler then confesses to Tess that although the Cowboys are good dancers, he's really doing it all for her. He truly loves her. Tess, for once, is speechless. Six weeks later, in New York, Bobby is trying to be a banker, but all he can think about is Polly and Deadrock. Mother , however, has a present for him. She's foreclosed on the Zangler Theater, and she gives him the deed. At first Bobby is delighted; but when he learns that Zangler lost the property by wasting his money on that theatre in Nevada " - all for Tess's sake - he's suddenly bereft.

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The Follies Girls now appear in his mind and remind him that fame and money are transitory; only love matters. His fighting spirit renewed, Bobby tears up the deed to the Zangler Theatre and heads for Deadrock. Back in Deadrock, the town sparkles. And the theatre has been playing to full houses and has paid off its mortgage.

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However, a crisis is in progress. Polly, now the star of the show, has realised how desperately she misses Bobby, and she's leaving for New York to find him.

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After she leaves, Bobby runs in and learns that the show he prepared has saved the theatre. He realises that at lost he's accomplished something.