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Zatti, V. Neste contexto perscrutamos a aplicabilidade da RA nesses mesmos processos. En este contexto indagamos la aplicabilidad de la RA en esos mismos procesos. We want the storyteller to be supported by the traditional printed book, exploring the reading environment modulation through the interactivity and virtuality of AR, in a mediated and involved relationship with children that until now was unreachable when telling a story. First, we highlight the importance of reading by highlighting the importance of reading environments and the current fear of mediators in reading promotion regarding the impact of the digital world.

In this context, we try to give an insight to the application of AR in these processes. Procurase nestes contextos criar e explorar ambientes de leitura. Decidimos, por isso, investigar a aplicabilidade da RA no contexto da. O homem da gaita. ISBN Lisboa: Universidade Aberta. Mizell Abstract This article focuses on aspects of Virtual Reality VR and Virtual Worlds MV as an area with great potential for the development and implementation of educational resources in the specific field of music as a teaching-learning process in the history of music. Factors such as interaction, collaboration, participation, motivation and immersion inherent in the virtual environment, are often regarded as important stimuli in the teaching-learning processes.

Here a project of a pedagogical virtual world I described as a platform to showcase the different media types that characterize each aesthetic period of the history of music. In the developed platform simulating a three-dimensional environment, students can explore, through the use of an avatar, view and interact with the objects in exhibition and or with other users. Keywords: Virtual reality; virtual worlds; musical gallery; music history.

Para o professor, a. O apelo. Galeria Musical Virtual. Contudo, as tecnologias baseadas em 3-D requerem normalmente computadores com altas. Costa Matos — Vila Nova de Gaia, no corrente ano letivo, em contextos de aprendizagem formal e informal. Bartle, Richard A. Miyata, Kazunori. Fun Computing.

Tang Ed. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech. Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds. London: Springer. Maria Teresa Barradas teresabarradasuab gmail. Mirian Estela Tavares mtavares ualg. Abstract One of the ambitions of the century XXI in the field of new technologies, relates to the development of e-materials from programmed computing devices provide a means to transform everyday experiences. In this paper we describe the experimental process of adaptation of these materials, the textile; we study their creative potential when applied as raw material for the Design and Fashion as strategic to revive interest in traditional embroidery elements.

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Inicia-se um processo em que os ideais do corpo definem a moda. O corpo remodelado; 2. O corpo esquadrinhado; 4. O corpo plugado; 5. O corpo simulado; 6. O corpo digitalizado; 7. O corpo molecular. Quinn, Figura 6 — Esquema em Fritzing.

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The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased preassembled; the open source IDE Integrated Development Environment can be downloaded for free from www. O interruptor em off, desliga o artefacto. Existem muitas possibilidades de hardware, das quais se instancia o LilyPad Arduino. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool. Foi projetado por Leah Buechley e cooperativamente desenhada por Leah e SparkFun, sendo comercializada por este.

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Avloni, J. Polymers in Electronics , Baber C. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. Banzi, M. Clarke S. Techno Textiles 2 - Revolutionary fabrics for fashion and design. Dalsgaard, C. White paper on Smart garments: a market overview of intelligent textile technologies in apparel. Donati, L. Egli, S. Wearable Multimodal Interfaces. Jamadar S. Smar and Interactive Textiles. Lemos, A. Porto Alegre, Brasil: Editora Sulina. McLuhan, M. Understanding Media - The extensions of man. Pakhchyan S. Fashioning Technology - A diy intro to smart crafting.

Quinn, B. Techno Fashion. Textile Futures - fashion, design and technology. Fashion Futures. London: Merrell Publishers.

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  7. Randell, C. Textile Tools for Wearable Computers. ISSN , pp. Reas, C. Fry, B. Schmeder, A.

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    Scrivener, S. Seymour, S. Smith, R. Future Challenges to Actuate Wearable Computers. Starner, T. The Challenges of Wearable Computing: Part 2. Tao, X. Smart fibres, fabrics and clothing. Abington Cambridge, England:Woodhead Publishing. Wilde, D. O que mudou com estes novos pressupostos? Abstract The viewing of images, an intrinsic part of our cultural heritage, is more and more present in everyday life, through various formats and new and varied media. The production and dissemination of images, edited using new digital tools, represents an important volume of the total images that surround us.

    What has changed with these new findings? Image Editing is a socially transversal act that generalized our coexistence with an altered real, starting from visual tools whose key idea is condensed by a term: Image Postproduction. If we look at a past of photographic production, we can see that the potential of mutability has been there from the beginning. Keywords: Image; manipulation; postproduction; photoshop; Manovich; Mitchell. Therefore, he is eager to take the chance and see what happens in the country where he lived before.

    As pointed before, the first three narratives have in common the fact that in those cases the need to migrate again is not felt. For instance, having the same boss they formerly had in Mozambique, as in the cases of Mr. Anand and of Mr. Jaiantilal, is related to the importance of ethnic strategies, as Waldinger, Mc. Evoy and Aldrich put it. That is the case of Mr. Portuguese universities are presently good choices as they put it, but the United Kingdom keeps its symbolic power among Portuguese Hindu Gujarati families.

    The gain of independence with the opening of a shop, and maintaining it over the years, is also related to the success of their location choice. The concentration of South Asian shops is not huge as is in Martim Moniz and presently in part of downtown Lisbon ; therefore, they achieved urban embeddedness and maintained it. On the one hand, they have contributed to diversify commerce in Lisbon; on the other hand, they have brought dynamism to a district Anjos and Arroios that has not been a target in Lisbon urban policies. However, the results of this study also show that despite the location of the shops, the interlocutors inhabit other areas in Greater Lisbon.

    But literature about ethnic economies and clusters, more than drawing attention to residential clustering when addressing ethnic enclaves and ethnic economies, has emphasized shop clustering in a specific urban area see also Kaplan , much more than housing clustering. Sometimes residential and business clustering match, as is the case of Hindus in Devon Avenue, Chicago, described by Ashutosh However, in Lisbon, I would call on residential clustering more than on shop clustering in the city.

    In simple terms, but underlining the fact that this is not a generalized situation, what I found was commercial spatial dispersion and housing clustering.

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    But again, there are also situations of a high level of business spatial concentration and a low level of residential sprawl. Shop clustering is important among recent South Asian migrants in Lisbon, who have recently opened stores in downtown Lisbon, just as shop clustering in Martim Moniz was important for Hindu Gujarati who arrived in Lisbon in the early s and is still important for South Asians nowadays Mapril It is true that their shops are located in neighbourhoods where one can find other South Asian stores as well, but that kind of concentration is not as accentuated as is the fact that they live in the same neighbourhoods.

    In sum, what I wish to underline is that, as in many other cultural specific populations, norms are less important than differences among the same group. To begin with, the study of ethnic economies in urban contexts can contribute to a new perspective, aware and less shelved, of immigrants see also Aramburu Otazu ; Rocha-Trindade The ethnographic account proves that the diversity of situations is in fact abundant. This article presented four heterogeneous cases. These are different perspectives for the study of the same population which are suitable to various degrees.

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    Therefore, perspectives that agree with the idea of mixed embeddedness Kloosterman, van der Leun and Rath deserve, in my view, more attention, because it seems to merge the former varieties, despite the fact that the term itself is manifestly encrypted and sparingly useful to an anthropologic literature that is beyond ethnic economy studies.

    I rather emphasize that the goal was to contribute to furthering our knowledge on the actual situation of South Asian commerce in Lisbon, specifically in old Hindu Gujarati shops that are not concentrated in one specific area. Indeed, the shops where I conducted fieldwork including the ones that I did not bring to the paper as specific cases are located in the larger area of Avenida Almirante Reis and adjacent neighbourhoods. Moreover, Hindu Gujarati shops can in fact be found all over the city.

    Histórias escolares

    What I wish to underline is that the overused idea of ethnic enclave fades away in this article not only because these shops are spread in the city; it disappears also because while portraying a group of shopkeepers I do this looking at their history, and therefore naming them for their own distinctiveness, being Portuguese Hindu Gujarati entrepreneurs, and not for the reasons economic discourses usually name them. As Ram et al. Basel, Gordon and Breach Publishers, Lisbon, LNEC. Toulouse, Presses Universitaires du Mirail. Lisbon, Livros Horizonte. Lisbon, Mundos Sociais.

    London and New York, Zed Books, Lisbon, Colibri. Oeiras, Celta Editora. RAM, Monder, et al. EVOY, and H. Waldinger, D. Evoy and H. Aldrich eds. Newbury Park, CA, Sage, Most Gujaratis came in the early s from East African countries, mostly from Mozambique, but also from Tanzania and Kenia. From other parts of South Asia, the migration is more diluted in the middle s, the early s and the early s.

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    Sikhs, which form the overall Punjabi population in Portugal, were approached by Bastos and Correia and by Rajput The latter remarks that many Punjabis migrated recently to the United Kingdom. No conclusive data is available concerning total populations. Bangladeshi Muslims were profusely addressed by Mapril e. Nevertheless, each of these examples should be further ethnographed. Note that this situation was recorded in early Migration was particularly affected by the growth of emigration rates and decrease of immigration.

    For more on Hindu families rehousing, see Cachado Revista de antropologia social e cultural, arbitrada por pares. Jeanneret, A. Tomkievicz Eds. Paris: Doin Editeurs. La relation enfant-en-vironnement, ses conflits. Cousset: Editions Delval. Cipolla, C. Lisboa: Editora Ulisseia. Surveiller et punir. Naissance de la prison. Furet, F. Lire et ecrire. Graff, H. The legacies of literacy. Continuities and contradition in Western culture and society. Bloomingtona and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. Houston, R.

    Literacy in early modern Europe. Culture and education