Letters to Goliath

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Two weeks later, an Israeli air force strike killed 14 Lebanese villagers. When the families and friends held a funeral procession the next day, Israeli forces struck again, killing six more civilians. Former US ambassador Edward Peck, among people in the Gaza-bound flotilla, said anyone acting like Israeli soldiers off the coast of Somalia would be considered pirates.

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But most pirate actions have not been as brazen and bloodthirsty. In , American student Rachel Corrie tried to stop an Israeli military bulldozer from demolishing the home of a Palestinian family in Gaza.

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She placed herself 15m directly in front of the bulldozer, waving and yelling for the driver to stop, while her friends stood around with loudspeakers trying to stop him. The bulldozer proceeded to tear up the ground around Corrie and killed her.

The Israeli government later said it was an accident because the driver could not see her. Westerners are waking up to the horrors of Zionist fascism, but their own governments keep failing them. The meeting was suddenly cancelled, and it seemed the ship attack was an error. To be pictured shaking hands with Obama at the White House after that and the ship attack would have been valuable propaganda for Israel. Washington knew it would not look good if the meeting went ahead.

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Word reached Netanyahu in Canada that the meeting was off, while his government in Israel announced he had to rush back urgently after the high seas attack. Netanyahu then remained in Canada for at least two more official functions. Now, only hawks all round are happy that ongoing peace talks could stall again.

If Zionist hardliners like Netanyahu were looking for an excuse to sabotage talks because Israel is already militarily dominant, the ship attack was their perfect storm. Roman Theater in Western Wall Tunnels.

Words from letters G O L I A T H

Lost Jewish Town. Ancient Water System.

6 letter Words made out of goliath

Roman-Era Road in Bet Shemesh. Tel Dor Statue Base. First Temple era twin seals discovered in the City of David.

Goliath Unscrambled, And 5 Letters

Marble slab with Hebrew inscriptions discovered at Lake Kinneret. Impression of Royal Seal of King Hezekiah discovered. Ancient Industrial Installation Revealed in Jaffa. Ancient Hebrew Seal Found in Jerusalem.

GOLIATH is a valid scrabble word

Stamp with Temple Menorah Discovered in Acre. Byzantine Gold Coins Found in Jerusalem. Roman Temple Uncovered in Zippori. First Temple Period buidling exposed west of Temple Mount. Ancient Byzantine Church discovered in Tiberias.