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This suggests that the reason why T-Rex attacks Triceratops in most of the movies and shows were they meet, is because Triceratops is the ripest actor in said movie, and therefore, the obvious eating choice. It seems, according to our study, that Stegosaurus went extinct when flowering plants appeared, seemingly earlier than expected, in the late Jurassic.

This means Deinonychus denies being similar to a cushion.

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Although this makes no sense at all if literally interpreted, when taking into account the speech impairment suggested by Tyrannosaurus rex, it strongly suggests that Deinonychus is threatening to hire Sonny, who most probably is a time-traveling assassin dinosaur who avenges the honor of extinct creatures. Because of these frightening results, we decided to leave Deinonychus for future researchers to study. More studies are needed to confirm or refute this, though. Due to the remains of this animal being fragmentary, so were the results of its rearranged name which only yielded three anagrams.

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This was incredibly surprising. The fact that it seemingly could do sit ups not only explains how Spinosaurus kept fit, but also adds to the awesomeness of the largest theropod known. This is intriguing because the Spinosaurus fossils were first found in an oasis. It also suggests that it ran a lot.

It was probably leading a very healthy life, eating fish and doing lots of exercise. We suggest that the two may have been great buddies. This also forces us to reconsider our current beliefs about the origins of soap. It may also suggest that soap is to blame for the disappearance of Spinosaurus. However, this seems highly unlikely, for Pachycephalosaurus is known to have had very small arms.

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This forced Dr. Alternatively, it may have used the dome during mating with other Pachycephalosaurus. When Dr. This is the last time Dr.

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Garcon studies Pachycephalosaurus. This suggests that Gallimimus was actually not as fast as previous studies had suggested, being instead as slow as a thousand slugs which is really just as slow as one slug. With those huge claws, it would have had no trouble to make all other dinosaurs respect him and acknowledge his authority. This is the first time we have evidence of dinosaurs being interested in ruins and archaeology.

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Every single Iguanodon specimen examined afterwards had the exact same description of itself. It is most likely that Parasaurolophus crests had a series of umbrella-like soft tissue structures that were sadly not preserved as fossils. It may be that Corythosaurus used the crest to produce claxon-like sounds, probably to express their frustration at the slow pace of hadrosaurs walking in front of them. This may have been very useful during migrations. Recent incidents with captive orcas like Tillikum confirm this. We invite other scientists to reach their own conclusions.

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If they were dancing salsa furiously, that would explain the numerous injuries found in multiple Allosaurus fossils. This may have caused their extinction although the fact that Allosaurus were around when Stegosaurus had their tragic gas attacks makes it likely that they were among the casualties of said catastrophe. Since other dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex are known to have suffered from gout, this is highly likely.

It is possible that they caught a giant prehistoric iguana whose fossils are yet to be found , and planned to have a delicious dinner, but the iguana was rotting already and bloated and smelled so badly that the Giganotosaurus were grossed out and never wanted to eat meat again.

Being so badly adapted to eating anything but meat, they simply starved to extinction. This may suggest they went extinct because of a monstrous, Mesozoic version of catarrh with lots of loud sneezes. Probably to Edmontonia. Garcon was the Pleistocene sabercat Smilodon fatalis; Dr. Garcon expected to prove thus that the names of all prehistoric creatures carry important information about their natural history. Finally published, a paper that will forever change the methods of paleontology. Your welcome. Nah seriously, I wrote this years ago just for the lulz.

I know, I have a strange sense of humor. Might make it my next one. Trolls get baleted. Thursday, October 6, TetZooCon Yes, it's still going. I'm quite sure more-or-less every reader of this blog also reads Tetrapod Zoology , and if you don't, well, you should go and read author Darren Naish's entire blogging back catalogue right now.

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Don't worry, civilisation will probably still be here when you're finished. In any case, grab a beer, glass of wine or nice cup of tea, and let's take a look at what happened this year. All photos are by Natee - see the complete gallery on the Fezbooks. As always, Darren was the first speaker, and this year he wanted to tell us all about those ridiculous dinosaurs and their Extravagant Structures. The review comments that the book "has no intrinsic redeeming qualities. It is horribly written, morally questionable, and even the sex in it seems like an afterthought It's the Kardashian of crappy erotica.

The title alone is delightful, tapping into deep-seated cynicism about post- Shades erotica and today's publishing industry. Its unjustifiably high Amazon ranking delights and frustrates traditional authors and self-published authors alike.

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And the horrid writing only underscores how ridiculous it is that this bizarre artifact even exists. The Spanish author Virginia Lauda is the first writer to publish dinosaur erotica in Spanish, with the trilogy Amada por una manada de deinonychus Loved by a Deinonychus Pack. With this trilogy, Virginia Lauda is also the first author to introduce lesbianism between human and dinosaurs in the genre.

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