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A woman with a dress and a man straight. It's always me that ends up getting wet That's why I spice mine up by adding a cocktail umbrella, which of course is made from a wood-en toothpick supporting a paper umbrella with flowers printed on top. If it's too hot I go ""ho, ho, ho!! This is a corner of a Japanese garden, with a small mound of soil on the left, and a little concrete pagoda in the front with flowers behind it. To my eye, the fit looks a lot like a little pagoda anyway. This may or may not cause confusion for you, though I always screw up the direction of the ""drop"".

Thus an emperor is a king in white. The king is sprawled on his throne, head back and mouth wide open, fast asleep. We should never have let him drink so much at that banquet last night. Imagine a grossly fat, incompetent king under a parasol giving annoying advice to sweating workers who know what they're doing. I always have trouble bringing up the ""whole"" primitive. This story reminds me how to build that part. To remember this one, I think of the placement of the drop in jewel Both of them use the king primitive and include a short drop stroke going from the top left to bottom right.

I'm a pro. I bring a big-ass golden ladle. Why a Roman? Because 'angling' is just the roman-derived way to say 'fishing' - use this to distinguish fishing from angling. Well, this is basically the definition of inscription. Her ear pressed to the ground, she can hear the rumble of a carriage thundering down the roadway. Will the hero save her in time? Or will her neck be ground into the road, spilling it's precious contents into the dust?

Imagine a cross by the road, at a busy crossing, marking the spot of the unfortunate passerby's death. Don't confuse with carry This Kanji is the ""Union"" in Soviet Union and the ""United"" of United Nations the countries that ""go along with each other"" at least some of the time. Hear the screams of the animals as it pulls up in front of the convention hall, where the butchers are waiting with their knives out front. Mnemonic: ab-brain-each-ation. Imagine him scribbling a tiny abbreviation of his name and a number on each grain.

Picture a guestbook full of forehead prints like thumbprints. Nobody will ever know it was you. See also dilute , clan , seaweed This story is for the benefit of those using that idea. In that one, there was a car so you could take along your friends once you found them on the road. In this one, there is an army chariot just to carry military supplies sorry no room for you. She even laid flowers over my eyes to crown the perfect evening.

He did this lying in his bed each evening. You can almost see him lying in his bed in this kanji. The bottom one, in the glass helmet, is under the coat. The top one has his top hat pulled down in disguise, so all you can see is his mouth. Stories exaggerated its size - people said it was as big as the entire capital city! The only way to check the circumference of your head is to put increasingly larger lidded crocks on your head until one slips on just right.

Now you know what size helmet to buy. Standing up so straight, and broad shoulders too!! He's like a modern samurai! I wonder if he will sell it to me? You need Heisig and RtK! Hence, you see the taskmaster running to the right, trying to stay ahead of the cow.

Actually, this kanji has nothing to do with breed, and a lot to do with pastures and shepherds also for cowboys, japanese and spanish don't differenciate between animals. Think of a cowboy taskmaster who brings his cows to the pasture. The older you get the more rigid in your ways. Let's think of an accidental president -- he is an old taskmaster who has managed to win the election by happenstance. The lines are soundwaves. No need to complicate it. The factory takes a bunch of words and aerosol cans and then makes sure the words get tightly packed inside.

All you have to do is spray and everything takes care of itself! Anyway, it's the next frame, so it should be easy to keep them straight Or maybe there's a kanji for Vogon in RTK3?

After shooting one arrow the dash top left , I have 2 arrows left in my quiver bottom left. Burglars only want money clams so that they can get needles drugs and party fiesta! I blew my 'load' and 'soiled' the 'car'. Please report this story if this makes you feel uncomfortable :. I keep mixing this one up with disaster and demolition We'll have to cross by float! Picture a clumsy but happy toddler who falls every few steps but keeps getting up to try again. I repeatedly walk around hoping this kanji will come into my head.

When confronted she just says ""Well you said they needed to be stamped before they're mailed. And those good old warrior boys, drinking whiskey and rye, said pay up the clams or you'll die. Pay up the clams or you'll die Instead, it is 10 on top of mend. So my story is: If you run 10 miles, you will need to mend your socks! He really really needs to go to the bathroom though, so he devises a plan to carefully add a bit of dirt - there, place individual bits in just so - there, I think it's good enough. Pull it out yes!

They may be confused by your odd behaviour, but it'll buy you a few moments to think up another good lie to get out of the sticky situation! At the moment, only the cornerstone has been set in place. To temporarily keep the animals from escaping, a closely-packed grove of small trees is planted around the stone.

Note that this zoo needs some serious mending. It's a stretch, but the way I remembered this kanji is through that phrase. This way you can remember it through using primitives we have already learned. However, it's too difficult for them to find proper garments because they bodies are so robust! It kinda looks like him to me, with the eye being his metal mouth piece thing. So, Darth Vader swings his cape his garment demolishing a nearby building, leaving nothing but a pile of dirt.

It might be a bomb. Of course, the ""number 1"" mountain in Japan is Mt. The bottom half, under Mt. Fuji, consists of crown and towel. Now for the story. Archaeologists digging under Mt. Fuji Japan's 1 mountain in an ancient royal tomb they know it's royal because of the crown discover what looks like a towel, but after they clean it up, they see it is actually a splendid royal sash for the king's kimono. Fuji the number one mountain while wearing nothing but her crown, and an apron tied with a sash. Made in china - a system of exploitation. Thanks astridtops.

When you hear the thunder, you've got time to get out of the field before it starts raining. Her family tells her, ""Don't worry, your mom is an angel now, in heaven, watching over you. Her dad asks her, ""What are you doing with that wood? Just remember Owen Wilson standing on the desk, hitting the computer like a monkey. The files are IN the computer - IN the computer Its not your favorite but you still hit it sometimes In both 'spoon' and 'seven', the first stroke is the horizontal one - but here it is written right to left in a downward flick, while in 'seven' it is a strong line from left to right.

Amaterasu, the sun godesss. Then compare the results Their color is usually brown. Every taskmaster has cleverness. Imagine peering through a microscope at a vast sea teeming with microbial life and perhaps a minaturized submarine. Note: Take care not to confuse with ocean I get this one confused with thirst but try to remember that there is no water element beacuse it is a drought.

The smart thing to do would be to combine Hermione's time-turner with Harry's invisibility cloak. That way, one could double back in time without creating any visible duplicates. I am sorry for the image, but it sticks forever in your mind. Consider someone blowing bubbles using their chewing gum because they're lacking attention in class. Yet these so called can-can dancers are flat-chested and singing a song, so audience of men is yawning in boredom. Let's try the next one, then.

Because, you know, actual consultants charge huge sums. In short, you muzzle it's unruly, chaotic nature. Everything would plunge into darkness. The poor guys must have to fly around screaming ""Marco! I'd rather listen to the words of a lecture than attend a kazoo concert. Picture some snobby guy in a tweed jacket turning up his nose at entering a loud raucous kazoo recital. In this house, the owner has put mirrors on the boundary of his land so it feels much bigger.

You put a bunch of dirty mirrors on the boundary of your land and theirs. When they approach the boundary, what they see in the mirror is their own land and someone that looks like themselves, only dirtier, so they figure your country isn't any better than their own and they head back home. Easy ;. It smells nothing like flowers, more like deceased flowers, and it's flushed down into a stream of sewage. Use ""waste"" to avoid destroy demolition Compare ten thousand Story: A rich man wearing a top hat and bound up from head to toe hobbles up to you and asks for directions to the nearest police station because he just escaped from his kidnappers.

Image: last century teenagers on a frilly couch in the sitting room, she with her back to him, and he fumbling for the right words to turn her around. Set Free. Nowadays it's done by machine. So on your first birthday, you receive just one shell as a present, but the next year it increases to two shells as presents, and so on, increasing and increasing so by the time you're elderly, the number of shells you'll get as presents will have increased to an awful lot of presents.

His punishment is to be stretched out on the rack. So say the courts in this barbaric time. They were protesting the harsh treatment they get every year-end when Santa asks them to step up toy production for the holiday season. However, there's still enough time for a little march to celebrate. He has lovely blue eyes, a girlfriend who is as thin as a straightened out fish hook. But, down where it counts, he has very little to show Imagine a sign post saying 'no trespassing, scorpion mines' if that helps, and how it is dangerous to walk there.

Think Jurassic Park. What, do you expect Jesus to import his fancy robes from China? Then you'll have to RUN like hell before it bites you! You will run away like you've never run before! Where the shell comes from, no one knows. They are very lucky creatures. He was so unfortunate, he stepped on an electric eel and got struck by lighting at the same time.

There was a house made of straw, another made of sticks, and a third made of bricks, each occupied by a pig. So, naturally, housetop over pig means house, the central element of that story. This house is a pig sty. They crownded themselves as ruler of the farm and walked tall on their rear legs, a crime strictly forbidden in the animal republic. It has to be in some soft soil that's easy to dig up, well hidden, and easy to rememger like this kanji. Think of location not as a single fixed spot, but as the act of locating. You've buried your piggy bank in the dirt in your backyard, but you can't remember where.

You frantically dig everywhere in a process of location to find your piggy bank. Make sure to use a potholder! Tell us exactly where the baaad man touched you"". Got it? The biggest example of course, would be the legit World of Warcraft and the biggest ripoff there is: World of Wool-craft!

Newly Added Knit Patterns

They never look up and see the Turkeys that have gathered on top of the trees to hide. Those were some smart turkeys! Gather the trees for Christmas. In that order To advance to the other side, of course. Spoon females. Bernard dog pounces on a turkey in a rice field and stirs up all the other birds around. See them all gobble gobbling in fear? Here goes: The St. Bernard stirred up a crowd of turkeys and caught one. It bit the head, brains spilling onto the rice field. We'll, there's another one that roughly translates as ""killing an entire coop with a giant boulder.

Her delight when she gets a Pegasus for her birthday They're loud, stupid and worst of all they shit on your head. Used to think birds were the most vile creatures on earth. Then I encountered a pegasus. I was just walking down the road, minding my own business when I happened to look up. I saw it there, braying noisily, ivory wings outstretched like an angel, back leg raised ever so slightly. It dropped a steaming brown load right on my face. It changed my outlook completely.

Birds are the second most vile creatures on earth. I suggest ""futon"" your futon is made from turkey feathers. Story: On weekdays you hang your futon out in the sun. What a quandary! What a quandary -- should you stay in paradise with the tree of knowledge or should you go out into the world? Which happens to be where enemies of the state were once also pent-in probably for trying to steal those jewels.

Oh, the cause is that you kept the dog pent in the house all day. Next time remember to walk him. But it was so magnificent that no one noticed. When too many people showed up to watch, they spilled out into the courtyard the yard outside the cave court. So these can be considered as beds. So to be on the safe side it is best to put a tree in a cave and use it as a bed. Two chunks of meat on a skewer. There, you see a table with the application form on it.

Now that you think about it, the ad in the paper did say ""Those who don't make it to the heart of the cave need not apply. Imagine the greater the idea, the louder the sound of the beating heart. So, do I listen to my nose or my heart? Imagine the Wizard of OZ. Ok, the lion bit is stretching but you have it memorized now, so who cares? Poor girl! There, he uses his good looks to beguile women gets them to buy him drinks or such , by playing with their hearts. In order to play up his feelings he bares his head and holds his crown over his heart then walks on walking legs around the palace making everyone see how melancholy he is.

What a wuss. Jesus is on the cross. His crown of thorns has slipped down and is around his neck, right between his head and his heart. His walking legs can be seen dangling from the cross as well. Data can stay so busy as not to sleep without dying. He's a robot. As a robot, his consistency spans the entire day. He was buried with his famous sun-flower wand in his hand. He paints a picture of his father, that looks like a sunflower in the shape of a magic wand. Doctor Crusher always has to remind herself that this is perfectly normal.

From a doctor's perspective, he really does look dreadful. They were constantly rubbing up against his shirt and his heart-shaped locket. That last bit should do it for you. He never loses a single idea. It was annexed to the U. Hawaii became a state in Image: ""Robin, why are your hands all chafed? I've been grinding hemp all day '. Unfortunately, the rope chafed your hands and you fell.. And if they don't have any left, they give a sheep a hand fiesta good lord this is going too far and give us that instead.

What righteous cows. You may think of ""bound with snakes"" as a description of the fingers slithering around the buttocks, if you want a particularly graphic image. I think it helps simplify the image, and also helps anchor the pagoda kanji in memory better as an added bonus. Please keep your fingers inside at all times He holds up a single finger and sends forth a whirlwind. A confrontation of fingers in a whirlwind. PS: the character does not mean ""to go on strike"", it will be very helpful in the long run to create images that convey the proper sense of the character!

I'm going to have to discard the lot! Outside her candy cottage, you can see a pile of discarded fingers. Imagine her fingers, also quite antique, thin, bony and hard, pinching at your hand. You can rock the stone by pushing it with your finger, but it still holds in place. He's riding in a chariot using the foam finger to kill his enemy. They get their man in the vault through the ceiling - now he's hanging from a rope a few feet from the ground like in the movies, dodging laser beams. He reports back that he has found the loot, and its all in a large piggy bank in the center of the vault.

The alarm sounds and he's got to think fast. He jams the four fingers of his right hand in the piggy bank slot and tells his team to hoist him up, he's got the loot! Meanwhile, your walking legs are left dangling in the wind. Story: Using just a finger you are trying to maneuver your furniture round your room.

The muchachos are sleeping soundly, completely oblivious to the sound of dogs barking, guitar playing and even gun shots. Now imagine one tourist passing by and snapping his fingers and waking up all the muchachos at once. At first he was excited. Then he looked around and got pissed. Golden idols? Think of some sort of signature that he left behind him. The mould of his two hands and saber has since become a popular attraction in the area. Here we have a genie, gulping down oysters. Well, I suppose they put him in there while he's still a little child After wiping the bottle and taking a closer look, they are amazed to see a very small child in it.

The villagers suppose that the child is a genie in a bottle. Imagine you've just arrived in Japan, but don't have a cell phone yet, so instead you're carrying around a portable turkey you can hold in your fist. To dial a number, just poke it with your fingers. Maybe this works for guys, but when you were growing up you would compare ""length"" with your friends trying to show how BIG you were. You wouldn't show ""it"" but you would spread your arms out as wide as possible to exaggerate your length.

Maybe even so wide that you trip I the 3rd stroke getting pushed over! I just find it easier to relate this to the previous kanji. Thanks, ayoung Napoleon is also my primitive meaning. The boyfriend, on the other hand, might say, ""Or again, we could fool around. Mulberry trees have big sprawling limbs that run horizontally or at shallow angles making them easy to climb and sit in. I have an old mulberry in my yard, and my kids are in it constantly. This story helps keep the word ""GUY"" as someone you hold in contempt.

I prefer to decompose the kanji in three elements here because it is easier to read like a mnemonic. Then fingers slip out of the grip and he falls in said abyss. A torpedo! And when it hits it's target? The ship collapses then sinks and everyone drowns! That beats mine, hands down. Vehicle to transport troops 2.

Once troops have disembarked they have their missiles 3. If they run out of missiles they resort to hand to hand combat to beat the enemy. Japan's recent history in a nutshell: first the samurai became superfluous and then the Americans started to throw missiles and bombs during WWII. In other words, limbs are ""flesh branches"". Everyone looks around trying to find who did it. The one looking most suspicious is Data.

His soiled crotch gives him away. Imagine a so-called light vehicle or a light-truck with a load of spools driving down a road ever so lightly, careful not to let any of the spools roll out onto the street. I know, lame. Erosion occurs when all of the soil washes of the side of the cliff, eventually causing the cliff to disappear, leaving a slope an anti- cliff if you will in its place.

Wouldn't you be if you were a tree? The fledglings are enjoying the cruise but they are soon coming to a great waterfall He is simply Wolverine and Raphael glued together back to back the biggest assholes from both groups combined. REF: ""grab"" also appears in vegetable , coloring Image: a birdhouse whorehouse with every kind of bird coming and going.

Some old madam at the front hole accepts everyone, even the nasty old crows. Your friend elbows you in the ribs -- it's his shout, and he insists on taking care of the bill. Castro just has to turn the valve on it, and USA is flooded. Suddenly, CIA agents tackle him from behind, grabbing both his arms. But Castro manages to open the valve with his elbow, by raising the elbow above his head. USA is no more You're extremely proud of your accomplishment as you step up to receive your medal. The guy in first place is up on a pedestal, towering above you, his elbow level with your mouth.

Being a smug bastard, he ""accidentally"" knocks his elbow into your mouth, causing you to bleed and lose a tooth. Just cause he won the gold doesn't mean he can place himself on such a high pedestal and do whatever he wants! The love scene: through the window of a house from a distance , you see a pair of human legs, then elbows, and then some pink hearts floating up like in a cartoon.

The murder scene: peering through the window of a house, you see a gruesome murder scene. Human legs dangling from a ceiling fan, an elbow sticking out of a wall, and a heart still beating on the carpet. With nothing better to do, he is looking through the rear window with his camera he needs to use his elbow to support those heavy lenses until his heart begins to race as he witnesses a murder!

Try this image: using a very outdated judicial method, the people of Salem dunked accused witches in the water until they were all gone. Evaporation anyone? This kanji also means ""to bring about"" and ""do humbly"", which is perfect for this image. Fuji Japan's ichiban mountain. Now we see an infant being abandoned on top of Mt. Fuji well above the tree line to die of exposure.

Every time the infant does something wrong Your infant has been allotted human legs"". Parent to be: ""Thanks a lot! His suit is always stained of red blood at the elbows and lower legs this to help create an image that distinguish the two elements. Their elbows are too short to turn the wheel and their legs are too short to reach the gas and breaks. It's easy to imagine a legal prostitute tempting a man with her mouth. Since a mountain often brings to mind towering peaks, I will consider it implied that the element is placed at the top of the kanji.

When this primitive appears at the bottom, I will arrange my story in a way that other elements are said to be at the very top of the mountain see FRAME for an example. Think snowball effect, even if it wouldn't work with rocks. The road branches off to each of them.

Note: This kanji is mostly used for branches in the road. You view them from overhead, so you can see a mazelike path with many branches. Picture your sprite characters at one such fork in the mountain path, as it branches off in two directions. If we do this, the kanji makes complete sense because a mountain pass is just below the mountain top. Note : the kanji does in fact refer to a ""mountain pass"".

Slight tweak of chamcham's story, using fuaburisa's idea for remembering where to put the mountain primitive. Think of a grid lock so bad cars are litterally scraping up against each other like people on a Japanese train during rush hour. That's why it's so crowded.

There are other components as well, like lack of education, class structuring, etc. Just remember that the money is only part of it, not the whole. The higher in rank you get in this tribe, the more feathers decorate you. Imagine this old man covered in beautiful feathers. But, alas, there is no toilet paper! So, he's caught a pigeon and is using it to wipe his bottom. Can you see the feathers flying everywhere? Things were going rather well, until his robe opened a bit and people saw his, well, not-public area.

He was promptly sued for public indecency. Certain things shouldn't be made public in public, you know? Just picture the water dripping down her cleavage that valley in between her breasts. Another unforgettable image thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. You know some foodstuffs cereals come to mind sometimes have prizes mixed in them? Well, in this case, the prize was a shell money, remember and you only notice in the outhouse If it's already gone, which is usually the case, simply use the towel.

Image: cavemen rending pelts right off live animals with stone tools. The only remainders left were the bones of those that was on the float. Want to get boned straightaway? The stretching of his lower leg bones involved multiplying the bone cells, another sense of this key word. In the end, it was decided they look scarier naked anyway. Very effective. In Japanese society, when someone dies they creamate the body and pick out the remaining bones with special chopsticks. In this case, they're out of chopsticks so they decide to use gasp!

At this funeral it's an open casket, and the dead body death is holding flowers with both of its hands. Yeah, that's the gist of it! However, this is easy because a true holy man uses his ear to listen i. Of course, kings are often true holy men and prophets e. Intentionally said backwards to get the order of the primitives correct. One must allow the words to pierce through the eyes the window of the soul and reach deep into the heart A married man while reading his newspaper, his wife going on about something suddenly, says, ""You're not listening to me, are you?

You said They then pour water on the image to wash it away, and begin anew. This story has been edited in response reports. They are usually sent to the countryside straightaway. So I'm on the road going to send back the ring minus the jewel, the hit to the floor knocked it out. Women who dared to disagree were frowned upon. One of the two husband's first job is to fix the water faucet in his new family's apartment.

Unfortunately, he isn't very good at fixing things and after a few failed attempts the entire apartment is submerged in water. In moving from pig-iron to iron, some of the metal's maleability is LOST. To save time you know. So, when you die, your entrails and other body parts will be placed in a storehouse. So, the entrails are the parts of the body that are placed in the storehouse along with the Pharaoh! Damnit, why can't they always be this easy? People who are slaves to their crotches often end up with dirty genitalia and I don't want to get their VD.

Very vulgar, but I was inspired by raulir's clever use of ""3 holes"" The top and bottom are his arms and the middle is his penis. Imagine him making the pumping motion while he's banging some chick. The arms move in, the penis moves out and vice versa. You can swat them away a lot easier! This is more or less the meaning of the original Chinese character. Emphasize the verb form to keep distinct from the noun cadet I think of the hippogriff from Harry Potter as being like a pegasus.

To befriend a hippogriff, you have to persuade it you mean no harm, you can do this if you have ""pegasus persuasion power"". Just add Viagra. You play by taking wooden pieces from the middle of a wooden tower and adding them to the top. In this way you erect a very unstable structure. When your triceps rest alongside your body, they fit snugly against your armpit. When you hold them above your body, however, your posture becomes quite threatening. He's three times as powerful ON a full moon. Being that I live near the ocean, I see tourists and vacationers coming and going constantly on the bridge.

Because the bridge is so long, it forms an arc to support the structural integrity. You can see that arc here. Picturing the brush as a drum stick is not difficult if you've seen such a thing in jazz videos. But really what they do is subjugate them The he has a column covered in a pelt His club is as big as a pillar column , and he wears a ragged pelt as his only clothing. To remember the column, imagine the cave man resting the club vertically like a column when not in use. Benevolence is a good listener who is willing to go the distance to help.

As punishment he was made to bring up their infant. I'm thinking of some priests and choir boys. Easily confused with punish and penalty Concentrate on the reasons behind the penal system ""changing people's hearts"" here , instead of the penalty itself or the punishment revenge aspect. The government is using mental wave emitting statues shaped like St. Bernard's dogs put alongside the boulevards. I was walking down a busy French boulevard when between the rushing traffic I saw the wierdest thing. Keep in mind that in feudal societies there was no kind of money to speak of, so taxes were paid by serfs in wheat to the devils who came over to keep them poor.

Taxes is like the devil taking away your hard earned wheat. Once we are all fed it is easier to get a long in harmony. See Billy-bob sitting on the porch in their denhim dungarees a sheaf of wheat, sticking from their mouth. In order to associate the keyword of private, I'll think of this one as ""Private I"", like a detective. Kent look down and decide to call him Clark. I also thought of Jesus but he was born in a barn full of hay not wheat. However, this was often stolen by vultures, so in olden times, the gods gave the Japanese the rice plant. He's playing Autumn in his school play the ""Four Seasons"".

Perhaps we should light the wheat on fire to complete his Autumn costume. I know, twisted Picture the drivers with opaque windshields all wrecked on the side of the road. Japan has samurai cereal. Great Britain has Crowned Wheat I actually had something similar happen to onions OR just think of that Cowboy Bebop episode with the lobster in the fridge So for example, you have to keep wheat enclosed so it isn't exposed to other plants.

That way it can't catch any germs like fungi from them. Image: geishas patting their face with RICE flour to make it white. Not wheat flour One day, Condi Rice is standing outside when a group of chrysanthemum agents swoop in from the sides, bound her up with chrysanthemum rope, and dash off. They leave a lone yellow chrysanthemum flower on top of the bound Condi Rice as a sign to let her discoverers know who committed this brave and noble act.

It's very dangerous, so they've trained a st. In the innermost core of the house, the bored pent up housewife drops her chores and consumes so much rice she becomes a very large housewife. But it's completely dry since the umbrella is lacquered. You must posses a forested estate, herds of sheep, and granary full of grains of rice. If you met a person that created a wooden sheep that was squeezing a single grain of rice out of its ass, you'd definitely call that person -sama. Because that is impressive. Just look at him laugh!

I chose Mr. T because he's sure to make amusing stories. He is easy to imagine, the heavy gold chains are probably the most prominent feature of the character. That makes it easier to substitute Mr. T, Captain Picard, or whomever else a student is using as person. Just picture him doing hundreds of these while the rest of the participants are already completely exhausted after a mere hundred.

T acted as the go-between, or person in the middle, for law enforcement and the terrorist. T ventured out into a remote area to visit with his wise, old taskmaster who must use a walking stick to get around and originally gave Mr. T the heart to fight crime for the good of the community.

Imagine Tom Cruise outside in the final scene, stabbing his knife into his stomach, while Mr T looks patiently on. T, or be thrown into the scorpion pit. The smoke signals spell : ""I p-i-t-y y-o-u f-o-o! T was offered a job in the Iraq Provisional Authority, but he turned it down, because he's anti-war. T is anti anything provisional.

T says, ""Don't be like them valley girls, always speaking vulgar language and acting all vulgar! They ain't nothing but foos! But only after grabbing it do they realize it is chained to the neck of Mr. T, who grimaces angrily at them. In such case the dictionary definition can be helpful : ""Middle English, single, indivisible"".

Here we have Mr. T insists that people be individual. He appears on television, saying, ""Being an individual is hard! But you gotta do it! Harden yourself, and be individual! T rulezzz! I am on his side! T infiltrates the secret samurai Buddhist temple as a waiter with a tray of green tea. Careful: attend Well, now we have a waiter, and he's dropped a dish. T person tells the used car salesman to tell him the real price straight away, and when he doesn't he throws him through the windshield.

T is shopping for new chains. He knows what he wants and money isn't an issue. However, they can't do a damn thing until Mr T arrives. T is a terrible spy. He walks around upright. I've got nothing to be ashamed of! There is an error in the book. T has an clear idea of what he would do if he ever got hundred million dollar. I guess it would be a enormous gold chain! T's bright idea is to get a hundred million kids to vow not to use drugs. Sign the paper! T says, ""This ain't no prize, foo! This is reparations for slavery! T sold all his jewelry to give as reparations to slave families.

The governent tried to honor his charity by giving him a prize, but it was a shitty outhouse filled with clams. T and Mrs. T shows his humanity by giving two bucks to every homeless person he sees.

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T uses the officer as a punching bag. T will tell a police officer if he catches someone using drugs, foo! T loves the convenience of the new konbini. Not only does it stay open even if it grows late, they have brand new toilets, and a Post Office! T takes a dump on the floor of a convenience store. Well, it was growing late and he couldn't wait. He pities the fool who will have to clean it up! With uncharacteristic tenderness, Mr. T consoles the melancholy Hamlet. There, there little guy Careful: benevolence Only this time, there's just Mister T and he's booked all the rooms!

T cannot believe the reclining piggy bank won't give up. He has cut off its legs one by one until it cannot stand, yet, despite being rendered almost completely useless it won't surrender. T gets wounded by reclining on his piggy bank. T is praised for his protecting of the trees by being given a top hat and scarf which he wears over his mohawk and chains, respectively. The dog thinks, ""Someone protect me from this psycho!

You need to put on your sunglasses and hide behind a tree to even talk to the guy. First the giant bites off the person's head, then he bites the torso, then from the waist to the knees, and finally the giant plucks up the remaining portion of the human legs into his mouth.

See the fourth bite falling in there? Imagine the outer two being the whites of your eye. The middle is the pupil. Fill it in with imaginary color. If that's not enough of a visual reminder, the Vulcan salute shows the fingers parted in to 2 sets of 2, and visually kind of looks like this kanji if you think about it. But I wish the next generation didn't always SAY ""yo!

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I used to be checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Very useful info specifically the ultimate section I maintain such information a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thanks and good luck. So if you haven't kayaked before, book a kayaking trip and then come back and keep reading. Everyone added, here's what you pauperization to live most purchase a whitewater kayak:. The easiest place to choose area rugs for are spaces that are dedicated to children.

There are no rules for a playroom or a child's bedroom. Whimsical shapes and odd shapes placed around the room will make it fun for a child to play in. Lunation, stars, hearts, flowers and still baseball glove shapes can be constitute and used to importance a juvenile's room. You can regularise experience rugs that bang anchorage or series tracks on them that can be merged in the games.

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  • Acuérdate de mí (Sci-Fi Hard) (Spanish Edition)?
  • The Count of Monte Cristo (Bantam Classics).
  • Classic Gloves Pattern # | Knitting Patterns.
  • Classic Gloves Pattern #616;
  • Pleasured by Plasma.

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