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On one night a year all humans have curfew to be inside where the magic will protect them from the game that the witches will be playing for the night. The problem is that each group of witches requires a human to compete so they do their best to get one no matter what they have to do to make that happen. Mila finds herself out too late which will change her life forever as she struggles through the games only to come out ahead in the end. I have to say that I got so attached to the characters in this book that I am really hoping that the authors revisit them at some point.

Perfect for fans of the genre that are looking for something a little bit different. Nov 21, Camila rated it did not like it Shelves: fucking-terrible. Aca-cuse me???? Wtf G Bailey??? I have so many questions.

St. Louis officer charged after deadly game with revolver

Here I am in search of another RH to read and I stumbled upon this one, seeing as Bailey was an author I decided to give it a go. Thought it was a series. Anyway, that was my first red flag. I felt used. I said a quick prayer to the book gods asking that no instalove be present. Second red flag. Third red flag. At that point I was ready to leave. But yet again, I put on my Never Give Up panties and finished. At all. It was VERY mushy. And I mean sappy as hell. There was barely room for all of them to penetrate her?!!???!?

Deadly Game

The middle of the book was fairly interesting though. Slow start, mild ending. Then I saw the epilogue and realized An RH stand-alone?? If there are others out there I hope they are better than this one. Engaging and bold. Awesome conversationalists and witty thinkers!!! View 1 comment. If this wasn't one of the shortest books I've ever read then I might have DNf'd it. What is sad is that the book has one of the more interesting premises but was so insanely rushed that it couldn't have even begun to be developed.

It was a skeleton of what it could be.. Either way I felt we were left with the bones of what could have been something great.

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For those of you new to G. Bailey's work.. There is no world building, we are just thrown in here willy nilly, sink or swim. There isn't really any backstory other than thrown in tidbits to try and fill some holes here and there. There was no time for character development or even for the story to fully develop into anything, however, smut Thrown into the middle of this game.. This game can be deadly and requires great sacrifice on the human's behalf Mila our FMC is saved from one group of witches only to be used by another, one of which happens to be some random guy she went to grade school with..

The Hex coven, 3 brothers, decide to use Mila to win the games in order to summon their brother to identify his killer so they can get revenge. A super rushed tiny adventure with lots of smut and no real depth ensues..

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  • This is also a standalone so what you see is what you get. If your looking for some explanations then your looking for too much This is a tough one for me. I liked to premise of this story. I thought it was original and the characters were likable. But, I feel like it was maybe rushed a bit. It felt like the a lot of details were skimmed over. I just would have liked more character delevopenent, feel a bit more of a connection to them and between them.

    The storylin This is a tough one for me. The storyline has a lot of potential. I hope this series will be revisited and built upon. Nov 03, Megan rated it really liked it. First off let's talk about the cover of this book. It is absolutely beautiful. From far away it makes you stop but when you actually look at all the detail that went into it? So amazing. I love the concept of this book. The deadly game. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It gave me Hunger Game vibes.

    Mixed with something spooky.. Mila was a good female MC and I loved the guys. I loved this s First off let's talk about the cover of this book. I loved this story. I wish there had been a little bit more character development but overall the story was fantastic. I received a copy of this book from the author. The Deadly Game is a dark reverse harem story, co-written by two amazing authors. The storyline flows perfectly with no distinct differences between G.

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    As they attempt to complete the Deadly Games as a group, so they can find out what happened to their coven brother - Stephan. View 2 comments. Feb 13, Diana rated it really liked it. This was a cute read. It has insta-love and a HEA. The 4 main characters are cute and likeable. There is no depth to the characters and the plot moves along easily with dilemmas being solved very quickly. Normally these types of things would bother me.

    But, it worked for me in this story. I really enjoyed the read. My one wish was that it was not a standalone I know This story would have been great as a series.

    Feb 16, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. This is a short one, but that's what I liked best. There was a lot going on in this story, but the author didn't have to drag it out to make interesting, captivating, or entertaining. The straightforward storyline was amazing. There were intimate scenes written, but they were short and didn't dominate the story. I will be looking for more books but this author. I first fell in love with the cover. Now I have fallen in love with the story. Recipe: You take a cauldron, then add a pinch of magic, love, creativity and finally a tiny piece of you soul.

    Gently stir it until the potion is perfect. Add it to an empty book and readers will love it. Let the games begin! May 08, Meka Weaver rated it it was amazing. Crazy good. It was dramatic with magic, fights and murder. The story was sweet and romantic and Spicy.. It had a dark feel taking place on the day of the dead. Dangerous covens running rabid! Playing a game of life or death what's not to love. Nov 10, Irestia rated it liked it Shelves: magic-user , musicians , human-nonhuman-love , fated-mates , paranormal-supernatural , reverse-harem , men-in-preexisting-group-in-rh , telepathy-mind-reading , voyeurism-exhibitionism , ghost.

    I really loved this book at first, but I enjoyed it less as I went on. At first I was excited about the setting, but it felt shallow after awhile, as if the authors had only looked up a few things related to the holiday and then kept mentioning those few elements over and over again. It also bothered me that the authors used the setting of a Mexican holiday without including any other Mexican context.

    I also really enjoyed the book at first because it has good grammar and a nice show-tell ratio I had just dropped a book that did not. I also loved the vibe of the first half of the book, as it felt as if the events were all taking place in a liminal space. The MC is very much a Mary Sue. Her defining characteristics are that she misses her dead mom and had a boring life before this night. I also thought she was stupid at the end when she kept going on about how they were all going to go their separate ways after the spell ended. I could understand still being a little worried about it, but it was like the MC completely forgot everything they told her.

    Authors need to be sure to take their readers along for the ride! I could have sworn that the authors initially used italics to clarify this, but if they did, that stopped at some point. It just felt pointless and messed with the pacing. If you're going to put something in the title, you need to follow through. You can find this review and all of my others over at www. Actual rating of 3. The one night each year when the humans lock themselves inside their houses, under the shadow of a protection spell, in order to stay safe from the witches who flock together to play the Deadly Games.

    In order to participate, each coven MUST ha You can find this review and all of my others over at www. In order to participate, each coven MUST have a human with them, and it doesn't matter how they get one. Camila finds herself in a terrible situation but is swiftly saved by another witch, Luca, who has shown up with perfect timing, stopping her from being enslaved by Natalia, a bitch if there ever was one. She reluctantly agrees to join the Hex Coven which includes Luca, and his coven brothers Matthias and Sebastian.

    They wish to see the spirit of their dead brother Stephan so they can finally prove who was responsible for his death, but in order to do this, they must first win the Deadly Games, and unfortunately for Camila, no human has ever survived. Having her world completely turned upside down in a matter of hours, will Camila make it out of the games alive and be able to explore the budding romances she is experiencing with the members of the Hex Coven?

    Or will this be her last night on Earth? I really loved the idea of this book, I think it's absolutely fantastic.

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    I have a slight fascination with Dia De Los Muertos, and I love the respect and family bond and love that this festival represents. So having a story that revolves around this was sure to catch my attention and potentially win me over. I loved the premise for the Deadly Games and thought that it was executed brilliantly. This is a reverse harem romance, so of course it's going to be pretty heavy on the romance side of things. However, as much as I enjoyed the characters, the whole insta-love thing still irks me a little bit.

    I would have absolutely loved for this world to have been expanded, which the authors have said is a possibility, and to have the romance grow over a longer period of time and books. Much like Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series - there is no sex up until book 6, which yes was frustrating, but I felt that it also added to the characters depth and their relationships as well. I would have LOVED for this story to have been executed in a similar way, give the characters a realistic amount of time for their bonds to grow stronger, give them time to find the little quirks they love about each other and for the love itself to grow.

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