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Why Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is The Ultimate White Guilt Fantasy

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Intergalactic vampire hunters.

Vampire Wars ( 1/6 )

Director: Matthew Hastings. Writer: Matthew Hastings. Space-Horror films. Movies I've seen through the years. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. The House Next Door Thriller Drama. Teen Sorcery Video Comedy Fantasy. Stars: A. Cook, Craig Olejnik, Lexa Doig.

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Mind Blown TV Movie Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Misconceptions Comedy Drama. Night Skies Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. Stars: Jason Connery, A. Cook, George Stults. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Joe Lando Churchill Dominic Zamprogna Damian Natassia Malthe Quintana Leanne Adachi Rosa Aaron Pearl Roman A. Fiona Michael DeLuise Gilles as Michael Deluise Michael Ironside Muco David Palffy His mother jumps to his rescue while spouting some abolitionist slogans about how no man can be free unless all men are free.

This scene is supposed to show us that little Lincoln was raised up by slavery-hating people, and his willingness to put his own body on the line for a black person. All of this is utter and complete crap. I'm sorry, but it is. Nothing about this scene makes any sense in the historical context of the movie itself. This is our first taste of the White Guilt Fantasy at work and the building blocks on which our understanding of Lincoln in this movie are based.

When Abraham starts in on his vampire-hunting career, the movie still takes time to drop plot cookies that illuminate how awesome and pro-abolition he is, and how this fact makes him beloved by all good people. Such as the moment when Mary Todd, his future wife, gets all interested in him after he says something vaguely anti-slavery.

Or the time when he and the black boy from the first act Will Johnson end up in jail for fisticuffs against some men who are determined to cart Will away as a slave. Given that Mary Todd came from a wealthy slave-owning family, I doubt that aspect of Abe was really what turned her head. And I highly doubt she'd have called on a politician friend to get some random black dude out of jail. I also don't think the local police would have thrown Will in jail for beating up on white men.

Vampire Hunter

That was a lynchable offense, even in the North. Even if we wave all that off, there's still the incomprehensibility of the plot with the vampires. Henry, the man who reveals to Lincoln that vampires exist, tells Abe that these creatures have been in the new world for ages. First they preyed on Native Americans, then European settlers for a bit, then hit the motherlode when the slave trade started up.

Now they have a stronghold in the Southern states, where there's an unlimited supply of food. Vampires as an allegory for Southern slavers I can buy. But vampires who buy slaves just so they can eat them? Not so much. These vampires don't seem to have any control. Once they bite you, they eat you all up forever, or turn you into one of them. Given this fact, they'd have to keep buying slaves all the time to stay fed. How is that economically viable? In one scene, we see a very large plantation where there are no slaves — except those who are dinner.

Blade May Be Earth's Only Hope

So who, exactly, is doing all the work here? And in our art department, Alexei Popovici is supplying us with one breathtaking sculpt after another. Springing from his childhood love of vampires, Vampire Hunters has been on the tabletop for more than 2 years now, with several rules iterations and s of test games. With crowd funding, gamers can turn game concepts into reality. We love your enthusiasm and your ideas.

But we need your support on Kickstarter to overcome the huge production costs for a quality miniature-based board game. You have had every confidence in us. Help us put Vampire Hunters on your tabletop in !

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By backing on Kickstarter you will get your copy before it goes to retail, with many KS Exclusives, and at a discount. We have worked hard to mitigate as many risks as possible. Many tasks are virtually complete and we have made great contacts in the industry. All game and most stretch goal miniatures have been sculpted. Map tile and token art is complete. All cards have templates and most of the card art is complete. The rules are stable.

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The Beta rulebook has been written. Translation has started. Rules, gameplay and third party videos will soon be available. You will know exactly what game you are getting. We have already contacted several manufacturers. Quality and level of service are just as important as cost in our selection procedure. We are also in contact with other game production companies and we are getting great support from inside the industry.

Of course, there are still unknowns. Production delays are our biggest fear. Our schedule has padding for unforeseen problems and we honestly believe we can stay on track. Please be aware that we will perform extensive game balancing after stretch goals have been unlocked. All art, rules and character information may change during this process.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. You'll get our heartfelt thanks, our e-mail updates, an invitation to the Pledge Manager, you can pledge for Optional Buys and take part in the comments. This pledge is for verified retailers ONLY. Retailers will be required to submit a copy of their business license. Jul 19, - Aug 18, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Vampire Hunters. A dark co-op campaign for players. Dark Gate Games.

Blade Leads The Avengers Into Vampire War

Share this project. But watch the clock: at sundown, you become the prey! Good Hunting! The answer is yes, this game would be in a bag and in the boot before you can say "I miss Buffy" — Steve Tudor at polyhedron collider. We have already approached shipping companies and have some estimates, but these are subject to change:. We will look for the same arrangement in all locations where we have a significant number of backers.

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