Blackpools 1953 FA Cup: Tangerine Wizards

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Going to Bloomfield Road should have been a familiar comfort rather than a sadness in her golden years.

The last big event saw fans from all over the country descend on Blackpool, effigies of Karl and Owen Oyston smouldered and activists tried to force the main entrance. The place looked like a war zone.

The Creation of the Painting

Yet, the safely bunkered English Football League and Football Association sat on their hands and waited for it to pass. Supporters continue their fight to take back their club while the man they're protesting against, owner Owen Oyston, sits in the stands and laughs like nothing is happening.

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When will enough be enough?. How long can football as a collective or even an industry stand by and let this happen?

Mighty Blackpool: Sierra Leone’s most successful football team

The Oyston family must leave Blackpool Football Club and fans have a significant say in its operation. Football needs a proper fit and persons test for club ownership that is also possible to be enforced retrospectively. If every journalist with a heart, supporter with a soul and sponsor with a conscience stood together and got this job done the game would be safeguarded on a basic level needed for human dignity. The same bodies who have provided no solution to this harmful scenario which has damaged the community in Blackpool and other communities at crisis clubs across the country.

Bolton look the latest one in trouble.

Meet new Wizard of Dribble!

We need action not words now. One final push.

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This article is a direct public challenge. Antonie Griezmann is overlooked for a striker who sulked because he was refused a move to David Moyes' Sunderland With the signing of Youri Tielemans, Leicester have drawn level with Arsenal. What Big Six? Dani Alves might have 40 medals on his mantelpiece but for domestic pots, he still lags behind another ex-PSG star The top six is dominated by Spain and Germany.

They did not take two all-English finals very well indeed The team have taken the same colours as their English counterparts.

Mighty Blackpool: Sierra Leone’s most successful football team

The club badge is tangerine and white whilst their home kit has been tangerine and white, and tangerine and black over the years. The history of the club stretches back to , when it was founded under the name Socro United. United changed their name to Mighty Blackpool in to show their admiration for the former Blackpool and England player Sir Stanley Matthews.

Matthews is regarded as one of the greatest players in the English game and was the first winner of the European Footballer of the Year.

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They have gone on to become the oldest and most successful football club in Sierra Leone. There is some debate around official league and cup statistics in Sierra Leone due to an official national league only being formed in There were attempts to crown champions before however they are sometimes considered unofficial.

Western Area Champions of the Western Area around Freetown, a competition which took place from , although it may have continued on for a few seasons into the mid s as a qualifying competition, this unfortunately is unknown : — — — — — — — —