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The Rise of the English/Communications Major

Jessica Pressler New York delves into the personal and professional rivalry between Tory and Christopher Burch, former spouses now competing to dominate the fashion world. Peter Whoriskey Washington Post exposes the human cost of promoting pharmaceuticals off-label.

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Max Abelson Bloomberg reports on Wall Street's amusing reaction to the diminishing annual bonus. Mina Kimes Fortune recounts the grisly story of a company's illegal testing—and misuse—of a medical device for profit, and Jeff Tietz Rolling Stone composes one of the most poignant and comprehensive portraits of the financial crisis's dissolution of the American middle class. Introduction Acknowledgments Part I. On the Ground 1. Bad Medicine 3. Martin, Wall Street Journal 5.

Big Business 6. Bad Business 8. My question is: how do I word my proposal so that it will come across as necessary for a publications specialist to learn the skills of business writing? Even better, you could choose me for the free ticket and I could bypass all of this worry! Thanks for the help! It seems like most freelancers I know had somewhere to start from. If they had a career in law or retail or sales, they used those contacts and that knowledge to pick up assignments.

I get a couple low paying clients, but I want to make a living doing this. How would you suggest someone like me recent college grad with little work experience get those higher paying clients? And everyone has some, anyway.

Freelancers -- What Do You Need to Know About Business Writing?

You patronize local businesses…and like what they do. You also have the advantage of being young — the target market for many companies. There are some great companies that would love to work with you. Hi Carol! What level of collaboration or back-and-forth do most companies want? And do they accept story ideas or is the work mostly assigned? To take these in reverse order, all our bootcamps come with weekly homework! We are going to have people identifying prospects, beginning their marketing, and doing different writing assignments to start learning and practicing the types of writing business want.

Your 1 we hear a lot. I have worked as a writer in one capacity or another for nearly twenty years. However, nearly all of my experience is in staff positions, not freelance. My first question is how do you know where to set your fees? I have written technical manuals, promotional brochures, web content, development plans, and procedural guides. However, I feel like a newbie when it comes to freelance writing.

My second question is what type of writing do you think provides the best introduction to freelance writing and is most likely to lead to future opportunities? The best type of writing depends on you — your past experiences and what you enjoy writing, and the industries you know. What can you do when an editor invites you to send in a headline and a lede on a particular topic, and you do, after putting in scads of work and time on it, it is on topic and in keeping with their voice and content , and then it gets dismissed in a 2-sentence, non-explanatory manner and you are then ignored through all attempts to follow up?

Due to some life events I found myself unemployed. I decided to volunteer at a local animal rescue group while I looked for a job. It winds up since I love to read and have dabbled at writing blog-posts I wound up doing copywriting for them. Fliers, brochures and information landing pages for their website.

I now work with 3 non-profits and am attempting to self teach. I love this type work so much I have decided to pursue it as a freelance business instead of returning to previous career. That being said I have not made any money at copy-writing yet since I have been doing it as volunteer.

I know education is important; but I can not afford to pay lots of money to learn. So my question is what is best way to learn copywriting without having to spend boatloads of money??

The No. 1 rule for good business writing? Get to the point

Hmmm…well, I think we think our Den Break into Business Writing class is quite reasonably priced, for a whole month of instruction and support. What, if any, tools do you use when you interview the client to collect information for your writing? How do you learn what you need to know to complete the assignment? In business writing, how much opportunity is there to write with personality? I often write directly to a certain type of person and sprinkle in a little humor here and there.

Your job is to portray their culture and the tone with which they want to communicate with their customer. Here is my question: How do you go about rewrites? Are there policies or best practices? Is there a limit to the number of rewrites you should do? Rewrites are something you can negotiate in your contract, Jenny.

Many copywriters include two rounds of edits and then more costs additional. You have never had a pain in the arse client that you simply cannot satisfy? Jenny recently posted… Help Ragdoll Rescue Get c3. I know how to do it. Ok — so help me understand.

I also ask tons of questions up front and even have samples approved before I move forward…but still manage to find the clients that like samples but then have problems with posts later on. It becomes cost prohibitive to work with them. I am not asking the right questions, apparently! Can you tell I need the free ticket? The good news is functionally, I very rarely find myself regretting my stance.

I recently got an assignment through a local publisher to write some medical copy, such as patient brochures and health system newsletters. How can I get more assignments like this, since this one just fell into my lap? Holly Case recently posted… Hello world! I had the exact same reaction when I got into business writing. Hey…this is sorta fun!

Employers Want Strong Writers

And pays great…show me more. Is there a learning curve during which a writer may get a lot of rejection notices, before breaking through? Does a writer need to have previous copywriting skills and experience prior to breaking through? Ronn Jerard recently posted… Keep the Fire Burning. Need I say more? Just want to say thanks to everybody for all these questions!

This is really helping me — already added one whole section to the first session based on a question here. My question is: what is the best way to prepare for business freelancing? Start small, Ashley. Get a few samples. Write a brochure or white paper about your own business, too.

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Do types of writing you feel you understand — maybe blogging if you have a blog. One of our Den presenters, Mitt Ray, said when he got into white papers he wrote several just for practice! Best of all is asking your writer crowd for feedback on your bid proposal before you send it…folks are really winning doing that in the Den. What credentials would a business prospect be seeking in a writer? After some time unable to work, I am beginning to rebuild again. What would you suggest from the beginning to building a reliable income writing for business? From how to identify prospects and market to how to do the writing.

Thank you Carol for your kind response. I have the ability to build the flow to form a reliable income. I have noticed that as with any business venture particularly in a creative industry, most clients prefer that you have a portfolio, references, etc. Thank you for your suggestions. Well, sure they do — but there are always entry-level clients who might take a flier on you and let you get a sample.

Jon Morrow from Copyblogger has reported he often spends 8 hours writing a guest post. Do you? Many bloggers I know get all their clients off those high-visibility guest posts — prospects just come out of the woodwork and call them. So if you do guest posting right, you may not have to do much else to begin earning.

Types Of Business Writing - Business Writing & Grammar

I get a client or two in spurts. My question has to do with how to decide where to start. So I change directions and try another field. Is it really just a numbers game? Theda K. The upcoming business writing webinar sounds interesting. I would like to know about the value for someone who already does business writing. I currently have a very niche-specific writing clientele, but I do struggle with attracting others types of business writing gigs.

I absolutely subscribe to the idea that you can always learn from anyone but I am somewhat beyond the point of a true entry-level seminar. Your thoughts? Good question! As a full time travel and lifestyle writer who has dabbled in business writing related to my niches, my questions are more about time constraints and location.

Since the work is usually remote, do you think it would matter to businesses that I am often traveling and thus in possibly conflicting time zones? Some businesses want someone local or even onsite, Jessica, but many others are accustomed to using virtual workers. My question:. Are there examples of creative proposals that businesses found so irresistible that they felt they had to have that writer? Were there others that were too over-the-top, so that they turned down a writer? I find every writer has to carve out their own marketing path and gets results their own way.

Kate recently posted… Celebrating Independence Day with a Protest. If what the business does makes you feel uncomfortable or sleazy, you really need to pass. Because that affects your energy and outlook and ability to market and find more clients…important not to go there. I really like this advice, Carol. It gives me more confidence about the direction I want to go and not go , too.

Chris Lovie-Tyler recently posted… Forget the odds! You know you only want to do it short term to pay the bills. Tow truck drivers are ripping off car owners…really? Tell me more! New insurance guarantees pose challenges for pension fund managers…oh no, what will they do? See my post on Selling Out for more on this. You have to decide if you want those muscles.

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  • Some writers are born to write in their journals, about whatever hits their fancy this morning. This clarifies a lot of things for me.

    Thanks a lot Carol! These days, I feel like socially responsible companies are growing on trees. Everyone from Staples to Starbucks has a corporate responsibility report and discloses how much they recycle and how they reduce their carbon footprint, and look to improve their effort each year, and so on. You know the brands you use…and the smaller ones of those are great places to start to make sure you end up writing for companies that reflect your own values.

    Great idea, Carol! Talk about not thinking about the obvious—there are many, many local companies whose products I already tout as wonderful. There may be a real need by local entrepreneurs for business writing. I know research is the key to breaking into any market. Or is it just a matter of writing a darn good piece? But to your question, the answer is sort of none of the above. You need to write a well-researched query. How do you break in? To me, it would be worthwhile to take a bit of a paycut in order to work with organizations that are really making a difference, but I still need to be able to put food on the table while working part-time!

    Is this possible with non-profit writing? The key is to target bigger ones that have a real marketing budget, to earn real rates. They know what to omit.

    Try These Pronoun Mistakes

    And those are qualities you want in any candidate. Writing is making a comeback all over our society Steve Strauss, a best-selling author, said that he, too, favors English majors in the hiring process--not only because they can effectively communicate with through their writing abilities, but because they better understand communication as a whole, which makes them easier to work with. The bottom line : As business continues to move into increasingly tech-based communication like email, texting, etc.