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What is this foreign thing? An American accent hatches from their Singaporean one, a baby chick from an egg. Their staccato patois smoothens into a Western lilt. Now, fledgling wings. Now, flight. You change an accent to be understood, they say. After all, what is an accent but a summer dress you put away in winter? An accent can be shed like snakeskin.

Yet, as the architecture of our voices, our accents express our childhoods and homelands. An accent is a reflection of where home is and who we are. Is it that easy to alter your speech? If you are able to molt and become again — is there anything constant to hold onto? Last year, during my first fall break, I watched leaves change in Boston. As I explored Beacon Hill, traversing brick sidewalks and gaslit streets, a familiar accent caught wind.

To hear a Singaporean accent in America is like seeing a rose bloom in a desert. All thirst, you grow a hump on your back, you grow thorns on your skin to cope. She came back to the hometown that she left years ago for the funeral of her best friend, knowing she would have to face the loss and regrets from her past. Knowing that she would never live down her reputation as the town's most notorious 'Mean Girl'.

Knowing that she would have to fa Verbal fornication Knowing that she would have to face him What she didn't know was that Landon, her dearly departed BFF, was going to meddle in her life from the grave. Finding out that the only way to inherit Call Girls was to stay there, work there, and compete against each other was a shocker. Reading about it is a treat that you don't wanna miss!

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Thank you, Tiffany, for recommending this! Anyone who likes the show "Hart of Dixie" should enjoy this novel. It was heavily influenced by the show, but not so much that it read like fan fiction. Caine and Dixie must compete to win their departed friend's phone sex business by seeing who can rack up the most customers. I loved the competition, and the scenes when Dixie is trying out her new career were comedy gold.

The depiction of small town southern life was fun, and I really can't wait to read Thank you, Tiffany, for recommending this! The depiction of small town southern life was fun, and I really can't wait to read the next in the series. She did a good job of setting up for Em's story, and I am so disappointed that I have to wait on hold for it! The secondary characters were all fully fleshed out rather than just being props as can happen so often in contemporary romance.

Jun 03, Scharize rated it it was amazing. I love Dakota! I read the 0. The character feel so real and their situations and interactions too. I can't wait to read the other two books! Mar 02, Smut Junkie rated it it was amazing.

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Oh, what a gem this is!! She is a master at combining snarky, sassy, loveable, characters. Characters that make your heart hurt, then smile. Characters that you truly want to be friends with. This series is going to be amazing, I'm sure of it! I can't wait for more! Mar 10, Harlequin Books added it Shelves: mira , With her signature humor, Cassidy kicks off her new trilogy with a bang as she introduces the major players.

The romance she discovers is a bonus in this great story. Run to get this book RT Book Reviews! Four stars: A fun, flirty romance set in an uptight small Southern town. Reformed mean girl Dixie would rather be anywhere than in Plum Orchard. It has been ten years since she last set foot in her hometown, and the only thing that could drag her back was the death of her beloved best friend, Landon.

The last time Dixie was in town was the night of her engagement party, which went up in smoke, literally.

Talk Dirty to Me

Dixie was embarrassed in front of the whole town as her mean shenanigans were exposed, and sh Four stars: A fun, flirty romance set in an uptight small Southern town. Dixie was embarrassed in front of the whole town as her mean shenanigans were exposed, and she lost the love of her life, Caine. Dixie plans on attending Landon's funeral and hightailing it out of town as quickly as possible, but Landon from beyond the grave has other ideas in store for her, some of which include running his lucrative phone sex business with Caine.

Whoever makes the most money at the end of the month wins the business, and for Dixie, who is broke, this is an offer she can't turn down, even if it means putting up with Caine and the small minded women of Plum Orchard. Can former mean girl Dixie survive in Plum Orchard? This felt more like a cute chick lit read than a sizzling romance to me. Granted there are a few hot scenes, but this is more of a novel about growth and change while coming to terms with the past.

I was pleasantly surprised by this little book as it elicited a wide arrange of emotions from laughter to tears. The story centers around Dixie Davis, a girl who stopped at nothing to get what she wanted while in high school and beyond. Dixie trampled over anyone in her way, without any regard to other's feelings. In short, Dixie was a nasty mean girl.

No matter what people say, Dixie knows that she has changed, but she can't stop beating herself up for her past transgressions. I loved watching her mature and become a good, kind person. Even if that means going fist to cuff on behalf of someone else. Dixie takes a bit to warm up to, but by the end, she was a character that I loved.

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Caine and Dixie have a long past along with plenty of chemistry. When they meet up ten years after their broken engagement, the heat is still there buried beneath all the animosity. This is a romance that is full of antagonistic banter early on and some sizzle, and then it moves into something mature and beautiful. It is slow burning and well worth the wait. I loved watching this couple overcome their hurdles. The best part is how it all comes about.

I adored Em, the girl who becomes Dixie's only friend when she comes back home, despite their difficult past. Em is kind, patient and so sweet. I can't wait to see her story in the next book. The phone sex operators are too funny and I liked getting to know them, especially LaDawn. I think that Landon stole the show despite the fact that he was dead. His antics and plotting to get his two friends together were brilliant.

Obviously, he had a great sense of humor if he had a pet camel named Toe. I only wished that he had a bigger part. I also adored Caine's mother. She is classy, beautiful and so intelligent. I wanted more of her in the book as well. This is the first book in the series, and I was excited to learn that the next book will feature Em. I love companion book series, and I am thrilled to have found this series.

I cannot wait for more. Not that I wanted all the down and dirty details on the conversations, but I did want to learn a bit more about the girls and more on the behind the scenes stuff. There is enough detail to get an idea, but I was curious to know more. For all of you steering away because this novel features phone sex, fear not, there is nothing offensive and the conversations that are featured are very tame. I think she got off too easy, and I am hoping that there is more trouble in her future.

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She is running from her past, and unwilling to confront her demons. When she finally does dig in her heels and tackle her past, she does have moments where I wanted to reach in and slap her. She beats herself up continually, to the point where she almost seems weak, and I wished that she would just talk things through and get it over with. Still she does come through in the end. I found that I was wanting more of Caine's point of view. He was such a fun loving, fantastic character, and I was sad that he won't be around for future books. It would have been fun to have a novel featuring Landon.

Talk Dirty To Me is a fun, flirty romance that features a reformed mean girl taking on her past. This is a story about growth, change and second chances. If you are looking for a sweet, light fluffy read perfect for lazy summer days, this is definitely the book to grab. I cannot wait for the second installment of this series, since it has become one of my new favorite series. Favorite Quotations: "For now, I know for sure we're not the kind of friends who see each other naked.

We're just friendly friends. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

Rainy Day Ramblings. Characters - 4. This book was entertaining and enjoyable. I laughed, I cried, and I swooned. There's not much more I could ask for. I look forward to reading the next in the series. Dec 12, Nicole rated it really liked it. There was some truly annoying plot quirks, but nonetheless, I was completely charmed.

May 20, Kirttimukha TheCat rated it it was ok Shelves: read. I didn't really warm up to any of the characters in this book. The villains were rather one sided and didn't have any development. That said, I did get teary during the founder's day picnic incident. Apr 09, Bree T rated it liked it Shelves: series , kindle-version , romance , arc , netgalley. Notorious bad girl Dixie Davis is being forced to go back to her home town of Plum Orchard, Georgia for the first time in a decade. Now due to the death of perha Notorious bad girl Dixie Davis is being forced to go back to her home town of Plum Orchard, Georgia for the first time in a decade.

Now due to the death of perhaps the only friend she ever truly had, Landon, Dixie has been forced back to the suffocating small town for his funeral and also to hear his will. Free and clear. More than Caine. Whoever gets the most clients will become the new owner of Call Girls. She also needs to deal with the local contingent of women who want nothing more than her gone again, preferably in even more shame and disgrace than before…and who will do anything to achieve it!

The first three books in this new series are all on NetGalley and I came across the third one first, not realising that it was actually part of a series. Dixie has a long and chequered past in Plum Orchard Georgia. She delighted in making others feel inferior or miserable and when she grew up and realised her mistake, she tried to make amends. In return, Landon screws her seriously in his will, making her live and work in competition with her former fiance and the one great love of her life, Caine Donovan.

This book is really, really Southern and I suspect you might need to be Southern, or at least familiar with it to get some of the sugary mannerisms and the way Mamas bring up their daughters and the social hierarchy. Being not Southern and not even from America at that, little parts of it did drift over my head at times. She has fighting spirit and her determination to win this gig and the way she plans to use the income has proved that.

She begins making a tentative friend in Em, a woman Dixie was horrible to in their school days and the friendship is definitely not a smooth one. I found it a bit difficult to get on board with Dixie and Caine, mostly because Caine is an ass throughout most of the book. He may have his reasons but he got a bit tiresome for me, especially his tendency to slip into impressions of famous people which he is apparently very gifted at. He sort of won me over by the end with the way the competition played out and even though he was pretty sneaky, especially at getting Dixie to confess things, I think that he did it for the right reasons.

Feb 22, Karen Geurts rated it it was amazing. I laughed and cried and all in between. Dixie, Caine and Landon were best friends. The ups and downs from many mistakes and years of grief was finally worked out. Loved the HEA. Apr 05, Becs rated it really liked it. As always I enjoyed another Dakota Cassidy book. Audiobook provided by publisher for review.

No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted. When it started I thought I was not going to like it at all. But, it kind of grew on me and slowly charmed me. Daisy WAS that bitch we all had to contend with in school, unless, of course, we were that bitch. And, she takes it all as her due because she is reformed. By the time I got to halfway I was sympathizing with her more than I thought she was deserving of every snub she got.

Ten years earlier he was taken in by Daisy and his righteousness shall smite the Jezebel! I loved the obvious things that neither Daisy or Caine seem able to see. And the set up was so perfect I expected Landon had faked his death just to set his friends back on the right path.

I liked everything except that in real life, even towns in the Deep South, are not stuck in the fifties, as is repeatedly claimed in this book. See I can believe people are nasty to each other, but even ten years ago, medical records were pretty tightly held so one incident that happened would have been highly unlikely and would have resulted in legal action.

I am trying to nicely say I did not believe the setting; it seems anachronistic. And, yet, it is the vision of the American South to which we all seem addicted. And the way they respond to a phone sex company operating in their midst is probably no different than most small towns would react to such news. It would have to overcome some hurdles and the people working for it would be looked at with, at best, raised eyebrows. But, I was very fond of the story and the characters except for the new queen bee, Louella, who was just evil; disregarding even the impact of her behavior on children.

I enjoyed all the quirks the author used to give the characters, even the dead one, dimension. I enjoyed the story and the way it was read. I was entertained, all kinds of moved, and it even made me think about tolerance, expectations, and those bitchy chicks from high school! It all made me think about how we are sometimes held hostage by our pasts, even when we have moved away, reformed, and seek redemption.

It is hard to break free of the impressions that nastiness or bad behavior make. What do you think — can you overcome a bad reputation in the place you earned it? Nov 23, Heidi rated it really liked it. The last place Dixie Davis ever want go, was back home. And if it hadn't been for her best friend Landon's funeral, she wouldn't have. This one-time mean girl had the tables turned on her and her fiance, which left her alone and her life in shambles. So she ran away to start a new life, leaving her past behind. She eventually lands on her feet. She opens a restaurant, only to have it fail as well.

So now she comes back home penniless, still shunned by her past, and terrified to see her ex-fiance The last place Dixie Davis ever want go, was back home. So now she comes back home penniless, still shunned by her past, and terrified to see her ex-fiance, Caine. What could possibly convince her to stay? Maybe the possibility of inheriting one of Landon's thriving business. To bad its a phone sex line! And did I forget to mention, that she has to compete and work side-by-side with Caine for the rights to run the business. To make matters worse, Dixie and Caine have to live in Landon's mansion together.

Could this get any worse for Dixie? Of course it can! I got way more then I bargained for with this one. I thought I was getting a lighthearted romance, but boy was I wrong. This book is filled with smart dialogue, humor, and a real heart! It's a Contemporary Romance that revolves around a running a phone sex empire, this could have gone totally wrong.

But at it's core, this story is held together by amazingly deep characters, hiding behind by the masks they show the world. It was a roller coaster of emotions for me. It made me laugh out loud at some points, and had me reaching for tissues during others. I also loved the setting, because I grew up in a small town as well.

I know what it's like to live with the small town minds, that never forget mistakes of the past. I couldn't help, but adore Dixie right from the start.

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She proves that no one can be all bad, or all good. And that your past mistakes shouldn't define who you become. She grew up a lot, since the last time she was in Plum Orchard. I enjoyed her, mostly because of her flaws. She also had a deep internal drive, that allowed her to pick herself up and start over again.

Caine was also a wonderful character. I actually liked that I started out not liking him, but over the course of the book I fell in love with his character. You just had to peel away his layers, like an onion. My favorite character from this book had to be Landon. He lived life to the fullest, and loved his friends very much. I liked how he pops up now and then to keep these two crazy kids on the right track!

Scarlet Chase did a wonderful job narrating this story, due to her amazing ability to creating the voices of each character. Sometimes, an authentic southern accent can be hard to create. It can come off as cheesy sometimes, but Scarlet did it beautifully! She's really mastered differentiating the character.

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  5. Each was very distinct voice. She was also able to captured the deep emotions of this story, from heartbreaking despair to it's wonderful sense of humor. Her pacing and diction are phenomenal. She truly did this book justice. Is it, essentially, the right song for the right moment, finding its way to prominence through the ever-shifting contexts of popular music?

    I would argue yes. In this way, ears were primed to accept the mellifluous and funky tones of the sax—to accept a few moments of it on their ever precious radio streams—even as mainstream radio was mired in a synthetic soundscape of synths, midi drums, and repetitive hooks. Look to the sax, young hit-makers—you can probably milk a few more lucrative hits off its wave before it crests.

    Some of my credits include Edfringe's Get Got music and lyrics , the Secret Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty.