Eris: inviting strife (astrological Eris and the number 31)

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Every growth begins in the darkness and grows toward the light. It rules the underworld in us, as well as the highest part of us. In its lowest aspect it can be working silently within and unknown under the surface and then erupt with violence. It changes the individual from within and comes imperceptibly like the dawn of a new day.

It changes the individual so his is never again in the same state of consciousness. Purged of the dross, he is refined and regenerated. Take for example all the child abuse by church leaders and celebrities like Rolf Harris, or the sexual abuse charges against women surfacing about Bill Cosby.

Pluto's orbit being so eccentric, it is for a short time closer to us than Neptune ever gets. This happens during the months near its perihelion The most recent perihelion was 5 September , when its astrological position was about 12 Sco Other interesting events at or near the perihelion: Denmark passed the worlds first law legalizing civil unions between same-sex partners, while in Western Australia homosexual act between consenting adults is decriminalized; the Berlin Wall comes down I won't explore the astrology of Pluto much here For example, we now know that Pluto's diameter 1, miles 2, kilometers , which makes it a bit larger than was thought, and larger than all other known solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune that's right, larger than Eris.

In comparison, the smallest traditional planet, Mercury, has a diameter 4, kilometers. You can read more about the new findings here, and see fantastic photographs: New Horizons I attended a symposium in on the status of Pluto. The panel could not agree on whether Pluto should remain a planet or not, but was quite interesting.

And I got a chance to meet Alan Stern who is now heading the New Horizon Pluto project that has given us all those great photos. But I do want to give you a good ephemeris for it. The one on the left was designed by Zane B Stein as a possible glyph for the this body. The middle two have been used by the Discordians to represent the Hand of Eris, long before this body was discovered.

And on the far right is the one that is used for Eris in Time Passages software. On this date, they voted on an official definition of the word "Planet", and this body was reclassified. It is now one of the three members of a new classification, "Dwarf Planet", along with Pluto, and Ceres. But though they may be 'Dwarf' in size, they are anything but dwarf in significance. It was given an official number, And, it now has a name! It's not unusual for photographic plates to sit for months or even years before they are really studied, since so many of them are taken on a daily basis.

Anyway, when they first recognized what they had found, they decided to research it thoroughly before making a a public announcement, which they finally did on July 29, , the same day as two other large Kuiper Belt objects, EL61 and FY9, were also announced. Her Latin name is Discordia. And her moon has been officially named 'Dysnomia', a child of the goddess Eris, who often was used to symbolize lawlessness Mike Brown gives this account on the naming: "We officially suggested the name on 6 September , and it was accepted and announced on 13 September As Dysnomia is a bit of a mouthful, we tend to simply call the satellite Dy, for short.

As that process dragged on, however, many people got to know Xena and Gabrielle as the real names of these objects and are sad to see them change. We admit to some sadness ourselves. We used the names for almost two years now and are having a hard time swtiching. Mike Brown has a page about Eris with a lot of interesting information.

Check out his Eris page.

Brown describes it as the most distant object ever found to be orbiting the Sun. The newly-discovered object is more distant than the mysterious planetoid Sedna discovered in But that's only right now. Because of its highly elliptical orbit with an eccentricity of 0. Not only is its orbit highly elliptical, but it is tilted Pluto's orbit is only inclined 17 degrees. How big is it? The latest size estimate, as of February , is a diameter of km. To put that in perspective, our Moon is km, Pluto is km, and Pluto's moon Charon only km. It takes years for the newly-discovered body to orbit the Sun.

Right now, it is on the far side of the Solar System, not too far from its farthest point from the Sun. Some mouthful to say! So, since they nicknamed the main body Xena, they decided to nickname its companion Gabrielle after the TV warrior's constant companion. But it seems there were two different goddesses by that name.

Hesiod wrote, in "Works and Days": "So, after all, there was not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature. For one fosters evil war and battle, being cruel: her no man loves; but perforce, through the will of the deathless gods, men pay harsh Strife her honour due. But the other is the elder daughter of dark Night Nyx , and the son of Cronus who sits above and dwells in the aether, set her in the roots of the earth: and she is far kinder to men.

She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbour, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbour vies with his neighbour as he hurries after wealth. This Strife is wholesome for men. And potter is angry with potter, and craftsman with craftsman, and beggar is jealous of beggar, and minstrel of minstrel. Eris, as daughter of Nyx, has some quite interesting siblings, although the list varies depending upon the author. And again the goddess murky Nyx, though she lay with none, bare Momos Blame and painful Oizys Misery , and the Hesperides The moon of the body Eris has been named after the one listed in bold in the following paragraph from Hesiod: "But abhorred Eris Strife bare painful Ponos Toil , and Lethe Forgetfulness , and Limos Starvation , and the Algea Pains , full of weeping, the Hysminai Fightings and the Makhai Battles , the Phonoi Murders and the Androktasiai Man-slaughters , the Neikea Quarrels , the Pseudo-Logoi Lies , the Amphilogiai Disputes , and Dysnomia Lawlessness and Ate Ruin , who share one another's natures, and Horkos Oath who does more damage than any other to earthly men, when anyone, of his knowledge, swears to a false oath.

Eris was not invited to the wedding. Would you invite Strife to your wedding? When she found out that she had been snubbed, but Hera Juno , Athena Pallas , and Aphrodite Venus had been sent invitations by Chiron, in fact , but she had not been invited, she was enraged, and sought revenge. She decided to go to the wedding anyway. Colluthus wrote: "And now she bethought her of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Thence Eris took the fruit that should be the harbinger of war, even the apple, and devised the scheme of signal woes. Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses.

Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Kypris [Aphrodite], as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes Loves. But Hera would not give it up and Athena would not yield. In this way, he sought to resolve the argument. Some say that Zeus knew what would happen, and planned the whole thing.

When Paris was told of his honor by Hermes, each of the goddesses tried to sway his decision by offering him a gift. Bribing the judge? Hera said if she were chosen fairest of all women, she would make him king of all men; Athena promised him victory in war; and Aphrodite promised him Helene in marriage. Paris chose Aphrodite, for Helene was one of the most beautiful, desirable of all women. There are many, many stories of Eris accompanying her brother Ares onto the battlefield. She is often described as having an insatiable desire for bloodshed. Even after all the other gods had withdrawn from battle, she remained, rejoicing over the slaughter.

But she was also mentioned as responsible for other 'battles. Aesop retold one of the Eris stories which may indeed show us one aspect of Eris' meaning to us: "Herakles was making his way through a narrow pass. He saw something that looked like an apple lying on the ground and he tried to smash it with his club. After having been struck by the club, the thing swelled up to twice its size. Herakles struck it again with his club, even harder than before, and the thing then expanded to such a size that it blocked Herakles's way.

Herakles let go of his club and stood there, amazed. Athena saw him and said, 'O Herakles, don't be so surprised! This thing that has brought about your confusion is Aporia Contentiousness and Eris Strife. If you just leave it alone, it stays small; but if you decide to fight it, then it swells from its small size and grows large. But the other is only Healthy Competition.

Eris ~ 10th Planet?

Could Eris, therefore, be associated with Libra? Well, sort of. Anyway, the members of this faith call themselves Discordians. Two of the symbols they have used to represent the Hand of Eris are shown at the top of this page as possible symbols for the planet Eris. What is the Discordian view of Eris?

For that, I'd like to quote from their 'bible', the Principia Discordia : " It was not until they traced the Greek writing on the apple that they discovered the ancient Goddess known to the Greeks as Eris and to the Romans as Discordia. This was on the fifth night, and when they slept that night each had a vivid dream of a splendid woman whose eyes were as soft as feather and as deep as eternity itself, and whose body was the spectacular dance of atoms and universes.

Pyrotechnics of pure energy formed her flowing hair, and rainbows manifested and dissolved as she spoke in a warm and gentle voice: "I have come to tell you that you are free. Many ages ago, My consciousness left man, that he might develop himself. I return to find this development approaching completion, but hindered by fear and by misunderstanding. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy.

I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free. It was at its furthest point from the Sun aphelion on March 16, , at 13 Aries Six days earlier, rings were discovered around the planet Uranus, shaking up our reality, letting us know Saturn wasn't the only ringed planet. And later in the year, November 1, Chiron was discovered, right between Saturn and Uranus.

Going back in time, it was closest to the Sun perihelion on July 7, , at 8 Libra A planet's perihelion is, in many ways, the beginning of its orbital cycle. What shift took place int he world at the end of the 17th Century, as we entered into the 18th Century? Why have some called the 's "The Age of Reason and Change"?

Could this be related to the perihelion in Libra, sign of the scales of balance, fairness, law and justice?

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Obviously, it is way too soon to list meanings for this planet, but it is not too soon to begin studying it astrologically. Traditionally astrologers have assigned colors to the planets that seemed to most fit their nature. Mars, planet of passion, for example, was associated with the fiery color red. So I started wondering if there was a color associated with Eris. What color do you associate with discord? Maybe instead she rules situations where colors are disturbing, discordant Discordant colours are those that are almost opposite each other on a colour wheel.

Complementary colors on the color wheel are opposite each other, such as Yellow and Purple. But discordant colors are almost, but not quite, opposites. They are like two zodiac signs that are quincunx. For example, Yellow and Maroon the color between Red and Purple would be discordant. Just like you can't ignore a quincunx, as it is always pushing you to make adjustments, you can't ignore discordant colors. They are very good at getting your attention and often there is a visceral reaction. Astrologer John Halloran posted the following reprinted with his permission on alt.

Hegel saw the dialectic between thesis and antithesis as a constructive process that leads to a higher synthesis. There is a discussion of Hegel's ideas excerpted at: What is the Hegelian Dialectic Thoughts from this page: "Dialectic is defined by Hegel as the power or energy or force of negativity. Every determination is both a result and a new beginning, concrete and abstract, for it occurs within a process of the becoming of a thing or of knowledge , and hence is concrete relative to the origin of the process but abstract relative to the telos of the whole process.

A thing becomes more and more fully developed through this successive dialectic of self-reconstruction. It shakes up the status quo and says that a more complete perspective is necessary. Through the use of it Socrates would lead his adversary to make clear his position on the subject, then, often with the introduction of an absolutely contrary theory, the discussion would end with an admission, on the other side, of an inaccuracy. It was employed to set one theory in opposition with another, and thus to develop a subject in a comprehensive manner.

First an idea a Thesis was thrown up against another theory an Antithesis ; from this, it was thought, one would advance to a third stage, and the truth would emerge. Often, - though not necessarily - there would come about a combination of both the ideas a synthesis. From this process, it is thought, one would arrive at the truth of a proposition; this is not to be confused with a negotiation process whereby, usually, a compromise is wrought out.

Henry Alphern wrote in An Outline History of Philosophy : "We must analyze everything into what it now is, then analysis will show that it contains its opposite, which in turn will have to be harmonized into something that includes them both. But the resultant synthesis will itself be subject again to a negative element, this then, will be resolved into a still more comprehensive synthesis, which will be subjected once more to the principle of contradiction.

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The final solution, the ultimate harmony, the last synthesis, the step when it will no longer be necessary to go higher, will constitute the Absolute. The Universe as a whole harmonizes all contradictions, it is the perfect whole, it is the synthesis which we are seeking as our final solution. It, therefore, constitutes the true, the rational, the goal of the dialectic method. The conclusion is that only the whole of reality is rational, because that furnishes a complete view of all things; it is the Absolute, the World, Reason, God. One of them, the daugher of Nyx Night stirred up healthy competiton.

Think about the last good, stirring debate you watched. A discussion involving opposing viewpoints, first one side, then the other, at times perhaps getting quite heated. Didn't you come away mentally stimulated, perhaps with your own thoughts galvanized? Competition comes from the Latin word competere , which means: to strive together, to coincide.

The very basis of healthy competition is not to create enmity, but to strive together to come up with something better than existed previously. In a healthy competition, everyone benefits, no matter whoo wins. President William McKinley was an indefatigable campaigner. He helped rebuild the Republican Party in by rejecting divisive ethnic issues and promoting pluralism--whereby every group in the nation would prosper and none would be singled out for attack.

He once wrote: "Without competition we would be clinging to the clumsy antiquated processes of farming and manufacture and the methods of business of long ago, and the twentieth would be no further advanced than the eighteenth century. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey had a mind that quickly grasped complicated issues. He was instrumental in merging two opposing political parties the Democratic and the Farmer-Labor party , and with their combined backing he was elected Mayor of Minneapolis. He gained a national reputation by his strong stand for civil rights.

In fact, in one of the most renowned speeches in American political history, Humphrey told the Democratic National Convention: "To those who say, my friends, to those who say, that we are rushing this issue of civil rights, I say to them we are years too late! To those who say, this civil rights program is an infringement on states' rights, I say this: the time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights!

But not without causing strife! As a result of the Convention's vote, the Mississippi and one half of the Alabama delegation walked out of the hall. Many Southern Democrats were so enraged that they formed the "Dixiecrat" party and nominated their own presidential candidate. He once wrote: "Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.

Perhaps that is why some people experience significant events, several years in a row, on a specific date? Research in history should reflect an interesting transition from Less than a week after that, Adolf Hitler was sentenced to five years in jail for his participation in the Beer Hall Putsch. Scopes in what was to become one of the most famous trials in history. We can use this data to study this new body in several different ways: Birthcharts. Do you know anyone born on or near any of these dates? Personal Events. Have you had anything happen to you around these dates?

Historical Events. Have there been any patterns in world events for these dates? But I couldn't find one during the whole 20th Century, or even the 19th. Since , these two bodies have only had one conjuction, on December 16, at 18 Sagittarius I've disovered that a remarkable artist was born while these two bodies were only about a degree apart, and invite you to read look at the chart of William Blake. Due to the the extreme eccentricities of these two planets, other aspects between them are rare as well. The only times the two planets were in exact opposition between and the present were in the 20th Century.

The first position in the list is that of Pluto, the second, Eris : Nov 20, - 13 Lib 17 to 13 Ari 17 Mar 7, - 13 Lib 31 to 13 Ari 31 Oct 4, - 13 Lib 58 to 13 Ari 58 May 10, - 14 Lib 26 to 14 Ari 26 Aug 15, - 14 Lib 38 to 14 Ari 38 Three major discoveries in astronomy were made during this period which forever changed our picture of the solar system. Up until that time, Saturn was the only planet thought to have rings. Nov 1, , Chiron was discovered. Nothing of note was thought to be in that part of the system, and it opened up a whole new category of bodies called Centaurs.

July 2, , Pluto was discovered to have a moon, which was named Charon. This discovery led to the conclusion that Pluto was much smaller than previously supposed. Here are all the conjunctions of Eris to the major planets plus Chiron. Note: there were no Neptune or Pluto conjunctions during this period. If Eris does have a major astrological influence, one would expect some very intense news stories at this time: On March 2, , the men of Company C, 4th Batalion, 9th Infantry "Manchus" walked into what was to become one of the worst single encounter loss of life incidents in the history of the Vietnam war.

Their loss occurred during an ambush by a large communist force near the small village of Quoi Xuan. This was a massacre by U. It prompted widespread outrage around the world and reduced public support for the war in the United States. Perhaps April 4 is too far to be considered part of this conjunction, but James Earl Ray's shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King may tie in to this aspect. James began plotting his crime some time before, including making arrangements in advance to rent a room where he would get a good shot at Dr.

The Polish political crisis reached a head in March, and involved a state-organized anti-Semitic campaign in the People's Republic of Poland, under pretense of anti-Zionism, that drove out most of Poland's remaining Jewish population. Recently taking over the reigns of power in Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek set out to reform all aspects of life in the country. The government platform criticized the policies of the past, proclaimed the legitimacy of basic human rights and liberties in Czechoslovakia, and objected to the persecution of people for their political convictions.

This led to the people seeking more and more reforms, more freedoms, and came to be known as the "Prague Spring. When they could not stop what was occurring, they eventually invaded Czechoslovakia to reassert control. Seen back to back, his film roles show off an extraordinary range, and an exceptional grasp of rawness and complication. So whatever Eris represents, it should have been very represented in events around this time period, as well as in the lives of people born during this conjunction. Some interesting people were born on or near this date. Here are the people I have found so far born at this time.

January 23, Jeanne Moreau. Quotes: "I am open to what is irrational. I open doors to intuition, because rationality is really death. English zoologist, ethologist, Surrealist painter, author of many books but the most controversial is probably "The Naked Ape" n unabashed look at the human species. The book is notable for its focus on humanity's animal-like qualities and our similarity with apes. Official website: www. The exception is a naked ape self-named Homo sapiens. We are never satisfied that we know enough to get by. Every question we answer leads on to another question. This has become the greatest survival trick of our species.

He served under Mikhail Gorbachev as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union from to and was the President of Georgia from until 23 November , when he resigned in the midst of mounting criticism following disputed parliamentary elections. His political career was filled with contradictions. He was a product of the Soviet system, but played a central role in dismantling that system.

He built his reputation on fighting political corruption, but came to be seen as using corrupt methods to shore up his own position. He achieved worldwide renown as possibly the most liberal foreign minister in the history of the Soviet Union, but was never nearly as popular in his own country.

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  2. 6 Types of Teachers: Recruiting, Retaining, and Mentoring the Best.

He succeeded in maintaining Georgia's territorial integrity in the face of strong separatist pressures, but was unable to restore his government's authority in large areas of the country. He helped to establish a viable civil society in Georgia, but resorted to rigging elections to maintain his powerbase. Quotes: "You know, to address crowds and make promises does not require very much brains. We looked for and found friends all throughout the world. Perhaps most widely known for playing Catwoman in the old Batman TV show. She was born in the cotton fields of South Carolina, the daughter of a white dirt farmer and a black Cherokee mother.

Given away by her mother, she arrived in Harlem at age nine, and at 15 she quit high school to work in a Brooklyn factory. As a teenager, Kitt lived in friends' homes and in the subways. By the s, however, she had sung and danced her way out of poverty and into the spotlight. Orson Welles called her "the most exciting girl in the world". She was virtually exiled from the United States after making anti-war statements during a White House luncheon in The statements were so negative that Lady Bird Johnson began to weep uncontrollably.

Quotes: The White House, "I am a mother and I know the feeling of having a baby come out of my gut. I have a baby and then you send him off to war. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot. The tombstone will be my diploma. He tantalized audiences of the s and 60s with some of the raciest films of the time. An auteur with an eye for sensuality, Vadim pushed the bounds of eroticism and used his movies to showcase some of the era's most striking starlets.

In his own life, he was known for seducing, marrying or simply establishing the careers of his gorgeous leading ladies. For this reason I'm not a good libertine. He was not only a politician and graduate of law school, but also engaged in farming, real estate, insurance, and the residential construction business. Philip Jose Farmer. American science fiction novelist, is noteworthy for his Riverworld saga in which dead notables like Mark Twain and British explorer Sir Robert Burton all pop back into existence in a strange land laid out along seemingly endless river , and his copious infusions of sexuality into a previously chaste genre.

Farmer has authored roughly seventy-five books. Phillip Jose Farmer is also noted for his fascination with trickster characters and his penchant for sly literary references and allusions. He has been described by some as the most anarchist of science fiction writers. Quotes: "Human beings are part of nature. Anything they do is natural. It's impossible for anything in nature to do anything unnatural.

French composer, musician, music teacher and prodigy began composing at age 9. For example, Desmond Morris is, among other things, a noted Surrealist Painter, while Philip Jose Farmer creates a fictional world filled with real life historical figures, but in a very surreal setting, and Jeanne Moreau is a very big fan of 'irrationality'.

Another example And there are many other new tools in the astrology toolbox, as well. Here is a taste of the major new bodies out past Pluto. She has an orbit of On September 17, ,it was officially classified as a dwarf planet according to this IAU press release , and named Haumea after the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth.

Fragrances I wear with brief descriptions...

Michael Brown has a blog about Haumea's discovery and naming: Haumea blog Interestingly, it had at first been given the nickname "Santa" because it was discovered just after Christmas. Her orbit is years, which is only a little more than that of Pluto, her eccentricity is 0. It's discovery position is 12 Libra She has two moons, named after two of Haumea's daughters, Hi'iaka and Namaka. Mythology According to most accounts, she mated with the god Kane Milohai and gave birth to many children, including Hawaii's most famous goddess, the fire goddess Pele.

Disclosure & Discovery: Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea

Thus, she is often referred to as the mother of the Hawaiian people as well as the Great Earth Mother, and was the patron goddess of that island. Here is a page dedicated to the Hawaiin goddess: Haumea the Earth Mother. In one Hawaiian myth, Haumea's children were born by springing forth from various parts of the body of their mother. Hi'iaka sprang from Haumea's mouth. Namaka came from her mother's thigh. In one myth, Haumea eventually transformed into a breadfruit tree, and so the people saw this tree as sacred.

Obviously, we need to do a lot of research before we can answer that, but a good place to start might be its conjunctions with major planets. On June 18, , Haumea was exactly conjunct Neptune at 3 Cancer How did this aspect manifest in the lives of these totally unrelated individuals all born around that date: Jeanette MacDonald, Lou Gehrig, Al Hirschfield and John Dillinger.

It was at that time that transiting Haumea made an exact conjunction to the US Chiron 20 Aries 08, which falls in the US fourth house in the Sibley chart. On 18 August , the US passed the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. I know that the USS Nautilus was comissioned. This submarine was the first atomic powered vessel. What do these individuals have in common, born near these dates? On September 25, , Uranus and Haumea met at 2 Virgo A border conflict between India and China broke out which led to the Sino-Indian War, and civil war broke out in Yemen. The Environmentalist Movement arose in great part because of the book Rachel Carson published at this time, "Silent Spring".

Oh, and the Beatles released their first single, "Love Me Do". I had an interesting set of personal experiences during the five times Haumea passed back and forth over my seventh house Saturn and squared my 4th house Sun. At the first conjunction, my car broke down while I was driving and I had to leave it parked on a street until I could come back to have someone work on it Near the fourth passage, I had my first car accident, and while I was fine, the car was a total loss.

And at the final conjunction of Haumea to my Saturn, I was in my car at a red light when a car hit my light from behind damaging the back end, but when I got out of the car to talk to the driver, they drove off and disappeared. It was discovered on March 31, by a team led by Michael Brown. In July , according to this IAU press release it was officially classified as a Plutoid, which is a sub class of Dwarf Planets which have orits beyond Neptune, joining Pluto and Eris.

This moon is about miles wide, and is about 13, miles away from Makemake. Prior to its official naming, it had been lovingly nicknamed "Easterbunny", since it was found right before Easter. In officially naming it Makemake, the astronomers were kind of paying homage to the earlier nickname, because Makemake was the creator of humanity in the myths of the native people of Easter Island. The eccentricity is 0. It's discovery position is 20 Virgo 16 R Mythology Makemake was the creator of humanity and the god of fertility in the mythology of the South Pacific island of Rapa Nui also known as Easter Island.

He was also the chief god of the bird-man cult, and was worshipped in the form of sea birds. Petroglyphs of Makemake, which look like a man with a bird's head, can be found on Rapa Nui. As part of this tradition, an important rite of passage consisted of having young men coming of age fetch an egg from bird nests on tall and sharp cliffs; they had to swim back and forth through shark infested waters and carry back the egg in their mouth and deliver it unbroken to their patron.

The first to succeed in this mission would be recognized as man of valor and worthy leader for the year. It is of course too early to define Makemake's astrological meanings, but a good place to start would be studying major aspects it has made. On July 1, , Makemake was exactly conjunct Uranus at 26 Cancer 46, so events near that date should be colored by this aspect, and it should have some influence over people born around this time. How does it manifest in the lives of actress Isabelle Adjani, Novelist Lisa Scottoline, or actor Jimmy Smits, all born close to this date? And does Disneyland in any way reflect Makemake conjunct Uranus, since it officially opened very close to this aspect?

Personally I don't have any major aspects to Makemake, but I definitely can trace events in my life to transits it was involved in. During the years , Makemake passed over my natal Venus five times. The first time was when I met and fell head over heels for the girl who became my first love; the second passage, we became intimate together for the first time; I am not certain about the third passage, but the fourth passage saw her breaking up with me, which sent me into serious depression. A few weeks after the breakup, I met a young lady who I connected with.

The fifth Makemake conjunction to my Venus, we arranged to set up a psychic experiment for the next few months: we set aside a time once a week were she would send mental images to me, and I would send mine to her, and we were both amazed at how vividly accurate the impressions I received from her were. For a few years I had been writing an occasional article that was published in the local newspaper. When Chiron passed over my 5th house Makemake, one of the articles I had written was picked up by the Gannette News Service and published in newspapers all over the USA.

The article was definitely 5th house, as I wrote about a major effort on the part of the fans of a particular TV show to stop said show from being cancelled by the network. In Jun , Jupiter passed over my Makemake, and a biopsy of my prostate determined that there was cancerous tissue. I had the prostrate removed, but I would say that having the biopsy done was a blessing which probably ended up saving my life. It IS prominent in the charts of several significant people in my life. My father had Makemake 2 Gem 29 in close conjunction to his Descendant 2 Gem 03 , square his 3rd house Venus 4 Pis Brown, Henry G.

Roe and Kristina M. While in general her orbit is slightly farther out then Pluto's, Pluto does get further at aphelion, and closer at perihelion. Salcia's aphelion is The orbital inclination is She takes Salacia has a moon, Actaea. Mythology The Greek god Neptune fell totally in love with Salacia, and wanted to marry her, but she was so overwhelmed by his presence initially that she swam away when he approached. The god of the sea was too smitten to let her go, and sent the dolphin Delphinus after her to try and get her to change her mind, come back, and marry him.

Delphinus must have been very persuasive, for she agreed, and became Neptune's wife. Neptune, so greatful to Delphinus, awarded him by putting him in the heavens as a constellation. They had three children, one named Actaea. It may be totally coincidental, but Salacia was discovered in the sign of Pisces, and Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune.

She was described as goddess of the sea, goddess of salt water, and is usually pictured as a lovely nymph, a crown made of seaweed upon her hair. Sometimes alone, sometimes alongside Neptune, she is often pictured driving a chariot drawn by sea creatures such as dolphins or sea horses.

In addition to the oceans, you may also find it written that she was goddess of mineral springs. Plant Species The name Salacia has been given to a species of plants, at least two of which are used in herbal medicine and which are being studied by medical researchers: Salacia, or Saptrangi Salacia oblonga : Bark contains two potent a-Glucosidase inhibitors, Salicinol and Kotalanol, which shows promise in helping diabetes.

True to its name, the dwarf planet Eris has stirred up a great deal of trouble among the international astronomical community, most recently last month when the question of its proper designation led to a raucous meeting of the IAU in Prague. At the end of the conference, IAU members voted to demote Pluto to dwarf-planet status, leaving the solar system with eight planets.

However, the ruling effectively settled the year-long controversy about whether Eris would rise to planetary status. Somewhat larger than Pluto, the body was formally announced to the world on July 29, A Kuiper-belt object like Pluto, but slightly less reddish-yellow, Eris is currently visible in the constellation Cetus to anyone with a top-quality amateur telescope. Eris is now about 97 astronomical units from the sun an astronomical unit is the distance between the sun and Earth , which means that it is some nine billion miles away at present. On a highly elliptical year orbit, Eris sweeps in as close to the sun as 38 astronomical units.

At present, however, it is nearly as far away as it ever gets. It led to freedom of all black slaves in USA. John Brown caused a lot of trouble for the south with his violence in behalf of slaves. Southerners saw him as a terrorist,but slaves and northerners viewed him as a hero. Jesus was seen as a trouble maker by Jewish religious leaders and Romans,and he was seen as savior by many others. I do believe that Eris has to do with terrorism and controversy which both can be chaotic and disordered.

So lets get off the Xena crap It was never meant to be. It was just a codename and not its proposed name. Hail Eris! Raymond Post by Ian Gregory Post by West Eris is the major dwarf planet in astrology as delineated in love and war, sex, business, real estate, for women, in spiritual life, for kids, for pets and even for the old school of astrologers.

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