If I Were a Worm . . . (A Keepsake Book)

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Best Travel Books for Kids: Great Reads to Inspire Wanderlust in Tiny Travelers

Donald S. Lopez, Jr. Paint Yourself Positive. It Speaks to Me. But junior high teachers reacted by implementing super strict and lame classroom bans on the devices, which caused our pets to die from malnourishment. Talk about teenage angst. Watch a Giga Pet commercial here. Originally introduced in by Kenner, the toy oven didn't truly take off until the early '90s, when Hasbro took over and introduced an updated product. Until , the oven baked pastries with only an incandescent light bulb, which has since been replaced with a heating element.

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Fun fact: Did you know Hasbro released a version for boys in ? It was called the " Queasy Bake Cookerator " arguably the worst product name in history and baked cakes, which boys could top with "dirt," "gravel" and "worms. Milton Bradley released the Electronic Dream Phone board game , around the same time people began taking mobile phones seriously. The object of the game was to find out which boy had a crush on you by dialing "phone numbers" and receiving clues from his friends. Using process of elimination, you'd be able to discover which hunk had the hots for you.

Tee hee hee!

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The Pocket Locker is one of the more obscure items on our list. It seems teen girls weren't eager to exercise their electronic thumbs with this address book organizer, released in by Sharp. Soon after, my mind was blown. The battery-operated device sent vibrations through the lollipop stick, so when you bit down on the candy, you could hear music inside your head. It was like a transcendental, private rock concert.

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First released in the '90s, the Password Journal is still popular today. The toy essentially locked your journal and tiny keepsakes in a box, which could only be accessed via a voice recognition password. Boys, keep out! The small discs only played 30 minutes-worth of content, about the same length as most children's shows. But according to reports, the device featured limited skip protection and a small screen, which may be why it never enjoyed blockbuster success. McDonald's first introduced HitClips as a promotional initiative. And who were the first artists to jump on board?

Soon school kids were collecting and trading HitClips — much like the Pokemon cards of the same timeframe.

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Manufactured by TIGER of course , you could use the phone as either a handset or a hands-free version by detaching the earpiece. Plus, it featured a five-position voice morphing effect, so you could prank call the cutest boys in your class. Watch a review which we hope is a parody here. It walked, sat up and laid down, and displayed emotions with changing LED eyes. The dog barked and sang six pre-recorded songs. However, all Chis were discontinued in You may not have realized, but the original Skip-It debuted in the s. Either kids are less active nowadays, or the younger generation doesn't know how to have fun, because Skip-Its were discontinued in Back in my day, it wasn't exactly affordable to give each kid in the family the equivalent of an iPhone which back then, would probably have been a pager.

We had to make do with low-tech electronic toys that mimicked the real thing.