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This is what you were surely meant to do with all your talents in cooking, presenting, and your scientific and medical background. And you have the unusual energy that only very successful driven people have. Wendy B -. Email : info foodnotmeds. Shari M -. I feel so lucky being part of this wonderful community that we have!

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Natasja E -. Joan L -. Another great evening with like-minded people. Elizabeth V -. Carol thank you for continuing to educate!

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Kim A -. You have such a gentle, gracious, generous spirit… Love the journey…. Lindy -. Carol — From everything that I have heard, you did an amazing job with your presentation and demonstrations! Susan V -.


I am thankful for the world you have opened up to us. Sylvia C -. You have brought this way of living into our realm and it just opens up all possibilities, not only to eat healthier, but to think and appreciate your surroundings.

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  • Thank you again Carol for your time and efforts. This fact is another strong argument for the case that sugar, and junk foods in general, are in fact addictive. Another argument for the addictive nature of junk food, is that the same drugs that fight addiction also tend to help people lose weight.

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    The fact that the same types of drugs can help people eat fewer calories and lose weight implies that food shares some of the same biological pathways as narcotics. A prominent example is caffeine withdrawal. A lot of people who are addicted to caffeine get headaches, feel tired and become irritable if they abstain from coffee for long periods of time. Rats that are made dependant on sugar experience clear withdrawal symptoms when the sugar is removed, or when they are given a drug that blocks the effects of sugar in the brain.

    These symptoms include teeth chattering, head shakes and forepaw tremor, similar to the withdrawal symptoms experienced from opiate addiction 28 , They are high in harmful ingredients like sugar , refined wheat and refined oils. At the same time, they contain very low amounts of healthy ingredients like fiber, protein and micronutrients. Junk food makes people eat more than they're supposed to and the ingredients in them like the sugar and refined carbs are strongly linked to heart disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes 30 , 31 , 32 , 33 , This is not controversial and is basically common knowledge.

    Everyone knows that junk food is unhealthy. But even if people are armed with this knowledge, they still eat junk food, in excessive quantities, despite knowing better. This is common with drugs of abuse. Addicts know that the drugs are causing them physical harm, but they take them anyway. If you look at their criteria for "Substance Use Disorder," you can see resemblance to many food-related behaviors. For example Any of this sound familiar? These are classic symptoms of addiction.

    I am a recovering alcoholic, drug addict and former smoker who has been in 6 rehabs. I've been sober for almost 8 years now. I struggled with addiction for a long time After a while, I realized that the thought processes and symptoms were the same as when I was addicted to drugs The truth is, there is no fundamental difference between junk food addiction and drug addiction. It's just a different substance of abuse and the social consequences aren't as severe.

    Here are essential things to know if you're living with someone who has an alcohol addiction, plus tips to help you cope safely with the struggles…. In order to live with a loved one who has an addiction or is in recovery, it's important to understand the disease. I'm amazed at the energy level I have and my psoriasis are completely under control!

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    I discovered which foods help me thrive and eating has become a whole new way of life for me. Improved sleep, decreased pain, a happier belly and de-puffing of some formerly puffy eyes. I can truly say this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, my family and friends! The Love Life Method program has utterly change my life. I can't speak highly enough about the clarity and knowledge it has brought into my life - mind, body and spirit. By day 10 I was feeling unbelievable - my energy was a 10 from waking to pm at night. The structure of [LoveLife Program] and treating our bodies like a scientific experiment really helped with our success.

    Bring it on world! Your body holds an infinite amount of intelligence. They love being stopped by friends and colleagues to ask them what they are doing?!


    Once big physical results like these begin emerging, many of them in as little as 10 days, THEN even greater results can emerge Upon removing the foods inflaming our brain - overwhelm, irritability and stress can dramatically improve even if we have crazy, full lives Mindfulness and other practices THEN allow us to amplify this state Here is a little bit about me….. Kim Love. I've set aside some time to speak to those that qualify for a free call with me. I have limited spaces available for this invitation. This why I need you to read this next part carefully. This is NOT for Everybody.

    That's it - if you meet these requirements, we're good. Here's what to do next: Head over to meetme.

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    Talk soon, Kim Love. All of these changes were great, but the most shocking change was my pain levels.

    Little did I know that foods could impact pain. Jyl K. Mark H. Leigh Z. Derek Lewis. Steven S. Lainey F. Julie L. Lori K.