Sharing Bananas : As A Bunch We Can Do More

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We place particular emphasis on engagement with young people, because healthy eating habits established early on can set the pattern for life. Our support for local communities is an investment in the future, not a charity. Our role is to support local people and help keep things going.

By working with grower communities in this way, we are able — with your support — to make a small contribution that should have a lasting and positive impact. Check out some of the projects below. In Colombia, we are partnered with Fundauniban.

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A social foundation geared to support communities in Colombia, Fundauniban works tirelessly to ensure positive change keeps happening right across the banana and plantain growing regions of Magdalena and Uraba. Each and every day Fundauniban is making a difference. Whenever you buy a Fyffes Colombian banana from Uniban [and we brought 1.

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Fyffes has worked with banana growers in Belize for nearly 50 years and we have become involved in a number of the local communities during that time. Their aim is simple - to dramatically improve the lives of disabled children and their families in Belize. The Centre provides high quality services to empower children with disabilities to participate in society. They work in partnership with families, the government, organisations for people with disabilities and now, Fyffes too. The Centre houses rehabilitation services and programmes for children from years. It also offers recreational, cultural, and sports programmes for all children, to promote inclusion.

FYI, a tree bag is a plastic bag used to protect the banana bunch from pests and harsh weather conditions.

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Sadly, the bags cannot be reused so some creative thinking was needed to prevent the dumping and burning of this unwanted plastic. There is no local law controlling what should be done with waste like this but we and our partner farmers wanted to do something about it. This money is invested in further social, educational and environmental projects in the surrounding communities. After seeing the balers in action, staff at the local high school came up with another idea — why not do the same thing with waste from the nearby households?

This would normally go to landfill.

Find the DNA in a Banana

But in places like Uraba in the banana growing regions of Colombia, access to technology is almost impossible. Yet it is a key part of their social development and critical to improving the education of their children. One Laptop Per Child OLPC is an organization that creates educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth by providing them with low-cost, low-power laptops loaded with software.

They have also trained both the students and teachers how to use the new equipment. Better education is critical to the future prosperity of these regions.

Community at home

Fyffes has worked with Uniban since the s and every box of bananas we sell for them contributes to projects like this. Another example of the fabulous work that Fundauniban does is in the region of Uraba, Colombia.

The poverty that has gripped the area for decades means that housing continues to be one of the most pressing issues and many people in the local communities are without a clean, safe place to live. Families are often forced to share small houses and have three or more people sleeping in the same bedroom. The project is a source of pride to many, who for the first time were able to provide safe and comfortable homes for their children. In addition to the housing units, the project has developed community facilities including a multisport centre, a playground, community rooms and a cultural and arts centre, offering safe places to meet, learn and grow.

This work is ongoing and every time you buy a Fyffes Colombian banana you contribute to projects like this one that are visibly helping to improve communities - local projects, decided upon and driven by local needs. At Fyffes we know the agricultural off-season in Honduras and Guatemala can be a challenging time for our seasonal workers. For the best effect, separate the bananas and wrap them individually.

1. Hang them, away from other produce.

If you've ever gotten a fresh bunch home and removed the wrap around the crown only to discover the bananas ripened faster than you expected this has happened to me before , this is why. Still, don't take my word for it, wilgubeast links a number of papers on the topic at the link below, along with more detail on how to wrap those stems. The A. Share This Story. Gizmodo Earther. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.