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Repetitive synth tune again present and the orchestra highlights the overall good vibrations of the passengers. This cue is not included in the Varese box. They attempt to escape and go on the road again.

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Music starts when the passengers realize that they have a chance to escape a very nasty fate with a suspenseful synthesizer rendition of the 6 tone theme, develops into an agitating climax with brass and percussion and highlights with the Landmaster repetitive synth tone and full orchestral accompaniment as the team goes on the road again. Another one missing from the Varese box. Passengers are preparing the vehicle for a dangerous storm that is coming. Sinister brassy cacophonies introduce an important moment of the movie.

Relief after surviving a huge storm. Music is very calm and melodic, the only part of the score so far that omits aggressive orchestral force and agitating rhythm. The Varese box and the Intrada cd seem to include a version that contains minutes of music that was left out of this scene.

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Final cue before the end credits, an expanded and more developed part of the previous one. Wonderful optimistic melody by Goldsmith for the finale. Actually this is not the End title cue, but Intrada lists it as that because the End title of the movie is a truncated version of this cue.

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You can find new Free Android Games and apps. Now, at long last, newly located 2" masters allow restoration of the entire score with all electronics and sweeteners intact plus many previously unreleased cues!

Edited by: Deckert, Hans Erik

Warlock holds a very important place in the composer's repertoire: Coming literally at the end of the eighties, Goldsmith bids farewell to his legendary busy action vernacular while simultaneously looking forward to his streamlined nineties work. Meld of two styles is terrific! Lean main theme in minor key trades with aggressive action spotlighting propulsive low brass figures, swirling woodwinds, slicing strings.

Epic highlights: lengthy final showdown Salt Water Attack' with dynamic action writing, heartfelt parting sequence The Salt Flats' with rich variant of main theme, moving chordal passages. Intrada comes full circle after 30 years, brings vinyl back in welcome fashion! - Intrada

Richard Band scores for orchestra, chorus, produces his score not in the norm as series of short film cues but in then and still rare form of an extended five-movement "symphony". Lengthy sequences are cohesive, flavorful, playful, exciting, tuneful, intense Centerpiece is Band's "Cantos Profanae" featuring solo child's voice, large chorus intoning English, Italian, Latin text plus orchestra, all hurtling forward in lively, rhythmically dynamic fashion. Interesting composition device: Band creates considerable excitement, intensity not through dissonance but courtesy ever-increasing density in his orchestrations and harmonic vernacular which plays almost entirely in minor.

Unique sound!

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Le produit est en rupture de stock. With Mike Matessino at the helm, this new release sources the LP program from the first-generation master stored at UMG in London and the 1-inch, 8-track masters stored in the vaults at 20th Century Fox.

Vincent Persichetti - Serenade No. 12 for Tuba, Op. 88 (1961) [Score-Video]

Both source elements featured very different mixes, so Matessino elected to include the two aforementioned programs. John and Paul — a five-minute musical sequence with no dialog or sound. The main theme itself is a haunting melody, first heard for solo trumpet, performed by long-time LSO trumpet player Maurice Murphy. Order the CD at Intrada. Reunion In Italy