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Interview with history by Oriana Fallaci Book editions published between and in 11 languages and held by 1, WorldCat member libraries worldwide A journalist's portraits of power and dissent around the world. Inshallah by Oriana Fallaci Book 94 editions published between and in 16 languages and held by 1, WorldCat member libraries worldwide Traces the story of Italian peacekeepers in Lebanon after the car bombing of American and French barracks.

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If the sun dies by Oriana Fallaci Book editions published between and in 8 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Here, she takes aim at the many attacks and death threats she received after the publication of The rage and the pride. Fallaci begins by identifying with one Master Cecco, the author of a heretical book who was burned at the stake during the Inquisition seven centuries ago, and proceeds with an analysis of the burning of Troy and the creation of a Europe that, to her judgment, is no longer her familiar homeland but rather a place best called Eurabia, a soon-to-be colony of Islam.

Fallaci explores her ideas in historical, philosophical, moral, and political terms, addressing taboo topics with sharp logic--Cf. The egotists; sixteen surprising interviews by Oriana Fallaci Book 10 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Nothing, and so be it by Oriana Fallaci Book editions published between and in 8 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Per quasi otto anni ho fatto il corrispondente di guerra in Vietnam. Penelope alla guerra by Oriana Fallaci Book 85 editions published between and in 6 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Novel by the famous Italian journalist relating the lives of two homosexuals and their mutual attraction to Giovanna, a young Italian writer living in the U.

Der Das aktuelle Buch der renommierten Journalistin und Nr. Un cappello pieno di ciliege : una saga by Oriana Fallaci Book 28 editions published between and in Italian and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide "Il romanzo postumo di Oriana Fallaci. E tutti quei nonni, nonne, bisnonni, bisnonne, trisnonni, trisnonne, arcavoli e arcavole, insomma tutti quei miei genitori, diventarono miei figli".

Interviews with history and conversations with power by Oriana Fallaci Book 5 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Probing interviews with fourteen contemporary political leaders, including Kissinger, Meir, Arafat, Indira Gandhi, and Qaddafi, reveal their personal attitudes and propensities and survey the workings of the leader in history. The useless sex by Oriana Fallaci Book 7 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Oorspr. Intervista con il potere by Oriana Fallaci Book 13 editions published between and in Italian and Polish and held by 94 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Nel Oriana Fallaci pubblica "Intervista con la storia".

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Con quelle interviste Oriana ci consegna "una indimenticabile galleria di protagonisti internazionali del suo tempo: statisti di governo e di opposizione, leader democratici e dittatori, pacifisti umanitari e guerrieri, capi spirituali, ideologi, uomini d'azione Da anni i lettori attendevano le nuove interviste, e lei stessa aveva lavorato alle bozze, lasciando note e appunti, e un testo che partiva dai famosi incontri con Khomeini e Gheddafi per lanciarsi in una riflessione appassionata sul potere. La vita privata della Fallaci e quella professionale si sono sempre intrecciate: la scomparsa di due persone profondamente amate la spinge a un totale isolamento, "i miei tre inverni nel tunnel" li definisce; ma poi, dopo la pubblicazione di "Un uomo" nel , mette a segno per il "Corriere della Sera" i due straordinari reportage dall'Iran di Khomeini e dalla Libia di Gheddafi, che compongono la prima parte di questa "Intervista con il potere".

Limelighters by Oriana Fallaci Book 6 editions published between and in English and held by 84 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Gli antipatici by Oriana Fallaci Book 29 editions published between and in 5 languages and held by 77 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Pubblicato nel , Gli antipatici torna in libreria in una collana dedicata a tutte le opere di Oriana Fallaci.

Gli antipatici sono quei personaggi destinati a trovarsi sempre sulla bocca di tutti, e dei quali tutto si sa e tutto si dice. Come lei stessa scrive, i suoi antipatici sono quasi sempre simpaticissimi. Pasolini, un uomo scomodo by Oriana Fallaci Book 8 editions published between and in Italian and Polish and held by 76 WorldCat member libraries worldwide "Pier Paolo Pasolini March 5, -November 2, was an Italian film director, poet, writer, and intellectual. Pasolini also distinguished himself as an actor, journalist, philosopher, philologist, novelist, playwright, painter, and political figure.

David Horowitz, founder of the center, described Fallaci as "a General in the fight for freedom. The state of her health prevented her from attending the ceremony. She wrote in a speech: "This gold medal moves me because it gratifies my efforts as writer and journalist, my front line engagement to defend our culture, love for my country and for freedom.

My current well known health situation prevents me from traveling and receiving in person this gift that for me, a woman not used to medals and not too keen on trophies, has an intense ethical and moral significance. Nencini reported that the prize was awarded as Oriana Fallaci was a beacon of Tuscan culture in the world.

During the award ceremony, held in New York, the writer talked about her attempt to create a caricature of Mohammed, in reply to the polemic relating to similar caricatures that had appeared in French and Dutch newspapers. She declared: "I will draw Mohammed with his 9 wives, including the little baby he married when 70 years old, the 16 concubines and a female camel wearing a Burqa.

So far my pencil stopped at the image of the camel, but my next attempt will surely be better. Both agreement and disagreements have been published in Italian newspapers among which, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera had a series of articles , and David Holcberg at the Ayn Rand Institute supported her cause with a letter to The Washington Times.

Fallaci received support in Italy, where her books have sold over one million copies. At the first European Social Forum, which was held in Florence in November , Fallaci invited the people of Florence to cease commercial operations and stay home. Protest organizers declared, "We have done it for Oriana, because she hasn't spoken in public for the last 12 years, and hasn't been laughing in the last In November a Swiss judge issued an arrest warrant for violations of article and bis of the Swiss criminal code and requested the Italian government to either prosecute or extradite her.

Italian Minister of Justice Roberto Castelli rejected the request on the grounds that the Constitution of Italy protects freedom of speech. In May , Adel Smith, president of the Union of Italian Muslims, launched a lawsuit against Fallaci charging that "some of the things she said in her book The Force of Reason are offensive to Islam.

Fallaci accused the judge of having disregarded the fact that Smith had called for her murder and defamed Christianity. On 3 June , Fallaci had published on the front page of an Italian daily newspaper a highly controversial article entitled " Noi Cannibali e i figli di Medea " "We cannibals and Medea's offspring" , urging women not to vote for a public referendum about artificial insemination that was held on 12 June and 13, Although an atheist, Fallaci reportedly had great respect for the Pope and expressed admiration for his essay titled "If Europe Hates Itself.

Christopher Hitchens, who described the book in The Atlantic as "a sort of primer in how not to write about Islam," notes that Fallaci's diatribes have all the marks of other infamous screeds about filthy, disease-ridden, sexually threatening aliens. Penelope at War London.

Anti-Islamic Italian author in new legal fight

Limelighters Quel giorno sulla Luna Rizzoli, Interview With History , a collection of interviews with various political figures Liveright, A novel about a hero who fights alone and to the death for freedom and for truth. If the Sun Dies , about the US space program. Letter to a Child Never Born , a dialogue between a mother and her eventually miscarried child. Nothing, and so be it , report on the Vietnam war based on personal experiences.

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Rizzoli, December ISBN Rizzoli, April Milan: Corriere della Sera , August An update of the interview with herself. A new, long epilogue is added. Publisher: Rizzoli, November Un cappello pieno di ciliegie , Rizzoli, A novel about her ancestors, published two years after her death. Fallaci worked on it for ten years, until the September 11 attacks and her books inspired by them.

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Available Only List. Useless Sex Paperback. If the Sun Dies Paperback. Nothing and Amen Other. Intervista Se Stessa L'apocalisse Paperback. Gli Antipatici Hardcover.