Ultimate Guide to Massive Website Traffic

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Without traffic, there is no sales. Don't depend on one traffic source. Diversity few traffic sources. Excellent set of resources to get traffic. Social media is big. I also recommend joining facebook groups in your niche and being active in those groups. Google communities are big too. Triberr is pretty good and being active there will also help bring traffic. Commenting on blogs with commentluv on it is another one but you have to comment meaningfully. I haven't see my luck in tribberr , pinterest, reddit but find find more time work on this traffic generation site..

Reddit can provide a ton of traffic but it doesn't convert too well for NicheHacks.

Ultimate Guide to Boost Massive Traffic to Your Website

On other niche sites it does better. Reddit are sucha savvy crowd though and they won't stand for you only sharing your own content. This is why I love going to this website more often. Lots of amazing stuff happening. You're really something Stuart. I'm a big fan of those 2 also Sameer.

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Love Brian and Neils blogs. Both have given me some gre3at advice since launching this blog too. Nice NicheHacks I have also started a blog for the SEO newbies. I have posted a single article for past one month. I have no time to write. Ill post new one in the coming week. This is really informative New to this and fishing around for inspiration. It would be great to see an "idiots guide" to getting started as well Great blog!! I have used social marketing to a great effect to drive traffic to my website.

How To Get Traffic From Pinterest (2019 Method!)

Websites like facebook has very high page rank. It will give us high pr juicy links. But i never tried much marketing in websites such as Scoop it. I think i will have to try it soon. Thanks for sharing. Those inner pages will likely have little or no page rank. Creating link worthy content is the simplest and most effective way to increase website search traffic.

Great point Sachin, creating link worthy content and then doing a bit of outreach is the single most effective way to get traffic. Set the date and time when your content should appear. Click Schedule to put it into the publishing queue. While Facebook provides tips on improving page performance, these can often get lost in the wash of other notifications. There are two ways to use Likealyzer. First, you can search for a page using the onscreen search box. A better option is to login with Facebook, and let Likealyzer find your page.

The beauty of Likealyzer is the simple recommendations for making your Facebook page even better. Not only will you learn how to drive traffic to your Facebook page, but how you can get more engagement on Facebook and traffic to your site from that page. So how can you find out what Facebook users like so you can use that information to tweak your own content strategy and get better content marketing ROI? Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to help with this.

The Importance Of Bringing Traffic to Your Website

To get the most from Buzzsumo, create a free account. Use the filters on the left to select types of content and time frames. By default, the results list is sorted by Total Engagements , but you can click the Facebook Engagements link to see which content is most popular on Facebook. Use this as a starting point for generating your own ideas.

1. Social media

For example, many of the content pieces on this list are about marketing skills and trends, which suggests that if you create or share similar content, it will do well on Facebook and send traffic your way. The results appear on the same page and you can sort them by likes, comments and shares, depending on which metric is most important to you.

Click on the Analysis tab to get data on the best post type for your topic, the most popular post length, and the best day and time to post. Armed with this information, you can create Facebook updates that send more traffic back to your site. And one of the best ways to grow your Facebook audience is to ask the people who are already visiting your site to like your page.

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  • Increase Website Traffic through Content Leverage!

OptinMonster can help you convert some of your website visitors into Facebook fans. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that quizzes and contests are two of the most effective tools used to raise awareness about a company. One of the simplest ways to run a Facebook contest is to ask people to like your page or comment on a post to gain entry.

This will help to build your audience, which is part of increasing traffic.

Wrapping It Up

And it helps to offer a prize that will really interest your Facebook fans. Alternatively, you can run a contest on your blog, and encourage people to share it on Facebook and like your page for entries. Many people use software like Rafflecopter to do this, as it includes a free plan. Using contests really works to boost engagement, which can send more people to your website.

PostPlanner runs one Facebook contest a month, and has seen an increase in page exposure, engagement, and leads as a result. You can also use Facebook quizzes and polls as traffic drivers. Facebook has a quizzes and polls app for pages that lets you quickly create this interactive content. However, a better option when thinking about how to get traffic from Facebook is to use an external app.

Increase Website Traffic: The Ultimate Blueprint to More Profitable Web Traffic

As Heyo explains , if you embed a quiz on your own site and encourage people to share it on Facebook, everyone who wants to complete the quiz has to come back to your site. Heyo calls this a closed loop system. One travel company, Afar , uses quizzes as part of its marketing. And the latest trend in video marketing is live video. Achieving those targets will take some time as it is not an overnight plan.

Below are the ways to boost massive traffic to your website. One thing we need to keep in mind that boosting traffic does not mean that we go with any illegal and non-genuine activities. Boosting massive traffic will only be successful when you have valuable and qualitative content to promote it. It is one of the paid methods which really give a huge boost to your website traffic. However choosing right kind of PPC Service is must because we need real users not the boots. To get free and genuine traffic, search engines are the great source. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the search engine giants from where you can get thousands of free targeted hits.

How to build a niche site

For this you need to submit your website to Google … webmaster.