The Other Side of Vegas

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It seems inevitable that creatures of all kinds inhabit Las Vegas bars, but affording yourself the opportunity to venture off the Strip provides alternatives that even we foggy Bay Area natives would love. Like Victor says, there really is something for everyone. Sign in. Get started.

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Meaghan Clark Follow. Writer, editor and eater in San Francisco. California girl that can't say no to chocolate.

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The Bold Italic Follow. The Bold Italic is an online magazine that celebrates the character and free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Hiking is one of the last things someone is likely to think about when it comes to either living in or paying a visit to Las Vegas — unless the hike is from one casino to the next.

Most visitors who drive through the area, around a mile loop, believe the road is the main attraction. They are terribly mistaken. They are also missing out.

Off the Strip: The Other Side of Las Vegas

In fact, the park offers so much more for those willing to invest a little time and lots of energy. Red Rock has far more trails and hiking areas than initially meets the eye. Red Rock contains more fascination within reasonably short distances than just about anything located down in the urban valley. We locals are particularly lucky to have such a natural refuge away from the city as a year-around retreat. February is an ideal time to visit, although some canyon trails can still be on the cool side.

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Earlier this week, I joined Nick Christenson, a longtime friend and jack-of-all-trades who may be known best to readers for his extensive list of reviews on gambling books click HERE and casino-related news click HERE. I figured anyone with enough self-dedication to learn an ancient language on his own is probably someone I can trust to be my trail guide for an afternoon in Red Rock. Some of the most difficult trails include sharp increases in elevation, and even require short interludes of actual climbing.

However, most paths are well-marked and quite safe. Female hikers can feel comfortable on these trails, even when venturing alone, since the more well-known paths tend to have other hikers along the way. One of the most popular collection of trails is Kraft Mountain, which rests in the Calico Hills area, situated on the north side of Nevada State Highway After crossing into the park boundaries from Charleston Blvd.

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Surprisingly, a few dozen residents live out here in some really beautiful homes. There are even a few horse stables around.

Taking a Hike: The Other Side of Las Vegas

This is the parking area which leads to the trail Nick and I will take on this afternoon. Our journey begins with the vantage point at the start of the hike, which can be seen below. Off we go…. You have no idea how drastically things are about to change.

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Things look bare and bleak. We continue to climb higher.

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The trail is very well marked. No chance of getting lost on this portion of the hike, unless you venture off on your own not recommended.

Nevada, Las Vegas Guide (B): The Other Side of Vegas: A Travel Guide

We now come upon the first of some amazing rock formations. The trail takes us across the sandstone and limestone.

Best of all, the grip is really good walking along the rock. This is one of my favorite photos of the hike below because it shows just about everything we encounter — the sun, the shade, the mountain, the rock formations, some vegetation — all swirled in a magnificent bombardment of contrasts. Some parts of the trail are easier than others.

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This is the flattest and least strenuous section of the journey, which is a dry creek bed with tiny pebbles. I enlarged the photo so you can see the gray fox below , who seemed to come out of the mountains to greet us.