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Why Is South Korea Known As The Land Of Morning Calm?

Left portion in blue and right portion in red. Aerial view of East Asia. Computer-generated hills being separated by a white line revealing red hills on one side and blue hills on the other side. Picture of two army trucks and a bridge.

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Red and blue shades. Zoom out from the hills to show Korea from high above. North of the 38 th parallel is red and south of the 38 th parallel is blue. Zoom out on the map of Korea with the words 'North Korea' and 'South Korea' on either sides of the 38 th parallel.

Political leader and crowd with flags popping on screen with Korea map in the background, focussing on South Korea. Political leader in front of a microphone and a crowd popping on screen with focus on the map shifting to North Korea. To unify both Koreas on its own terms, and to expand the communist presence across Asia, the North attacks the South at 4 a.

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The war was hard and fighting continued for almost three years. South Koreans were able to keep their own culture and their freedoms. North Korea chose a different type of government called a dictatorship.

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North and South Koreas remain divided to this day. The people who lived in Korea throughout the war suffered many hardships. With war raging across their country, no place was safe. Some families actually had to leave their homes when armies came near. Houses, personal belongings, schools and hospitals were damaged.

Farms and crops such as rice paddies which were an important part of their economy were trampled on and animals were stolen. Sadly, some Korean people were wounded and some of them died. Some families were split up and not allowed to see one another.

Philippe Saisse / Land of the Morning Calm

In Calgary, K. Life was difficult for Canadian soldiers as well. They lived outdoors much of the time and the weather was severe. In the summer, they experienced very hot temperatures and sometimes torrential rainfalls called monsoons. They spent nights in trenches filled with water and boots covered in mud. In the winter they had extremely cold temperatures, much like a Canadian winter. Some soldiers suffered from frostbite. Soldiers also had to deal with the difficult Korean mountainous terrain.

Land of the Morning Calm and the Fragility of Peace

It was hard to carry their equipment up and down those mountains. And they had a lot of equipment! A Canadian infantryman carried rounds of ammunition that would be like carrying around a very heavy shoe box! They had heavy packs!

The Land of the Morning Calm in the UNESCO Courier

Many soldiers had families back at home that were anxiously waiting for their return. After three years of fighting, many soldiers did return home to their loved ones in Canada. Unfortunately, Canadians died in service during the Korean War and, sadly, never saw their families again.