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Materials needed: Kreinik Fine 4 Braid in Gold, Green, Chartreuse, Lilac, Amethyst DMC embroidery floss in , , , , , , , , at least a 10" x 10" piece of count Aida cloth in creme color Instructions:. Clickhere to download the FREE instructions for this design.

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Add to cart. Ask a question about this product. Customers also bought. Cart is empty. The patterns in back are on special soft black paper with white tracings. Embroidery designs for church vestments and alter linens, with instructions, plates showing the embroidery and some tracing patterns.

Multicolor charted designs for monograms including one charted on the bias , plus all-over designs, borders, folk art flowers and geometrics, a rocking horse, marionettes, quaint folk figures, and a sweet spider. Intended for cross-stitch. Charted multicolor designs, including alphabets, monograms, all-over grounds, borders, square and diamond motifs, stylized folk art flowers, charming scenes of village life; Some designs incorporate straight stitches in addition to block units. Intended for cross-stitch, some designs can be adapted for needlepoint or Berlin woolwork.

Cross stitch patterns for art deco alphabets, fields, borders, animals and sceneries, including wonderful insects, fish and birds. Diagrams in black and white, but imply multiple colors. Stitch direction and type shown. Can be adapted for pattern darning, cross-stitch, voided work Assisi embroidery , beadwork, and other graph-reliant styles. First book of a series. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches and illustration plates of intricate abstract designs. Prose knitting instructions for lacy doilies and motifs, both in the round and square, mats, tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, and more.

Some coordinating borders. Several are small units assembled into larger items, or used as insertions with cloth pieces, Very few of these designs are available in other collections. Second book of a series. This edition is so old that there's no color print. Later editions have the same designs in red and blue.

Collection of charted designs for cross-stitch. Includes borders, nursery motifs, alphabets for monograms, names, and samplers; devitional motifs; children at play, soldiers and an airplane, and traditional folk motifs. Color possibilities suggested by grayscale. Lovely Cluny-type crochet edging for a large doily. Note that the instructions for round 12 are missing, but the illustration is clear. Bearbeit fur Textilschulen und zum Selbstunterricht von Prof. Franz Donat. Fachschule fur Textilindustrie in Wien. Exhaustive explanation of the technical side of Jacquard weaving, and how patterns are translated to the punch cards used by Jacquard looms, as well as more general explanations of weaving techniques.

Book transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library, Cross stitch charts - fanciful peacocks, florals, mythologys, ship, castle. This publication also has all of the embroidery patterns included in the Portfolio donated by Sytske Wijnsma, not included in this pdf file. Collection of freehand drawn designs for surface embroidery, some inspired by historical sources sources not cited , florals, birds, borders, motifs, all-overs.

A few carry stitch direction suggestions or other working suggestions. Suitable for whitework or multicolor embroidery.

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Exquisite lingerie laces; including an unusual grape and leaves motif in Richelieu Crochet. Pretty crocheted yokes, corset covers, boudoir caps, brassiere, doilies, buffet scarf. Crocheted yokes and caps, "Grecian", Billie Burke", filet charts, Cluny scarf edging, doilies. All of the embroidery project plates from the volumes of the periodical Magasin des Demoiselles. Freehand designs for surface embroidery, cutwork, whitework monograms, devotional designs, all-over and border designs for lingerie and shirtwaists blouses , cuffs and collars, Broderie Anglaise whitework eyelet embroidery , metal thread embroidery, tea napkins and table linens, and more.

No counted designs. Small handpainted charted design for a landscape with Dutch windmill, in shades of Delft blue. Possibly a frament of a larger leporello folded booklet , chart page is much larger than the painted motif. No publisher's credit on the piece, but the grid size used and the text "Deponirt" in a characteristic font may indicate Heinrich Kuehn is the source. Modern recharting and DMC color key are included. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, Berlin woolwork, and beading.

Charted design for an outdoor scene in shades of Delft blue, featuring Dutch people in traditional dress, and a dog-cart. A few complete alphabets. No sources named. Charted multicolor design for a small traveling bag, or purse flap. Twined interlaced border with a center motif of an antique train locomotive. Includes modern recharting and DMC color key. Design intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, and beading. Charted multicolor design for a slipper front in blue with red and white diamonds and ermine-like spots.

Created for The Englishwomans Domestic Magazine but no individual designer is credited.

Accompanied by modern recharting and DMC color key. Embroidered pelmet. The pattern is very clearly inspired by the Englishwomans Domestic Magazine pattern titled The Ranee Whatnot, but on overlaying the charts there's a clear difference in color choice, and the original pattern has been adapted to the required size. We don't have permission to show the original pattern from the only source I currently am aware of. Fair use allows to show a thumbnail only. Charted multicolor pattern with a scrolling design for a decorative swag or valence, intended for use on a "what-not" a small display etagere or shelf unit.

Pattern shown upside down. Expressly designed for the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. Printed in Strasburgh, print. Pattern in gold and green curls on a red and blue background. Original plus modern recharting, and DMC color key. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or cross stitch. Six handpainted patterns with beautiful colorful charted designs for embroidery. Very rare booklet. Useful little book that lists dozens of flowers with descriptions and their accepted sentiment of the time.

Venedigische Stern und Gewirck. Off der Laden Und nach der Tal. Frankfort, see plate 28 ], reprinted Dresden: George Gilbers, , 71 plates. Wonderful 16th century embroidery tracing patterns: leaf, vine and floral borders, fantastical birds and animals. Filet lace for collars, inserts, edgings, table cloths, etc.

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Traditional, floral, fruit bird, Colonial America patterns. Multicolor charted design for wide border or center insertion strip of lozenges. Adapted from velvet covered footstool also pictured. Original was in Berlin woolwork or needlepoint. Images donated by ebay seller jennysfrenchboudoir, pattern reconstructed by Sytske Wijnsma.

Shown multiple tones using grey scale. Mostly borders, geometrics and arabesques, plus butterfly, shell, and devotional motifs. No date, but looks quite old. For the original, see the external pdf link. Patterns charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Original design in the collection of the Openluchtmusem Arnhem, published with permission for reuse on the Europeana website.

Single sheet, probably from "La Mode de Fillette", filet crochet pattern of a chicken. German language book of needle tatting patterns, plus a separate set of inserts containing directions to make the designs. Insert includes an English key to the symbols and terms used. Charted multicolor pattern for hanging, chair back or screen featuring fleur de lys motifs on a fringed curtain with a header.

Intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, beading, or cross-stitch. Fascinating medieval Egyptian, Ethiopian and other African Christian textile art. The animals and birds are especially wonderful, rabbits and chickens my particular favorites. Cross stitch charts and embroidery tracing patterns - beautiful art nouveau designs of alphabets, borders, flowers, animals and rural scenes.

Plates illustrating darned net filet , but also suitable for cross-stitch and filet crochet. Most of the plates are clear enough to work from. Includes borders, squares, scenes from fairy tales, myths, lords and ladies, the virtues, some Roman gods and heroes, heraldic beasts, and classical cherubs.

A few of the designs can be sourced to 16th century modelbooks, but they are not attributed. Charming set of embroidery patterns of scenes of traditional fables, with instructions. In French, with much supplemental information in English added by the editor see notes at the back of the book. My Book No. Crochet directions for fifteen yokes for camisoles, nightgowns and corset covers.

All based on filet or cluster stitches, some with laced ribbon inclusions. Brief directions in prose, but clear photos of all items accompany. Duplicate in box Stitch instructions for a dozen or so different crocheted spider pattern squares, and patterns to use them in edgings, corners, and camisole yokes.

Pattern treasury of crochet edgings and corners. Prose directions and photographed examples. Hardcover folder with images of simple ironwork, suitable for urban and rural use. Incomplete; nearly half of the images are missing. Scanned by permission of Arnout Bosch, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. French language fashion plates with descriptions for summer womens' collection p[ossibly from the early s, Includes a few pages of childrens' wear, some notes on knitting an dknitting stitch patterns, and a photo of knitted accessories with a descriptin oin English.

Charted design for a square motif featuring pineapples, intended for filet darned net and to be inserted in a tablecloth. Can also be used for filet crochet or cross stitch. Volume 3 from the well-known Filet Ancien series. Charted designs for darned net filet , also useful for filet crochet, cross-stitch, and voided embroidery Assisi. Modern re-charting provided for ease of use. Charts for filet crochet, cross stitch, darned netting, etc. Doilies, curtains and large pieces; plus borders, corners, edgings, ovals, square and spot inserts mostly in Baroque and Classical revival styles.

Lots of cupids and mythical beasts. Some geometric and floral designs. A single filet square, geometric border around a rose. From an Army-Navy tablecloth, filet squares in a chessboard pattern, the other squares embroidered in whitework in a similar pattern. Chart only. Dessins permettant l'execution en plusiers couleurs - 6 grandes planches, 1 planche double. Charts for filet darned net with densities of weave indicated Hungarian Filet. Can be adapted for multicolor filet crochet. Very large vignette designs presented on small pages: parlor knitter, punting on the river, formal silouette, barnyard chicken, plus assorted geometric and floral borders, some with corners.

Original specifies 6 big pages, and one double page, but only 5 plates remain. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele. Two planches charted by Sarah Duehr. One of two beaded firescreen banners. Victorian, part embroidery, part beadwork, in monochrome and gold beadwork and shades of blue embroidery. Charted patterns for heavily embroidered panels and bags, and some examples of Serbian jewelry. Edgings, insertions, and squares for doilies, curtains, bedspreads, napkins and household items.

Panels, edgings, insertions - some nice ones with animals and people, doilies, yokes, and an alphabet chart. Crochet and tatting directions for lingerie yokes, plus tatting instructions for collars, handkerchief and towel edgings. Some of the yokes and collars include store-bought fancy braid trim.

Filet, tasseled edgings, slippers, doilies, edgings, motifs, cross-stitch embroidery, bags, baby blanket, tennis belt, nut baskets, baby rattle, marine sofa pillow, baby bonnet, alphabet chart. Introduction to plaited and woven reed basket making, includes many basket types, with directions for starting, shaping, making handles, and dyeing materials.

Articles on raffia basketry, Native American basket making; some small raffia hats and novelty items; intro to split basketery, suggestions for raffia on canvas. Classic work on late Tudor, Stuart, and Jacobean embroidery late 16th and 17th century , with detailed black and white plates plus a few in color showing form, identification, and direction of stitches, all drawn from extant examples.

Covers scrolling leaves and florals, typical mounded terrain grounds inhabited by animals and plants, plus birds, beasts, and insects. Only caveat is that the sources are not named. Artifact photo of a beaded and embroidered pillow cover with a repeating pattern of French lilies, in white and grey beads surrounded by black woolwork, on a background of turquoise beadwork.

Design suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading. Silk beaded purses and bags, with charts for beaded initials, knit silk mittens, stockings, baby booties, knit fancy stitches and a lamp shade. Silk embroidery, needlepoint lace, knitting, crochet patterns for household items and clothing accessories. Single sheet, handpainted, multicolor charted design for a spray of anemone flowers. Excellent instructions for a variety of techniques, with instructions, including flower smocking and Bulgarian smocking, and stitch pattern charts to use as transfers.

Reproduction of the Montbeliard needle lace modelbook from Blocks, corners, and squares for cutwork point coupe, withcrawn thread work , plus scalloped dags that can be combined to make complex lace panels and S2trims. French language. Introduction and plea to young ladies in the front. No working instructions. Embroidery stitch and fringing instructions some complex , an essay on the silk industry, a list of college colors, transfer patterns for alphabets, floral designs with instructions and astonishingly beautiful colored plates. Also drawn thread instructions, crocheting and knitting instructions and patterns for edgings, baby items, bags, slippers, caps, undershirts, mittens, and hose.

One page, front and back, from an old herbal , concerning madder, a plant from which the roots were used to make a red dye. Scans donated by Seya Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Complete furniture of a guest reception room. Late Ottoman empire. Early 19th century. Four chairs, two armchairs, two 3-seaters, two coffee tables, and a fabulous wall chest with mirror.

The item is still on ebay, far beyond our budget. Multicolor counted design for corner and border of a large doily or tea cloth. Pink and yellow flowers in rondels and squares with background geometric lines. Includes modern re-charting and DMC color key. A single sheet, probably taken from a booklet, with a corner design. The flowers are pink carnations, surrounded by blue swirls. Charted multicolor design for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint or cross stitch. Diagonal stripes and flowers all-over motif. Suitable for cushion, purse, or shoes. Images donated by ebay seller oaltd, pattern reconstructed and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

A book about tape lace, more or less like the Wolf Dupeyron albums, with 36 pages of patterns and 4 pages of patterns that could be bought separately. Also included a page about types of tape for sale. Knitting patterns, netting, crochet instructions and patterns. Many beautiful bags. Charted design for a floral wreath, with a central sprig, inside a squared geometric border with corners. Can be used for cross-stitch, filet crochet, lacis net darning , beadwork, etc.

A charted geometric square presented in two full-color variants. Japanese influenced vaguely Art Nouveaux style. Now printed in the authorised version and illustrated after drawings by F. Cayley Robinson. First book of the Bible, famous edition among book lovers, mainly because of the limited edition and beautiful illustrations. French language illustrated catalog of Coptic textile design mostly woven but some embroidered.

Some plates were hand-colored; this copy shows partially colored plates as well. Comparision with another original on the Internet Archive and a Dover reprint shows that their colored plates contain the colors in this APL copy, and more. Link to IA copy is included. Text includes notes on dyes and threads used. No specific museum source accession info included.

Tapestry stitch panels - heraldic lion and griffen, and two formal classical patterns. Square embroidered frame for photographs, published as a quarter pattern. The chart has the complete pattern. One corner has been done in a different color to show the effect of another background color. Needlework and craft patterns excerpted from nine years of the Godey's Ladies Book periodical. Many forms of freehand surface, cutwork embroidery for use on clothing and household linen; needle lace; embroidery on net; metal thread embroidery; sculpting in plaster, wax and clay; decorative painting; patterns for embroidered hats and hat trims; paper crafts; lampshades and glass boxes; pincusions and needle books; handkerchiefs; patchwork quilting; and more.

Single page promotional handout showing a simple lacy flower motif in crochet, joined by long crocheted chains. Instruction in German. Multicolor charted design for two floral borders, one of small bunched pale violet and red flowers possibly geraniums , and one of red poinsettia like flowers on a wavy background. Original handpainted design with modern recharting and DMC color key.

Multicolor charted design for a large motif of red roses and green, twined leaves. Can be mirrored to produce a square, or echoed to use as the end of longer runner. Freehand calligraphed alphabet for surface embroidery or whitework monograms. Leaflet given as promotional material by the sewing thread factory in Goggingen. Charted designs for alphabets intended for monograms and samplers, ranging from small to large size.

Serif, sans-serif, ornate, and blackletter typefaces, ornamented letter forms, and numbers. Some pages are missing because at least one alphabet is only partial. Art Nouveau influence. Suitable for cross-stitch some use of linear stitches. Two of the gold shades are a sort of brownish yellow, the lightest always yellow silk. With claret, blue or green ground, this style of work is very rich and chaste looking. Borders for table-covers are especially handsome in it; and by care with the grounding it will correspond with any kind of furniture. Battenberg-type laces; with an encyclopedia of point stitches - points, bars, edgings, wheels -and patterns for the laces.

Graphed muilticolor roundel motif of twining acanthus style leaves, probably hand-painted. Hand-tinted multicolor charted design for one quarter of a symmetrical round motif. Hand painting with hand-notations on each color square. Badly damaged. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading. A repeating pattern with green and cream diamonds, yellow details and dark brown backstitches, from an old table runner.

Plan for a sampler of German motifs and fills for a cross-stitch sampler. Charted designs on graph paper, cut out and affixed to a larger sheet of graph paper, to create a project layout how it was done Before Computers. The result of years of research into antique patterns, as well as designs made from antique objects and images. Page to contain motifs from the Deventer samplers.

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Currently the count stands at scans of pages but there's more to come! Scans of drawings donated by Constance van der Griet, in the process of being edited and recharted. Plan for a curious cross-stitch sampler made up of seemingly random words in alphabetical order. Charted designs on graph paper, cut out and affixed to a larger sheet of graph paper, to create a project layout. Good example of mixing fancy initial letters with a smaller, simpler font.

Intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint and cross-stitch. Charted multicolor design for a wreath of petunias. Multicolor charted design sheet featuring five butterflies that can be stitched as one piece, or as separate motifs. Suitable for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or beading. Modern recharting and DMC color key only, no photo of original. Charted multicolor design for four all-over repeats, featuring leafy, twining forms. These would be especially appropriate for s carpetbags, piano cusions, footstools, fire screens and the like. Includes handpainted original, modern recharting and DMC color key.

Woodworking plans, drawings and elevations of turned legs and other furniture pieces for home builders and furniture makers. Woodworking plans, drawings and elevations of turned woodwork for home builders and furniture makers. Photos of an eight page booket of hand tinted multicolor charted mostly geometric designs for borders and corners. No suppplemental graphs provided. Ebay seller finnuch gave permission to publish the listing photos and use them for charting. A leporello booklet of three-color embroidery, no name or printer indication, but attributed to HKB because of grid size and other criteria.

Multicolor charted pattern for a formal scrolled floral corner. Original is damaged, with what was probably another corner design snipped off. Twelve small charted flower motifs in full color, circa s. Quite delicate and charming. This design represents a painting by Raffaello Sanzio Raphael that is called the Madonna della Seggiola, dated Scan and photos of embroidery and pattern donated by Iva Innocenti, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

Image of the painting from Wikipedia, item "Madonna della seggiola". Charted multicolor pattern. Devotional image of St. Catherine of Alexandria, with her virgin's crown, martyr's palm, and her iconic execution wheel which broke at her touch. Circa Hand painted original, plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Four pages of an unknown embroidery booklet. Most likely HKB, around Front pages colored collections of motifs , corners, borders, allover patterns.

Back pages collections of initials combinations, not complete will be added later. Multicolor charted pattern, intended for Berlin woolwork. Lovely small design of an 18th century lady, and a gentleman about to offer her a bouquet of roses. Can also be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint and beading. Double-sided leporello foldout of 10 leaves. Collection includes linear unit counted pattterns inspired by historical sources, plus alphabets, all-over motifs in block units, narrow and wide borders some with corners , small accent motifs,and four designs charted on the bias.

Intended for double-running or back stitch, and cross-stitch. Scans donated by Jackie Isler from the collection of her grandmother, charted by Franciska Ruessink. Medium sized brown leporello, with 7 patterns on 6 sheets in muted colors, all corner designs. Suitable for cross-stitch and beadwork. From the collection of Folva Miller, donated by her grandson Charles Kite. Leporello folded folio of six pages of charted patterns in two colors black and green. Designs include floral and geometric borders with corners, butterfly band, two goose-girl vignettes, a family of bears, cockatoos, and all-over designs of chrries, and acrons, with matching borders.

The reverse side is blank. Original plus modern rechartings. Designs suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or Berlin woolwork. Religious subject; Jesus in his traditional red clothes with a blue mantle, but without halo. Part of a series of embroideries of saints.

Medium sized brown leporello, 6 pages, one side handpainted patterns other side blank. Floral and abstract corner designs, and a heraldic repeating pattern. Suitable for cross-stitch, beadwork, tapisserie. Small stapled softcover booklet with 8 pages, one side printed other side blank, with 32 crochet patterns illustrated.

No instructions are given. Most are edge designs. Multicolor hand painted charted design for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading. Delicate border of small flowers, mostly in pinks and greens. Original chart, modern re-charting and DMC color key are included. Scan donated by Renko Kuperus, edited and charted by Steven Stephan, in color and in black-and-white symbols. Multicolor charted page featuring three geometric abstract design in blues and greens, one square, suitable for cushions or chair upholstery.

Three colors, abstract design. The scan is a better copy than B-VP Original, plus modern recharting, and DMC color key. Can be used for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, needlepoint or beading. Scan donated by Jackie Isler, from the collection of her grandmother. Two embroidery corners on one chart, one with flower baskets and a blue flower guirlande, another with pink flowers and blue ribbons. Suitable for tapisserie and cross-stitch. Original shows very careless painting. Small single handpainted charted multicolor border pattern, in muted colors on a red ground. Possibly a frament of a larger leporello folded booklet.

Design accompanied by modern recharting and DMC color key. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch, and beading. Image donated by Jackie Isler, from the collection of her grandmother. Charted by Franciska Ruessink. Two charted multicolor patterns for geometric strip borders. Hand tinted colors. Suitable for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, or needlepoint. Possibly intended for mens' suspenders. Multicolor charted pattern of a floral bouquet, darkening in color from white top to deep purple bottom. Approximately stitches square and quite lovely.

Hand painted original plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading. Single sheet, handpainted, multicolor charted design of calico tabby cat sitting on a blue cushion. Includes original, and a modern recharting. Single sheet, handpainted, multicolor charted design of a floral wreath with roses, intended to be made up into a tea cozy.

Multicolor charted pattern for a slipper front. Flower and leaf forms, arabesques and acanthus in bright, bold colors on black ground. Needlework pattern, circa , Germany, by Hertz and Wegener. Acquisition details unknown. Spray of roses and morning glories. Wonderful early 20th C Irish Crochet motifs for collars, doilies, jabots, edgings, insertions and trimmings. The instructions are sketchy; this is for the advanced crocheter. Crocheted table linens, doilies, filet charts, chair backs, baby bonnets and booties, edgings, medallions and insertions. Collection of patterns for handkerchief edgings and corners in thread crochet.

Some filet crochet, one very wide and elaborate edging formed of motifs joined together. Directions for all given in prose no charts. Collection of crochet designs for delicate handkerchief edgings and insertions with corners , some in multiple colors and many using multiple thread thicknesses. Techniques include thread crochet, tatting and hairpin lace. Prose instructions with a chart for the filet style pattern. Instructions for Irish Crochet stitches; traditional and fanciful simple motifs. Fanciful motifs for padded, sculptural Irish Crochet laces, including butterflies, tennis rackets, unusual flowers, a lizard.

Paris: Manufacture Parisienne des Cotons L. Instructions for Irish Crochet stitches; elegant little sprigs, flowers and leaves. Stunning "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, baskets, leaves and patterns for collars, table linens, elaborate edgings, fringes.

More lovely "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, leaves and patterns for collars, bags, elaborate edgings, pillows,. Freehand embroidery designs intended for machine stitching, but can also be used for hand-stitched surface embroidery. Collection includes florals, leaves, cushion mottoes, Chinese-inspired motifs, corners and spot motifs, children at play, farm animals, Easter bunny, alphabets, and decorative sprays for lingerie. Delicate lace yokes, interesting stitches, filet patterns, and embroidery over filet.

Oddities include fish scale embroidery, feather work,and Potichomaine decoupage on glass. Designs for Church Embroidery and Crewel Work. From Old Examples. Collected and Arranged by Emily Sophia Hartshorne. Eighteen Plates, containing upwards of Sixty Patterns. Eighteen A2 plates with outlined embroidery patterns from various backgrounds. Ten plates have been edited, eight will follow later. Scanned I, I and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. This is a must-have for crocheters who want to learn how to make Irish crochet lace. Excellent instructions, patterns for a wide variety of flower, fruit and leaf motifs, a few grounds and edgings, instructions for hats, collars, cuffs, yoke, jabot, opera bag, edgings, doily.

Manual for professional hand lettering. Materials, tools, and techniques, plus alphabets, ornaments, and discussions of proportion, perspective, and graphic design principles of the time. Making, gilding, covering, mounting, hanging and packing frames for a variety of purposes. Scanned by Seya Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

Circular tatted yoke with Irish lace-type roses that could also be used as a deep edging for a doily. Illustrated instructions on how to tat, over a dozen original edging patterns, a butterfly motif, doilies, collars, yokes, a tatted bag, and tatted baby dress and hat.

Crocheted baby hat with roll stitches bullion and "bean stitch" clusters that make a flower and shell motif. Small leporello accordian folded booklet , with five handpainted counted designs for five geometric borders with associated corners. The flyer announcing the intial pulbication is also included. From the collection of Mary Fennema, published by kind permission of the copyright holder, Vrouwen Van Nu.

Nr 1 of a series of handbooks about antique needlework techniques. This book is about open-work and darning. Volume 2 in a 7 volume series about traditional Dutch needlework. This volume concerns whitework and cutwork embroidery. Volume 3 in a 7 volume series about traditional Dutch needlework. Tapisserie and woolwork embroidery. This is the 4th book in a series of 7 about traditional Dutch needlework. This book covers marking letters and darning stitches, such as are used in antique samplers. Permission to publish given by "Vrouwen van Nu", successor of the "Nederlandse Bond van Plattelandsvrouwen".

Dutch language embroidery tutorial featuring a small sampler done in monochrome embroidery, with relief stitches. The finished item a vase is shown, along with discussions and how-to illustrations for all stitches used. Many less well known intertwined and raised compound stitches are featured. The last volume in a series of 7 about how to do antique needlework. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of open-work embroidery, and a design for an openwork sampler with 16 patterns. Charted multicolor design of diagonal stripes featuring heraldic crosses possibly flory crosses, but hard to tell from small scale.

Charted from Victorian era artifact photo included. Muted greys, yellows and greens, intended for needlepoint, Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch or beading. Enormous and beautiful needlework catalog, a wonderful reference for early 20thC needlework, with many illustrations. Single leaf handpainted multicolor chart for a small spray of flowers. Modern recharting included. Single sheet with five small animal motifs: two pigeons, a dog, a bird, a goat and a deer. Pattern from the collection of the Rijksmuseum Research Library, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Design is Chinoiserie-inspired in bold colors.

A slipper pattern, black background, blue ribbons, pink, red and white roses and blue violets.

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At least 30 colors. The color list at the bottom is not complete; the purple for the violets is missing. A handpainted pattern with four motifs, a bow and quiver, a cross with lilies, a torch with roses, and an anchor with ivy. Large hand-painted charted pattern showing a wide bouquet with a calla lily.

Needlework pattern, s, Berlin, by Hertz and Wegener. Gift of the Estate of June Starke, Te Papa GH Single leaf, handpainted, floral bouquet, x77 stitches, original accompanied by modern recharting and DMC color key. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, beading, or cross-stitch. Shading lends this a 3D effect. Total height of the composed three-strip border is 80 stitches. It's still for sale. Includes original plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Crochet Patterns, Gittertyl Filet and Hardanger. A folder with ten pattern sheets for dolls' clothes.

The pattern pieces are spread over the different sheets. This folder probably belongs with C-YS, Die Fleissige Puppenschneiderin, a German-language book which probably contains the descriptions of the individual costumes. Complete and simple directions for making with photographs and charts. Twenty three models, with photos and descriptions. Instructions for knit and crocheted bags crochet in American notation , some with purse frames or large wire loops as handles, some in drawstring style. Fabulous designs, very useful book for historical costumers. Sewing and embroidery instructions for children's clothes, ladies' lingerie and household linens, with tracing patterns and cross stitch charts.

The Stella Slipper in Berlin wool and silk. Expressly designed for the "Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine" by Mrs. Holman - Sloane St. Single leaf, a handpainted pattern for the toe and heel of a slipper. Abstract pattern with some floral elements, bright colors. Painted sloppily. Filet crochet alphabet squares. Booklet compiles the whole series, originally printed one letter each Monday in the Home Companion newspaper.

Large photo of each square, with prose instructions. No graphs. Abbreviations used listed on last page. Embroidery, needle laces, crocheted and beaded purses and bags, drawn work, fashion. Embroidery, crocheted purses and bags, knitted lace, needle laces with manufactured cord.

Crocheted shawls, baby items, yokes, collars, edgings, pillows. Knitted child's items, tatted doilies. Crocheted knitted, and embroidered baby, men's, girl's, household items for holiday gifts. First book in a series of weaving with small appliances. How to make a weaving board and a tapestry frame, winding, warping, brocading and tapestry weaving. Scans donated by Tamara Tiekstra, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Transferred to the Rijksmuseum Research Library, Second book in the series of weaving with small appliances. An explanation of tablet weaving for beginners; how to set up a tablet warp, loom for tablet weaving, designing patterns, and a number of illustrated examples.

The last book in the series about weaving with small looms. Explains the basics of weaving with a small loom, up to eight shafts, double harness, and many different patterns. Eight colored plates and many monochrome illustrations. Scans donated by Tamara Tiekstra. Designs grouped by type motif, strapwork designs, alphabets, etc.

Also includes a charting tutorial for graphing block unit designs using common spreadsheet programs. Permission to publish given by Helen Hough. Images charted and edited by Franciska Ruessink. Patterns selected from the early European pattern book producers, tracing the use of various design elements through time. Lovely patterns and a treasure for people interested in using the elements, without wanting to reproduce the exact design. Permission to publish given by Helen Hough and Franciska Ruessink. More restrictive copyright: No derivative works allowed!

Square crocheted motif with combination pineapple and spider web for scarves, bedspreads, etc. Beautiful and unusual large doilies, including several Cluny patterns, a pineapple doily done in roll stitches and a few that use novelty braids. Slipper, with geometric division in black and red, with flowers and paisley designs. The slipper in just black and red and the line between looks great, too. Crochet pattern for simple lacy round doily using only chain and triple crochet stitches.

Prose instructions, US terms. Advertising insert that contains several good beading instructions for bags and necklaces. It was scattered through and glued into my copy of Priscilla Crochet Book Edgings and Insertions by the bookseller, who ran a yarn and bead shop near Boston Common. Handpainted multicolor charted design for a mourning or memorial embroidery. Grove of cypress and weeping willow trees, surrounding an urn monument. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch, or needlepoint. Hand painted original with modern recharting and DMC color key.

Square embroidery pattern of flowers and leaves, in the center a small dragon figure. Quite well-known pattern; however, no permission to republish actual photographs so we'll have to make do with the chart. Some colors may be a bit off; the image from which this was charted wasn't very good. Purse and border pattern in geometric style. Lithographed pattern published as attachment for the Journal des Demoiselles. A dog. Front pattern of a supplement to the Journal Des Demoiselles. Suitable for filet, filet crochet, cross-stitch.

Scan donated, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Vingtieme Annee, ca. Five designs for embroidered purses of various shapes. Suitable for cross-stitch, tapisserie. Pattern on the back of I-YS Travel bag in four colors, suitable for tapisserie, cross-stitch. Handpainted multicolor charted design for a devotional image: an Easter cross with palm and a wreath of flowers, primarily in browns, greens, and orange-reds.

Large square multicolor charted design with center knot, presented both in the original and modern re-charted formats. Suitable for needlepoint, Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch or beading. Pale cream carton, single leaf, pattern in five colors, allover pattern of red coral. Lithographed multicolor charted design depicting a Miniature Pinscher dog on a red brocade cusion.

Intended for Berlin woolork, cross-stitch, or beading. Hand painted multicolor charted design for Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch, or beading. One quarter of a square, with corner, possibly intended for stitching a cushion. Includes modern recharting, and a mock-up of the full four unit design. Nine handpainted pattern sheets. Fairly abstract patterns, for crochet, it says. A tea cosy, and several round and square designs, possibly for doilies or rugs. The instructions say something like one single crochet, one chain crochet.

Gittertull is a kind of coarse tulle, made with partly tinsel threads. Leporello: six pages of floral motifs in two colors, and six pages with three different alphabets. The alphabets were originally monochrome. Fifteen small Katagamis, people, birds, flowers. Used for egg-painting and kept together in an envelope. A dozen or so crochet patterns for squares and rosettes for making bedspreads and pillow shams. Clear explanations and illustrations for making drawn thread lace that takes us quickly from basic concepts to big projects, with some beautiful effects.

Many filet charts - church motifs, peacock, animals, birds, flowers, cherubs, fruit, motifs for children, formal borders and corners, the Selkirk Grace lunchcloth, and Tallyrand coffee cloth. Four pages of woodblock prints from a book or books about kimono fabric design patterns. Published around Springfield, Ill. Nicely photographd treasury of patterns for crocheted edgings, with prose instructions.

Several pages missing. Some edgings incorporate store-bought tape or woven ribbon. Dresser cover, "Love Bird" pillow and sofa cover, work bag, altar cloth edgings, tea cozy, cake cover. Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces. Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet.

Household linens, collars, baby hats, slippers. Needlework book including articles and projects on Hungarian white cutwork, knotting fringes, basic netting and filet net darning; Berlin woolwork needlepoint , Reticella, Catalan embroidery cutwork with needle lace fillings or grounds , Rhodes emroidery drawnwork with surface stitching accents , New Baro embroidery more cutwork with simplified buttonhole ground , Innishmacsaint Lace needle lace , Amager embroidery "art needlework" surface embroidery , Hardanger, Brussels Braid applied braid on machine made net with needle lace fillings , Carimackross lace, Bulgarian embroidery pattern darning , Limerick tambour tambour on machine net , hemstitching, bead stringing, Huckaback darning Swedish darning , Hedebo, and dressmakers' details.

Also workbox tools, dolls as teaching aids, and mending. Unusual Japonica, cyclamen, honeysuckle, violets Irish Crochet motifs, many filet crochet patterns, sturdy edgings for table linens, Irish Crochet edgings, easy edgings for beginners, Venetian Crochet squares, Irish Crochet point lace, and three interesting baby hats.

How to do Hardanger, from simple patterns to exquisite complex designs, and many unusual cross-stitch charts. Dozens of crocheted laces of all difficulty levels, and many of them are unusual and beautiful. Also filet charts, Irish Crochet motifs, and patterns for crocheting with manufactured braids and rickracks. Lavish laces for household and clothing, some unusual, includes new Irish Crochet motifs and filet charts an ostrich!

Interesting combinations of needlecrafts. Baby items. Paul's Churchyard, E. Includes needle lace Youghal, Point lace , includes several styles of lace formed by applique or braid plus fillings on net. Plus surface emgroidery, Huckaback embroidery Swedish darning , and fringe knotting are also included.