The Law of Nature Conservation

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The plans are made every year before the hunting season, listing the animal species that may be hunted, and the numbers of animals that may be killed. When the hunting season ends, the hunters have to show what animals have been hunted, so as to provide better insight.

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Wildlife management plans are drawn up by the provincial authorities, together with landowners, environmental and wildlife protection organisations and hunters. The aim of the Estates Conservation Act is to preserve estates.

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Landowners can get tax benefits to maintain their estates. In return, they have to open their estates to the public. Legislation protecting nature in the Netherlands Nature areas, wild animals and plants in the Netherlands are protected by the Nature Conservation Act, which took effect on 1 January Additionally, for landowners, nature conservation measures have also become a central aspect of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy.

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Nature conservation law therefore plays a major role in regulating the manner in which we both protect and manage large areas of both the countryside and, increasingly, marine waters. In the Law of Nature Conservation , Rodgers focuses principally upon English law, whilst also highlighting some of the differences of approach that have evolved under devolution in Scotland, Wales and, to a more limited extent, Northern Ireland.

As the author notes in the preface, 'most disputes about nature conservation are really disputes about access to economic or other resources', he therefore goes beyond purely legal analysis to frame the discussion within economic, policy and property right contexts.

Nature conservation

For example, the opening chapter explores how these issues influenced the evolution of nature conservation law as well as the choice of regulatory measures it deploys. The opening chapter and final chapter Chapter 8 also examine the way that differing property rights models impact upon nature conservation law.

Between these chapters, the book examines a range of topics.

These include nature conservation governance, the identification of protected areas, the menu of measures available to protect wildlife habitats inside and outside these protected areas, the protection afforded to individual plants and animals belonging to vulnerable species and recent developments in nature conservation law concerning marine conservation. In examining the governance of nature conservation the author examines the role of statutory conservation agencies, such as Natural England, as well as that of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the wide range of governmental bodies that have nature conservation functions.

He also acknowledges the role played by environmental NGO's, highlighting in particular the contribution made by the National Trust and the Wildlife Trusts.

Nature Conservation

The author's analysis also explores the obligations that governmental bodies have to promote conservation in general and sustainable development in particular. Measures in relation to protected areas are examined over two chapters. Chapter 3 examines the United Kingdom's own policy measures, whilst chapter 6 analyses the impact of European Union law.

As mentioned earlier, chapter 3 focuses primarily on England. The Nature Conservation Act further provides detailed regulations on public information and participation during the preparation of the various protection programmes.

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The decree obliges the Ministry of the Environment to organise the monitoring of native species and natural habitats, and act where necessary to ensure they gain or keep a favourable conservation status. Finland's legal concept of everyman's right gives everyone the basic right to roam freely in the countryside, without needing to obtain permission, no matter who owns or occupies the land. Public access to private land is much wider in Finland, and the other Nordic countries, than in most other coutries. Contact information Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Contact information and service points Personnel search About this website.

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