Kids Lacrosse Solutions: Diagnosing and Solving Problems for Elementary School Boys’ Lacrosse

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She wants to attend law school. The center is a child advocacy center dedicated to reducing the trauma and aftermath of abuse for children and their families. As mentioned, these blankets are given to children who have been sexually or physically abused or who experienced neglect. Fortunately, I was given the privilege to work with Lea prior to this school year in my capacity as the junior class adviser. She continually accomplished her many academic tasks while remaining an extraordinarily active student in our school and citizen in our community. Very genuinely, Lea is truly one of the most genuine, sincere, mature and humble young women that I have ever had the privilege to teach.


Activities: Captain of the volleyball, softball and basketball teams, president of her class, secretary of the National Honor Society, vice president of Student Council, Special Olympics buddy, middle school basketball camp counselor, bocce ball assistant, Conservation Club, homecoming queen. Lea hopes to attend medical school. May 1, The trials and tribulations, the laughter and losses, the monumental and mundane experienced by everyone create over 7 billion unfinished novels, each one too lengthy for one person to read through. But books are flammable. But I consider it my greatest project in life to listen to others and give opportunities for stories to be shared.

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Jesse rises to every challenge I offer and does so with creativity and positive spirit. He leads with a quiet confidence in his actions and his words; he is destined for leadership. His peers turn to him for guidance, support, and insight. In his words: Peng performed an experiment for students at Melrose school. Going through education in an impoverished city is no easy feat: the students suffer from gun violence, drug use and broken families. School is not a priority when you have to the help pay the bills. He has repeatedly contributed positively to the overall development and success of the many programs and events that he has been involved with: i.

Plans: He will attend Harvard College to major in biochemistry and may pursue medical school. April 11, Close family members, friends, and teachers have all been greatly impacted by cancer and other neurodegenerative disorders, and the negative effects ripple out to the surrounding community. Her first science fair project examined the removal of pollutants such as metal ions from aqueous solutions using botanical materials. Even as a first-year high school student, she designed most of the project herself and only needed help with some of the calculations and running the atomic absorption spectrometer.

She very competently prepared both her samples and her calibration curve and analyzed it herself. In my lab, she has interacted with college students and demonstrated an early maturity. She is a truly exceptional student.

Mentor: Rebecca Connor, associate professor of chemistry, Dickinson College. Plans: She will attend Haverford College, potentially majoring in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration. Best and Brightest James Mullins Jr. Such nuanced communication requires delivery that can only be achieved by those that understand not just music, but other people. The shared experiences are often indescribable, are inherently empathetic in nature.

Ensembles must first be in touch with one another, requiring trust and communication before all else.

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In truly valuing groups from kazoo choir to symphony orchestra, I place chief importance on the creation of true music: wordless, poignant communication. These principles I hope to model for my fellow students. However, people only follow the examples of trusted individuals; this trust is perhaps what I value most. Trust from my band director, who designates me interim conductor in his absence. Trust from elementary and middle school directors, who invite me to mentor and play alongside their students.

Most importantly, trust from my fellow ensemble members, who approach me with their burdens that range from bullying to cancer diagnoses. I am most proud of this trust from the community of musicians in my district, for I feel it truly validates me as a good musician, a good person. James Mullins Jr. He is a fine student of great intellect and he is a fine young man.

His hard work, dedication and positive attitude toward all of his pursuits are most impressive. Those attributes coupled with his wonderful sense of humor make him an extremely well-rounded young man. One of the greatest delights of my job is working with students like James. His scores in my classroom were always at the top of the class. I love his ability to analyze and interpret historical information and I love his inquisitive nature in the academic setting.

James cares greatly and thinks deeply about the world around him. April 23, I have a dream that boys and girls will stand side by side as equals, not realizing that things had not always been that way. Founding this group allows me to make an impact on other girls, inspiring them to follow the previously unavailable path to Eagle Scout rank.

She has laid a foundation for our fledgling unit that makes my Scoutmaster role as simple as pie.

Tower Issue #6 by Tower - Issuu

Meticulous in research and organizational skills, Lauren employs teaching techniques of efficiency and context to our Scouts, and the delivery of these methods is professional and comparable to a learned educator. She and her sister developed a time-sensitive schedule whereby Scouts could perform their skills through all seven BSA ranks rapidly.

Even with such aggressive plans, Lauren will be finishing up her Star, Life and Eagle tenure at college, a very daunting task considering her pre-medical career pursuits. I expect Lauren will be one of the first females to become an Eagle Scout. Plans: Lauren will attend the University of Pittsburgh majoring in neuroscience with a minor in applied statistics on the premedicine track. Thankfully, the Boy Scouts of America recently announced a new policy change allowing girls to join the organization. I have been involved in Scouting for as long as I can remember, but I never felt like I was really a part of the program.

I became president of my crew and advocated for equal opportunity in Scouting. Often my voice fell on deaf ears or received only trite and dismissive replies. Finally, we saw change in After years of inequality, girls will be seen as Scouts in more than just their own eyes. Grateful to finally see the day when girls can partake in all age levels of BSA, Lyndsey insists on mentoring the next generation of Scouts.

Plans: She will attend Gettysburg College to major in psychology. April 16, Although this has forced me to make my fair share of sacrifices, I am proud to practice my faith in the future despite complications that I have faced today.

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She excels both academically and in many extracurricular activities. She is highly motivated to learn and strives for the best no matter what the assignment or activity, asking thought-provoking questions as well as providing insightful answers. She consistently participates in classroom discussions and always expresses her ideas in an intellectual manner. Plans: She will attend Penn State University to major in biology and premedicine. I had always seen the importance of service to others, but I considered myself a follower, not a leader. After all, I was too shy — who would ever want to follow me?

But following a life-changing week in Chicago, my confidence grew exponentially, and I finally felt that through my actions, I could change not just my community, but the world. That I am not just a leader of tomorrow, I am a leader of today. With this newly gained assurance of my capabilities, I decided to start on a local level — I started a tutoring program at my local elementary school, where I work with struggling students.

I helped teach English to a recent immigrant from Africa. Like me, the little boy was shy and hesitant to talk. Nowadays, I look at him playing soccer with his classmates, making jokes, and even courting his crush. When those changes began to reach the students in very personal ways, Mr. Po took command, authoring letters and petitions, and with great courage, dignity and sacrifice pushed for positive changes to be made, for justice to be pursued, and equity to be achieved for all parties involved.

Vikram Akwei

Indeed, it is largely because of him and those who followed his inspiring lead that those changes were eventually made. Activities: Founded a tutoring program at St. When questions about my skin came up, I did not have any answers and neither did my pediatrician. The condition made me more noticeable — attracting attention I did not want. People stared, questioned, and whispered, making me uncomfortable in the new skin I was in. Though it seemed unbearable, instead of being upset about my diagnosis, I chose to embrace my appearance and admire the beauty of my skin.

She is refreshingly honest and genuine. She stands by her convictions, even if it means going against the crowd. In the classroom, Alexis is a highly motivated, hardworking student. Outside of the classroom, Alexis has pursued every opportunity available to learn more about the human body. In all my years of teaching, I have never had a student like Alexis.

Her level of responsibility and competence in the lab far exceeds her peers. Honors: Pulse Star , Lisa M. On one side of me stands my grandmother and on the other side, my aunt. Below our feet rests the culmination of over 50 hours of work, graciously donated materials, and numerous Girl Scout memories.

Dear Therapist: I’m So Upset by My Kids’ Middle-School Drama

It is a bridge, 12 feet long, collapsible to fit in the back of an SUV, and handicap accessible, built for Girl Scout bridging ceremonies. The floorboards of the bridge are hand painted by Scouts of every age with their favorite memories of Scouts. When a girl bridges from a junior to a cadet they have the opportunity to sign their name on one of the floorboards.

This project allowed me to earn my Girl Scout Silver Award, recognition for a service project and the second highest award a Girl Scout can receive. They both play sports, participate in other activities, and have some mutual friends. Another example is during sports. Both of my boys are on the same lacrosse team. It bothers my boys—one much more than the other—but it bothers me so much that I find myself angrier at Peter than I should be. Why am I getting so emotionally charged lately, when I know I should just be there for my kids and let them work this out?

But a big shift occurs in middle school. Their growing independence is on display, and that can leave parents with a mixture of pride and grief. How do some parents deal with the grief that accompanies the process of letting go? They hold on tighter. For some, that might manifest when preventing their kids from being age-appropriately independent—say, not allowing them to go to the mall or movies without an adult.

In others, it might be an attempt to dictate their decisions, as if they were still young and incapable of making these choices on their own. And if those memories include being mistreated, excluded, or belittled, we may have intense emotional reactions when we perceive this happening to our own kids.

They still need your guidance and support, and doing so effectively might quell some of your anger.