Chuck Tales: 20 Adventures of Chuck the Woodchuck

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The kid brought it in in a bucket. But obviously that population has been wiped out.

Numb Chucks

When animals lose their habitats or get injured, their chances of survival in the wild are slim. Chesapeake Chuck, the local celebrity woodchuck, is famous in Hampton Roads for his annual Groundhog Day event. After treating the woodchuck for an ear infection, the rehabber realized that Chesapeake Chuck had become too used to people to survive in the wild.

We bring him out as a program animal and I can hold him and scratch his head and hand-feed him. Chesapeake Chuck is known as one of the friendliest woodchucks. Mathews now has a special relationship with this friendly woodchuck.

Rosie Woodchuck

Some of the most fascinating animals at the Museum are rarely seen in the wild. The Museum works with several organizations and agencies to support endangered animals. One such animal is the loggerhead sea turtle.

Listed on the Endangered Species Act as a threatened species, these animals face exploitation for the oil, meat, shells and eggs and can be entangled in nets. In October , the curatorial staff released the sea turtle Abe who had been at the Museum for four years. Using the tracking device, scientists and the public can see where Abe and the other released sea turtles swim.


The growth rates on sea turtles in captivity is phenomenal, they literally grow like grass. When working with sea turtles or any animals on the Endangered Species List, the Museum must take some extra lengths to provide a safe environment.

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For Kleopfer and Mathews, working with threatened and endangered animals definitely has its rewards. The Museum kept getting calls from people in Newport News who saw or even tried to catch the turkey, but to no avail. She was doing her traditional spring cleaning so she had opened all the windows and doors and the turkey walked in.

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Wear wood from head to toe, courtesy of Woodchuck Manila. Cool is an understatement.

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A Pinoy concept manufactured in different parts of Asia, actually, I told her. There are also his and hers flip flops with cork material on the top sole.

My personal favorite is the wristwatch. Apparently, each piece is brushed with black oil as a natural finish, which explains the coated feel. Who would have thought people could wear natural bamboo on their wrists to tell time, and, well, look good?

Chuck Tales: 20 Adventures of Chuck the Woodchuck

Woodchuck did! Match it with the feather-like cork flip flops that gently cradles the feet with every step. Speaking of the beach, the Woodchuck Bamboo Box a wireless portable speaker would come in handy for people who love taking their sounds with them everywhere they go without necessarily having accessories stuck in their ears.