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Liam is back, following his debut solo album "As You Were", which stormed to the top of the charts, selling over , copies week one, to become one of the best selling albums of that year. Swash-buckling, glam-stomping, life-affirming fun! Girl Band Shoulderblades Rough Trade. Shoulderblades is a moment, a study, a significant detail from the greater surrealist portrait to come. The duo is formed of Kit Martin, who lives between London and France and plays all instruments on the album, and Merve Erdem, vocalist and multi-disciplinary artist from Istanbul, now based in London.

This is the debut single from their debut album. The style owes its sound to narrow tape width, valve distortion, spring reverb, the mixture of high end gear with lo-fi equipment as well as a disregard to the norms of hi-fi studio techniques. All instruments were analogue and no samples were used.

The instruments that are used range from tablas to darbukas, balalaikas to ouds, MS20 synths to Farfisa organs and a lot of cuica. The mixing techniques were done on-the-fly, tracking immediately to tape: compression, EQ, delay and reverb; meaning mixing could not be revisited! Mantra Moderne was hugely influenced by Italian library soundtracks. The first backwards sound that occurs at 0. However, his unexpected disappearance leaves a black sorrow in her heart. Nice new sounds from Ax Sound and producer Redbridge who deploy a quirky, double-headed leftfield dance nugget.

Said track gets a alt version listed here as 'dub' which electrifies the stems somewhat and galvanizes it with some additional outboard effects, whilst keeping true to that fun-loving and dreamy groove - ace! Redbridge strips "Lifeforce" down to its ambient and celestial elements for a tasty reprise to seal off the record. Understated but totally necessary number this for DJs doing the rounds over Summer - superb. Someone please take me away to a world of crystal oceans and sun so bright you have to squint. Sniff the calamari! Originally released September on Young Turks and fanning the flames of this.

Six years later it's lost none of its stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks, fragile beauty. As if suspended on a tightrope of otherworldly desires, tracks crumble beneath crushing beats as listeners precariously step into the unknown with each and every passage. The smudged dreaminess flirts with the post-vapourwave fall-out, even skirting into benzo-rap before sticking two fingers up at the opiated, lackluster also-rans as they wallow in self pity whilst FKA rises like an angel from the ashes of a fractured society.

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Don't miss your chance to cop this second time round Slept on this back in think I was obsessed with a world of galloping techno and US house Massive fail on my part. Sometimes our fertile soil truly gestates a truly unique musical life form. Breezy MPC house jams of the highest quality, "Flutter" manages to fuse David Lynch style pads and earthy vocals with a marching rhythm, whilst "A Moment" gets cosmically charged with a spiraling modular lick over a chugging guitar hook and spacey chords. As always, DJ Nature delivers a unique, well crafted and distinctive sound that he can most definintely call his own.

Excellent work! Dusty archives, the backrooms of record stores, private reel to reel stashes, master tapes - these are the environs of the Dynamic Range experience. Dynamic Range is a label focused on unearthing deep Soul, Funk and Disco jams that continue to resonate with todays dancers and DJ's. Time spent scouring the bowels of the majors and independents has unsurprisingly resulted in numerous gems being added to the DR wants list. High quality, fully licensed reissues are the order of the day, always taken from the correct master source and re-presented to hungry record heads the world over.

To repeat, this is a fully legit operation - Avoid the sharks at all costs! It's no surprise then, that this bullet was penned by none other than Heatwave's head honcho, the late, great Rod Temperton. Not bad for a lad from Cleethorpes! Incredible, essential and funky - get some Javaroo into your life!

Dub Should've Let You Gone. For the first release of , Thina Records warmly welcomes the young Mzansi artist T. Hailing from Witbank eMahlaleni , a city of notable musical history, Thando delivers 3 original productions that find their home most comfortably on a technically proficient soundsystem and peaktime!

There's a heavy emphasis on rhythm interplay throughout, plus a keen ear for some seriously inviting sounds. For deep house with a penchant for the techier end of the spectrum, this is essential. Though we haven't heard from NuNorthern Soul in a while, it seems they've been holed up working on their beach body, ready to dominate the summer with a string of gorgeous releases.

As the weather begins to warm up, the label serve up a taster of the talent on offer, handing us this three tracker of Balearic bliss. Full of ricocheting drum machine hits, sun-bright lead lines, elongated chords and rich bass, it sounds like it was tailor-made to soundtrack sunrise in Rimini After a hushed, atmospheric opening, the track bubbles away on waves of hazy bongo beats, lapping water sounds and seductive chords before rushing skywards in a swarming swirl of trance-style synthesizer lead lines, echoing electronics and picturesque piano motifs.

Intriguingly labeled as 'edit not edit tackle' throughout, it sees Bosco and his select knife wielders tackle more forgotten hits from the Italian and Euro-synth underground; subtly transforming their arrangements into Y2Kfriendly jizzers and splurters. Change the sheets immediately after playing. Limited press comes with wrap around riso print poster sleeve in pvc cover Limited copies, highly recommended. Don't sleep. Specialist tackle for those in the know A 7-track collection of tracks, five appearing on vinyl for the very first time, along with a double-header of remixes from Zed Bias, previously only released on a limited edition 10".

This is an assortment of cuts plucked from the trio of full-length releases from ; the afore-mentioned LP 'Travel Light', the loosies compilation 'The Story So Far', and the mixtape 'The Winter Tape'. An edit of the feel-good, heads-down bruk track 'Vibrations' sets off the EP, produced by K15, before we get into Zed Bias' take on proceedings with his UKG dancefloor smasher from late last Summer, followed by Zed's heavy remix of the first single from 'Travel Light', 'Slow Down'. Since the release of 'Travel Light', the duo have been doing exactly that, continually on the road performing shows across the globe, and are about to commence the second leg of their UK tour, before a busy Summer of festivals, and sneaking into the studio when they can.

There's always a bit of room for some 'Excess Baggage' though. New music ready when it's ready, but for now, here's another essential piece of Zeus wax for the collection. After their stunning performance at Manchester Cathedral last week, this pair are killing it as always. Howes The Weathertenko Youth 1 2. New Youth 7" following in the same footsteps as last year's legendary Sin Falta record. Crunchy industrialized goodness heavy with tectoid inflections and seriously good with it! One side's a cavernous stomper for the cave dwelling rave mutants, the other side is more creeping, eeking out the gremlins from various corners of their subterranean lair ready to dance under the moonlight for some ritualistic space voodoo.

Oh, yeah, it's by rising Manc sound-smith, Howes. Ex-Soup Kitchen mafioso who's destined for big things This time out he serves up the most Balearic Gabba influenced material yet and takes you on a trip to the clouds with Bjorn Torske and Fango both stepping up. Lush, multi-layered and brimming with musicality, this is the sort of dubbed out yet percussively lively masterpiece that will mark the high point of any set as it washes over you time and time again.

It takes you ever higher on wandering lead synths as the fat drums pump away below. Essential stuff. Ebooks and Manuals

Glorious stuff! Various Artists Dusty Donuts Vol. You see, this crew is deep with the digging knowledge, DJ experience, and the production skills to reinterpret classics for not just disc jocks but for the mainstream public to get up off of their seats and jam. Tel Aviv superstars Red Axes continue their world tour on K7, following their disection of the African diaspora with a freewheeling journey through Vietnam. This four track of post-everything, gloabalised goodness sees the duo stick with their genre melding framework, teasing house, disco, post punk, world music and synthwave into a freaked out melting pot for the deep dance floors.

Things only get weirder on the A2 as a pulsing one note bassline underpins tropical idents, bamboo flute and another beguling vocal, which gradually gets lost in the electronic abstractions, off key bleepery and psychedelic interference. Flip it for "Track 3" and see what happens when you follow the trail from Hanoi to Goa. Tunneling trance bass-sequences, traditional flute tones and fire poi everywhere on this one - someone take me to Cyberdog!

Things get a little more airy on Track 4, as bending strings, chanted vocals and optimistic melodies ride a calming beat, cleansing the palette and closing the EP out in fine form. Electro, disco-chic, doused in gooey pop, sultry silk, and retro synth-boogie. On Earth Boy, the hit making powerhouse turns up the synth furore to maximum, with electro and Italo all blending together, in a powerful melee of beachtime house, and crushing sunset disco.

Title track 'Earth Boy' pays homage to the classic electro of the early 80s, with its bpm rolling breaks, and throbbing synth basslines. Braver souls may embrace the vocal mix when it comes to playing out, with its compassionate overtones and soft celled-bassline. Its time to brush aside the winter hue, and say hello to those good-time blues, and frolic along to the jetset, neo-Balaeric house stylings of Jex Opolis.

Hailing from Montreal, M. Parisian pop-pickers Versatile present the first half of a limited 7 inch series featuring dub versions of selected tracks from Etienne Jaumet's latest album, "8 regards obliques", in which he gathered and covered his personal jazz favourites. The first volume sees DJ Sotofett turn 'Unity' into high grade, and highly psychedelic digi dub on the A-side, whilst on the flip I:Cube revisits Miles Davis' classic, 'In A Silent Way', turning it into a stellar bpm version for the post peak gliders out there. On the A-side is "City Life", a bubbling party starter of a track, which features disco royaly Fonda Rae on vocals, while on the flip "Fantasy" blends echoes of 70s Tropicalia with dubbed-out disco vocals for a super groovy trip.

The label released classic upon classic and launched the careers of many now influential artists and producers and engineers. The music this label released throughout its life has shaped modern day club culture and continues to do so A 12" promo that features 2 insanely deep cuts from the labels impressive repertoire. This essential release has changed hands for hundreds of pounds on the used market and has never been legally reissued before, there are sub-standard boots around and they sound awful. This official reissue has the full unedited versions of the tracks and has been repressed from the master sources and with the full involvement of the licensors to provide 's clubs with a true Disco rarity, as it was way back in '77!

We all have lost memories and dreams, shattered hopes we hide to people and try to live with. This obsessive melancholia infuses the two tracks of this now highly sought after record, while haunting lyrics and subtle production definitely set them apart from their contemporaries. Coldreams was a french female fronted post-punk band hailing from Clermont-Ferrand. There's too much heart here to call it coldwave, maybe melancholic pop is more appropriate.

All releases are fully licensed, remastered and legit. This is not a fly by night operation, Dope Demand is helmed by true heads, fans who grew up on this music and have the utmost respect for the art-form. They've done a lot of hard work, and there are a lot of exciting classics and rarities to come from the DD crew. Snoozing is not advised! To begin proceedings they take it back to ' That's right - Big Daddy Kane's all-time, game changing, stripped back, battle rap classic 'Set It Off' gets the reissue treatment.

This one is slays, it's easily up there with the greatest rap records of all time. We dare you to disagree. Oh, if that wasn't enough, they threw the ultra hard to get instrumental on the flip. We are! As mentioned before, these super limited 7's are fully licensed and all audio is sourced from the license holders and is top shelf quality.

On top of that they got some fresh original artwork from the Atelier Superplus design house. All in all, a tight release right here that will 'cold rock a party 'til the A. These will not stick around for long! Until next time Dynamite Cuts give you a super fresh loud 45 cuts of this monster rare groove club classic. Including a wonderful re-production of the original Brazilian sleeve. On the A-side, club classic and DJs favourite "Struss Mania" explodes with wild dancefloor power, flirting with Deodato's version of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" before veering off into wild Rhodes and guitar solos, tough breaks and hot horns, all riding that insatiable bassline.

Flip it and the South American shuffle of legit jazz dancer "Baiao" brings the carnaval energy to the stylus. There are records you want and records you NEED. Here is one containing 2 massive re-edits from the master himself Danny Krivit. On the B-side, things get a little spicier as he pumps the Fatback Band's percussive "Spanish Hustle" into a peak time monster. Here, Danny keeps all the brilliance intact but extends the track past its original four minute run time, keeping us smiling for longer.

Chuck another total classic on the flip and you're laughing! For this new release they've enlisted Cooper Saver, whose got a modest three releases under his belt previous to this. Karmil's remix does little to subdue to the fervent sexual energy, but it's method is more tantric, slower to climax and with a gentle approach; but before you know it you're in the throes of passion with that acid line once more Flip for "Star System", which deploys a more mechanized, structural pattern; stuttered and jagged, it's peppered with bell chimes and sonar rumbles and is pretty stripped back and hypnotic throughout.

Prins Thomas sets to de-stabilizing those rigid edges, making the whole mix stretch and contract like a gloopy, non-Newtonian liquid and adding his trademark lysergic perc artifacts. Top dollar from all involved. Matt Karmil and Prins Thomas ably offer up two nice versions making this a killer four tracker. If you're gonna stick two fingers up at fascism which you most certainly should , you may as well do it with the kind of primal percussion voodoo designed to terrify privalaged tory backpackers as they slum it at an ayuhuasca retreat. On the B-side, "Salz" stomps along with razor sharp electro percussion, squelching bass and woozy saw waves, while "Bad Habits" hits you like a lost no wave experiment from Alan Vega and Klaus Schulze.

The record buying public needs as many reasons as possible to stick two fingers up that racist prick's arse and if it means investing in some top drawer tunage as you do so, then to quote Hot Chocolate - everyone's a winner baby! Altered Tapes Chicago adds a boombap flair, brings the horns to the front, with enough bump for the dancefloor. As always, the B side presents the original sample source, the fuzzed up funk of Southside Movement.

As always only copies - get on it. Ahead of Esa's "Amandla: Music To The People" comp, Soundway hit us with a heavyweight 12" featuring Penny Penny's impossible to find kwaito house smasher "Shilingu" with a fresh remix on the flip. Esa Williams is an ambassador for the South African music scene within the crowded landscape of the European nightlife - balancing a hectic DJ schedule, a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM and various live projects.

Nice bit of tribal house action to keep me bouncing in my chair this Thursday afternoon. Levi Love smashing this record out at the heady summer dances Mainstay of the Manchester DJ scene, Yadava is perhaps best known as a founding member of now legendary club night, So Flute. With 's "It Rains Here" released on Church Records to critical acclaim, he makes a welcome return to Ad Hoc Records with his latest release, "Velvet House On Sackville Street", continuing to win new fans through a mix of samba, house and jazz on this one-of-a-kind EP.

Luxuriate in the effortless seduction of these choice cuts and transport yourself to a Latin paradise - it's time to groove. Tones of St Germain, Folamour and Gilles Peterson run through every sun-soaked beat of Yadava's music - watch this space and remember the name. It's been a long time cometh but boy does it deliver. Now the label returns with a a candlelit space opera by the Ghost Vision. This record the duos third is a multi-part suite that blend the old and the new into a retrofuturist tender sunset disco and chillingly cerebral kosmiche.

A sensuous, snaking piano groove sparkles atop a velvety bed of electronic mysticism that slowly swells and stretches over its seven-minute runtime of Balearic absolute. Shades of Quintus Project and a tinge of end of summer sadness linger throughout, only adding to the sublime beauty of the track. A deeply felt musical expression that balances the chakras as it stirs the spirit and awes the intellect. On the A-side Ghost Vision tap the well of melancholy lurking within any decent Balearic record, conjuring thoughts of lost love and failed holiday romances, while soothing the soul via Night Flight "Mirador".

The flip offers a more new age outing - no less spectacular despite the haze. After shmaaaashing it with their rambunctious club cut "Fifty Dollar Bills", Sworn Virgins are back on Soulwax's Deewee imprint with another couple of dancefloor classics, once again inspired by EBM and electroclash. Eventually, the vocal drops out into a string of Suicide style yelps and the lazer gains in face melting intensity, peakin for the weekend.

Flip it and feel the force of "Take Your Lady", a dirt road electro-rocker which sidesteps from Suicide, through Bruce's "State Trooper", to DJ Harvey mainrooming it in a motorcycle helmet. Sleazy shit! Every release is fun those lyrics, folks! From Belgium with love and limited run as usual! Mega, wide-screen take on the various hybrids of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass; pairing modern tracks with a killer remix from stalwart Jumpin Jack Frost! Said track is accelerated by OG jungle veteran Jumpin Jack Frost who ups the tempo, adds some classic breakbeats, and packs some adrenaline into this noxious piece of wax.

B" goes even deeper and sees classic 90s string presets and exquisite perx converge on a radiant core before, once more, dropping into beautifully blissed-out nearly-jungle-rhythms. One Thelma it seems, is never enough and following a rousing response to GALL, Bitter End return with two more interpretations from their private stock. As the Crooked Man alias continues to cement his soundsystem friendly aesthetic, "Thelma Hous" perfectly pairs Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" vocal with a growling, razor sharp bassline and those crisp house drums he's synonymous with.

On the flip, our Sheffield star makes more use of that indelible vocal, allowing more of the disco flavour from the original to shine through as takes us through a 5am, floor-uniting moment of house music euphoria. Anyone got any garies? Bassline lesson here for the chuggy house with disco tinges fans. The vocals are tremendous. We are witnessing a banger in all its splendor. Make it yours or repent in future times. A rarity in the then male dominated industry, Marks found her footing in music, first through rock journalism and then in band management.

Still under Mark's management, Models became one of the fastest rising new bands of the punk movement, playing to full houses of dedicated and frenzied fans everywhere.

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Sadly, internal frictions forced Wednesday and Marks to leave after two years, with Crash following three months later. Fans know of one more recording - You Bring These Things, a forlorn arrangement of an otherwise unreleased Paul Kelly song, gifted to her by the revered wordsmith. The track only ever appeared on the Astor promotional LP Terra Australis, sinfully alongside Up There Cazaly and Joe Dolce - hard proof that the label grossly misunderstood her talent Marks recalls their persistent requests to show midriff and cleavage. Locked in a dissatisfying label arrangement and at this stage unwilling to follow her peers to greener pastures overseas, she felt her only way out was to cease all further activities.

Here, modern technology meshes with timeless African Rhythms and the heartfelt influences of New York City. Equipped with a Roland R-5 drum machine and a Roland U synthesizer to extract melodies he was able to create tunes that encapsulated contemporary technology with timeless traditional African rhythms, creating a work that sounds just as relevant Today as it did then.

A true anthem for emotional dancefloors! Unfettered dancefloor ecstasy. In its original form, the cut is a melancholic Italo-disco dreamboat complete with Bee Gees style vocals, sombre synths, electronic percussion and gliding bass. In any other release, the cinematic "Marie" would be the headline act, but you should be happy you get both beauties on the A-side here.

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Now flip it for that fresh rework. A New York resident, and frequent visitor to Ibiza, Danilo perfectly emphasises the disco beat at the base of the track, adding echo and hazy pads which wash like the waves on the sandy beaches of the White Island. But far from delivering a standard re-edit, Danilo enlists Mario Gentili from Layer Bows and Alvise Marino to add string arrangements and guitar power respectively, treating us to 9 minutes of pure bliss and infectious rhythm.

Folks, this one is a timeless underrated tune you so need. It is all about the original. Pure class. Here's Joey-C back with more spiritual house musings to elevate your innards! Although the music on this record was written, produced and performed by Joaquin Joe Claussell aka Mental Remedy. What is this, however, is a music soundtrack based on a story which was shared with Joaquin Joe Claussell by a good friend and fellow artist Naoyo Terada.

In pursuing her dream and new way of life; Naoyo set her sights on America. While there and within a relatively short period of time, she has been blessed with valuable lessons, as well as gained profound insights that would not only bring out from within-her calling as an artist, but more profound, bestow upon her lessons on spirituality, creativity and a love for music that would dramatically change her life moving forward… Musically it's a lush and lavish tapestry of organic house goodness.

Gentle guitar passages are picked and plucked, congas feature heavily, as do strings and of course, that ever-present thud of the kick drum. For those that feel the healing rhythms, there is no-one comparable. Bakk's back on the racks with six fresh tracks from Utrecht based newcomer Tala Drum Corps, brought together under the "Parade" banner. Though I was initially disappointed to hear this wasn't a Prince tribute, the acid-laced invention, playful percussion programming and lovely leftfield focus of TDC's output soon won me over.

Whether you're snaking your hips to the pinging toms, undulating and ululating vocal of opener "Clear Fall", embracing the Dozzian acid roll of the crystalline "Refraction" or diving deep into the dreamy "Lake Technium" which is essential dripping in neo-tribal lysergia , you'll be having the time of your life. Flip it and the off-kilter "Frog Marches" syncs up with recent cuts from Whodamanny and Amaringo, "Spoon" harnesses percussion, Township two step and esoteric dancehall and "Modernity Poisoned " tell me about it offers an unorthodox take on the electro and breakbeat revivals, offering you a mint midset gateway between styles.

On the surface a standard acid tinged string of percussion tracks, dig deeper and you'll find a producer pioneering his own sonic pathway.

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Shamanic, system ready and utterly inventive, records like this are why we do what we do! Emiliano Comollo Pakaya - Inc. Land Of Dance hit our sunblushed behinds with a lush lysergic roller from esteemed Turin DJ Emiliano Comollo here, kicking off with the euphoric "Pakaya". Driven headlong into the sun via a well chopped breakbeat and wobbling acid line, the track soon swells into technicolour via optimistic pads and cascading bleeps - utterly majestic shizzle this.

If you like your breakbeat a little more direct, with more bottom end buzz, turn to DJ Normal 4's "Mood Mixx" and embrace the old school. On the flipside "Isle" slices and dices an electro rhythm over a grumpy acid bass while "Phol" rolls its shoulders and smoulders away in a darkened alley somewhere. Fiyah all round! All great and good, particularly 'Rein'. However, the original blatantly uses the beats from an early s minimal techno monster a la Gui Boratto.

Bassline taken out and drum kick left in. Just for these two tracks you really need this. Getting one myself. The subversive electronics duo is back at it again for the sixth release on Planet Euphorique. Ambien Baby brings you another slab of total sonic disorientation, the good kind; the one that invites you to dance, but also questions the stifling boundaries of genre within electronic music.

Dreaming up a sound that welcomes confusion and experimentation over the tried and true. Here we have a spectrum of colour and vibes; electro, experimentalism, and primal sensibilities mash and clash in an odd harmony that begs the question, where are we now? Only six releases in but every one's a belter! Shunning convention but accepting the body's yearning desire to dance, Terenzi's label continues to dazzle! Galaxian's "Golden Armageddon" on Natural Sciences pulls at the virus that is lodged deep within the collective consciousness of mankind.

A record challenging our ideas of bounty and material wealth by placing the human race in the palms of blood-sucking cultural institutions. Institutions such as big pharma, religious mega-structures, consumer trends and tax schemes which have worked to reduce human behaviour to fetishised objects and de- humanised masses. It's a record that pulls away the shackles, asking for a new trail of thought through de-programming. Electro pulses for enlightenment.

Get woke. Title track plays like sumamt plucked outta Jamal's "So Much Noise 2 Be Heard" series, "Ride The Spiral" takes glory in the sound of crumbling machines and societies , while "Psychic Purification" sinks into that mutant grease and noxious sewer swamp that we know and love from the camp. A1 A2 B1 B2. Apart from possessing one of the more alluring names to grace dance music in recent times, Ghostride The Drift also make some of the most arresting and aurally disturbing mutations of electro and tape-fried techno we've ever heard!

Sounds ooze, there's an interplanetary slant to the whole damn thing and tracks shimmer out of focus at will. It's thoroughly engrossing and totally head-twisting - just the kinda shit we go absolutely ape shit for here at Piccadilly Records. I can't implore you to buy this release enough! Fully endorsed. An imperative release, bound to be one of my faves from the year New house music imprint Dead Horse rides into town with a motley crew of old and new jocks in the saddle. Glasgow house merchants The Revenge get us underway with the superb electrical shudder of "New Weekend".

Coming packed with late nite sentiment and delicate poised to rub the floor up into an erogenous climax. Felipe Gordon's "Para Berta" is a creatively constructed piece; a series of disparate sounds and discombobulated rhythms all somehow gelling under the majesty of DSP effects and resulting in an ear-catching and head turning listen. Juddering, squelchy, body tickling business from this slick Glasgow cat. Saint Petersburg disco spinner, deep house don and advanced level digger Kito Jempere joins the ranks of the Duca Bianco mafia, shunning the fancy handshake and instead securing his entry with two top notch edits of exceptional obscurity.

On the A-side, "FKA Lany" chugs along like a peak time power ballad, with a killer synth riff replacing any guitar histrionics. Armed with a bassline which walks slowly downstairs, plenty of fx use and a big emotive female vocal, this is primed for end of night deployment. Over on the flip, "Drakon" shakes asiatic melodies, pop-fusion and Fairlight stylings into a killer bit of 80s pop - in other words, well Balearic! Persian Empire - Inc. Especial returns in to celebrate a 5th year by carrying on it's mission to mix and match influences firmly worn, with a welcome to one the UK's most respected 'old skool'producers, a man who can flip from Garage to Breaks, Digi-dubto Deep House, all while riding a killer riddim.

Little is known about Peter Riley aka Persian, except the near year stream of superlative productions, more often than not self released on his blink and you'll miss it, Existence Is Resistance label. In Project Runaway, the label presents a new project from Alek Lee Antinote and Stephan Bazbaz No Waves , two respected producers in their ownright, coming together to a deep heavyweight bass-percussion-dub reimagining, where Arabic and Hebrew sit side-by-side in literal musical harmony.

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The flip pauses to presentthe raw power of "Parvaaneh". Again extended especially for the EP, this bass and acapella, is a call to simply listen. Who else but to ask for a rework than another mysterious 'who he? First re discovered by thelabel in , he has since goneon to release for Klasse Wrecks and Hypercolour to acclaim. Taking "Parvaaneh"'s vocal to a labyrinth basement, the squelching bass, raw sequencing and afro-vocals submerge and converge tohyno-effect. A four tracker offering blissful, smooth and evocative soundscapes for the dancefloor and your soul.

Sir Dominick Ferrand by Henry James - Audiobook

Safe Trip take a tip from their Japanese branch to serve us two tracks from Tokyo house heretic Hoshina Anniversary. On the A-side "Hakkenden I" womps through a hip wriggling percussion grid, while an electric keyboard and gurgling line play an acid jazz duet up top. Fusing house, techno, acid and jazz, this could be a 3 Chairs jam if you replace the Detroit scuzz with that airy Japanese aesthetic. The use of restless, arpeggio-style bass and creepy-sounding chord sequences suggest some sort of ego death, resolved in the melodic bliss of the final third stages.

High grade house music. We do not hear this quality this often so when we do, we go bananas! Top draw for the imperfect mind! Flowing flutes, sultry vocals and xylophone twinkles open up proceedings, as those iconic, funk-flavoured staccato guitars and rising strings step up to the plate. Unequalled disco bliss right here. What better way than to escape writer's block than to outrun it!

International Feel boss, and contemporary Balearic titan Mark Barrott swaps the sunkissed calm of Ibiza for the Welcome back! Currently soundtracking my summer holiday perfectly. One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12 inch debut on L. Turn to the B-side for two more wave style jams, each with the finest production Huge debut by this up and coming American artist. As if he picked this week to go on holiday?! Allegedly the work of one half of Vault, this 12" sounds like a Dutch electro gremlin re-scoring Carpenter from a place of sociopathic paranoia and extreme VHS fuzz - so brilliant then Terr Tale Of Devotion Inc.

No mere nostalgia trip, Terr delivers a soaring vocal performance that proves to be the warm, ambiguous heart of the track, driven by bubbling, cosmic electronics and flashes of orchestral melodrama. Things get deep and dank on the Prins Thomas remix. Heady stuff. His most recent work, the double LP "Height Difference" on the seminal Gost Zvuk label, saw him transmit his research in Soviet sound heritage into a range of genres and tempos.

On "Dismeteo", we see him inhabit a similar atmosphere, refracted through a different lens of influence. It's a point where correct geometry and mathematical constructions meet with organic forms. Just add this into your 'must visit' itinery - a jagged and cerebral world hybridized with machines and possessing an A. I at least on par with our own humane conciousness. Yak states: 'I started them the day after going to a sick party when the energy from the previous night was still fresh in my mind'.

The idea for the track "Skooma" came to Randall while at home messing with foley samples and processing random noises like scissors cutting and paper being crunched. Taylor, Aubrey de Vere reports that Coleridge and Hamilton were the only men to whom Wordsworth would think of applying the term wonderful. Belfast Linenhall Library holds R. Allow me to say, in passing, that if there be a word or two, in the latter edition, which you could not expect me to adopt, I yet admit that on the whole you have made it a finer poem. Around they thus will have agreed much on church matters; entirely different from , when Hamilton was Evangelical again and De Vere Catholic.

Fransje van Weerden , pp - available online. Information supplied by her, WH had married Grace MacFerrand, orig. Thomas L. Although Hamilton's work was largely theoretical, his ideas came to have invaluable practical applications with the advent of quantum mechanics in the twentieth century. In this acclaimed biography, Thomas L. Gameboy : The Icosian Game is a board game devised by Hamilton consisting of 20 numbered pieces in the shape of plugs which move on a round board configured in irradiating variable pentagons with plug-holes at each juncture.

Based on what Hamilton wrote about her and scraps of information which were found on various places, extended with conclusions which could be drawn from known events, this is a sketch of how she fell in love with Hamilton in , what the motives may have been for her family to force her to marry the reverend William Barlow , what may have triggered her suicide attempt in after which she did not live with Barlow any more, and how she spoke with Hamilton shortly before she died. In these two interviews she could finally tell Hamilton that she had also loved him.