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Hand in Hand Soap and My Neighbor's Children celebrated with over 2, children in Haiti as we marked the distribution of over 1 million bars of soap to the children of Haiti through October of last year. As part of the celebration, children were given a new bar of soap, colored markers, and a delicious meal. The festivities included some singing by several children, poetry from memory, and a couple of peeches by some very gifted kids!

A special thank you for our hosts at Grace International Orphanage and school and to the 20 cooks who stayed up all night to cook the food to have it ready! Hand in Hand continues to make a difference in the lives of these very special children. Thank you Hand in Hand for caring!!!!! It is hard to tell who is happier, the kids or the team members! This team will return again this spring to do some very important work at a couple of facilities as a part of continuing to improve the quality of care these awesome kids get. We are built around three objectives: provide basic living needs, provide a basic education, and provide basic medical care for the children we serve and care for.

This joint effort between Florida Hospital , My Neighbor's Children , and the Haiti Adventiste Hospital in Carrefour will provide coverage at no cost to the chidren or the facility where they live. Costs for care will be billed and presented for payment to Florida Hospital Global Mission Initiatives. This will allow a tightly budgeted hospital in Haiti to provide quality of care without having to bear the expense.

Chennai woman finds abandoned newborn in stormwater drain, acts swiftly | The News Minute

Operation Sunshine from My Neighborschildren on Vimeo. This very poor community came out in large numbers and expressed tremendous gratitude to know that they are cared about. Sandra said, "It was so good to show God's love from our hearts to theirs". Thank you Sandra and Roland for your compassion and leadership! Packing 20, meals to help hungry children go to bed with a full stomach. MNC is so grateful for our amazing partners at Shepard in Orlando and around the country!!!! School holidays are great for children, but can be a logistical, expensive strain for parents.

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BABYSITTING THE NEIGHBOURS NEW BABY!! w/Little Carly and Britney (Minecraft)

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But wow Clarissa - May PM. Update on last post. Balls have continued to come over, deliberately. Last Monday was the final straw. My husband bagged it all up, inc dog poo, carefully and sealed, and we are waiting for her to come and ask for the balls! No ball games since last Monday. Getting quotes for new fence this week, it is our fence according to our deeds and Land Registry records. The other side to them have replaced a fence, which is not theirs, due to these kids making holes and throwing stones at their dog. The female next door does nothing to stop them annoying either side, she just sits smoking in the garden while on her phone!

Sammysmum - 5-May PM. Next door neighbours have been a problem since they moved in 4 years ago. The stress has caused medical issues and the smoke is thought to have caused me to have blood clots in both lungs, according to 2 senior chest physicians. They both smoke, particularly when I venture out the back door or come in the gate. He has on numerous occasions shouted to her "she's out there", and out she trots with cigarette already lit. Cannot see to my plants at all, not even at She has constantly thrown her butts into our garden, but denies it, so how is it we have had hundreds in our garden since they moved in?

She knows my routine, weekly shopping, regular appointment, which I am in the process of changing.

He has thrown glass into the garden too. Also lots of litter, paper, polystyrene broken up, toys. She has been verbally abusive on several occasions, tells me I am old, not long to live and why don't I go now! She has also threatened to hit me but was pregnant at the time. She does not get on with many people around here, only 2 fellow obnoxious ones. Several other people have had workmen, not been verbally abused as our were. Kids climb on our fence, he stores everything against our fence further down the garden, gardens are 30 feet long x 15 feet wide, even soil which was about 2 feet high.

When the paddling pool was put up, he lodged the feet so far under our fence they came into our property! The fence is getting damaged, however if we replace it, all their stuff will have to move; doubt if they will be agreeable. Previous owners were lovely, so we replaced the fence with a 4 foot one, with hindsight it should have been as high as we could.

Had previous contact with Environmental Health, neighbours refused to go for mediation. Recently contacted Citizens Advice, who agree it is antisocial behaviour, to call council or police. We would like to move, so will need to declare this.

Dear Coleen: I slept with my neighbour's boyfriend and think baby may be his

She has told us to move as we don't fit in here as we are old! Lots are older, apparently none of them should be here either! Sorry about length, but my stress levels have rocketed recently. Sammysmum - Apr AM. I moved in to a new home 4 years ago in los angeles. We were never told when we bought the house that the neighbor had an autistic adult that would scream his lungs out to the point it would make you jump when your sleeping. You can call it a rude awakening because of the decibels he screams at is alarming.

My wife and i both have very high stress level jobs and the last 4 years our life has been a living nightmare with these screams. So i wanna know if I can sue them because this has disrupted my peace. It is no different than having a neighbor blasting loud music at random times throughout the day and you know people will call the cops why because it is a noise violation disturbing the peace.

Now that autistic man has the right to scream and yell his lungs out I do not have right for peace?

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He has more rights than me? I guess i need help to know what to do. I have called social workers on them and they know we called but yet they still throw the autisic man in the backyard near our side so he scream and yells for hours straight. At this point I want to sue them for robbing me of my Joy in my home. I can not find peace here and for me to move is stupid. Thanks for any help. Unlucky - Mar PM. Live in ground floor flat and a large group of estate children 9 to 14 year olds constantly run around my flat screaming and shouting morning noon and night.

I have had them creep up at night and hammer on my windows. They get in the flats and run up the stairs screaming and shouting hammering on the banister rail. What do I do? Endoftether - Feb PM. We live on my in-laws farm. The farm has two houses, and a house trailer. This Summer, my husband's sister and her family with 2 boys ages 7 and 5 moved into the house trailer. The boys are over often, and my 2 year old son is often over at their house as well.

Life is good.

This past month, my family went on vacation for a week. When we can back, our storage shed's window was completely smashed. We have our kids out of season clothes stored in there as we don't have space in the house. The younger boy of 5, told me that the 7 year old couldn't get into the shed which he had no business being in so he smashed the window. The parents are aware, but have said nothing to me. But now we have to replace the window, or move all of our possessions out.

See a Problem?

It should be noted that the window had a small hole, but no rain was able to get in. Now we have a 2x3 foot gap in our shed's wall. Do I confront my sister-in-law even though she hasn't mentioned it to me? They are moving in a few weeks, but I'm so fed up with how undisciplined the boys are, that my instinct is to ask her if she did anything more than give her son a slap on the wrist. Today the boys were in our yard, and I told them they could play anywhere else on the farm, because I didn't want the other window to get broken, and the oldest son basically told me that he would just come and play while I wasn't home.

I'm venting. There's pretty much nothing I can do if I want to save the relationship. Julie - Dec PM.

Dear Urban Diplomat: how do I keep well-meaning neighbours from touching my newborn baby?

Yeah, I feel for you all. I have a neighbour with a 7 year old girl, a single mother. What she does is send her daughter downstairs to my place to watch Netflix! I have told the child that I am a grandmother with no interest in watching TV all day, however, she keeps on coming. When I go out the back the girl hangs over the balcony and says that she is going to jump, when I go out the front of the apartment the girl climbs the wall and threatens to jump too!

Meanwhile mum seems to be in bed all the time and takes no notice of her daughters well being, I am going crazy I feel like a prisoner in my own home. We are having trouble with neighbours kids. This is going on a pretty much daily basis in the summer for the last three years. Hi I've had a family move into a flat next to me and they've been an absolute nightmare.

The kids have taken over our communal washing area,scream and shout till gone 10pm of a night most days and they've stuck a trampoline virtually in the middle of the drying area. Not to mention they've chalked all over the slabs so if any of our clothes come off the line they get damaged. The parents aren't the nicest of people ive had words with them before about things but they don't listen or just tell me ah well kids have gotta play somewhere.

I don't know what to do. Wondering if anyone else thinks that this behaviour is out of order - our neighbours don't seem to so would like another point of view. House next door is rented and they are in their mid sixties. A big family with at least 15 grandkids - most if which are next door weekends, before and after school and all over holidays. If they see us and my 2 kids in the garden they scream abuse - youngest is about 3 and has an excellent grasp of the f word. Had various things thrown at us or roughly in our direction - bricks, rocks, plastic bottles full of urine. Am utterly sick of it.

Why bother having kids at all when they spend all their time at someone else's house?? Kids should be allowed to be kids - but damaging property and injuring others?

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