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It's as sincere as we could make it. With multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney pushing their distinctive hybrid of symphonic black metal, death metal, industrial and grindcore ever forward, Hunt draws lyrical inspiration primarily from the horrors of the First World War, contemporary politics, and the letters of D. Lawrence, creating one of the most powerful, timely and unique releases of It doesn't have to stand in comparison with anything, because to us it's in a class of its own.

One of extreme metal's most prolific acts, Anaal Nathrakh has never struggled to find inspiration or motivation. Having dropped one of the strongest releases of their career with 's The Whole Of The Law , they were more than equipped to follow it up. Some bands drag their music out of themselves, and some overflow with it. We've got ample motivation and ideas in us to make new albums without it being a process of grinding them out.

It's more like letting them out. However, this is not the product of any kind of "masterplan". So, if we aimed for something, we'd probably end up producing something different anyway. Mick might sit down and say to himself, 'right, I'm going to write a headbanger', and it'd turn out to be a BPM blast apocalypse, because that's just how things went once he'd got going. He can write specific stuff if he wants to, but with Anaal Nathrakh, the feel is the overriding guiding principle. On A New Kind Of Horror , Hunt's lyrics are particularly poignant and thought provoking, and while the aforementioned themes drive and dominate much of the lyrical content, each song is distinct from the others.

Anaal Nathrakh "A New Kind of Horror" (FULL ALBUM)

The War To End Nothing " are informed by great poems of WWI, through which Hunt explores the themes and emotions entailed in the conflict, while drawing parallels with aspects affecting the present day. In fact the author of the former, Wilfred Owen, was killed just a week or so before the end of the war - it could hardly have been more tragic, and Larkin's poem comes at it from a whole new perspective. How many people have helped a loved one die, then successfully made it look like something else?

Speaking of religion, we may see shifts in belief which could drive new attitudes towards death. As I mentioned last year , recent research has found rising numbers of religiously unaffiliated Americans, especially young people:. Some distinct features of the American experience can add other reasons for people to want to control the manner of their demise. Earlier I mentioned our unusual method of financing health care, and that it shaped very uneven access to treatment.

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Rising income inequality surely exacerbates this. We now know that large numbers of Americans refuse medical treatment of all sorts due to financial anxiety. How many of us will turn, or have already turned, to some form of killing ourselves in order to spare families massive economic burdens? More directly put, how many Americans will choose death because continuing to live is too expensive? I am speaking here of contemporary and recent developments.

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Obviously various forms of suicide and euthanasia have been practiced and debated for millennia. My analysis of present day factors could well be wrong, and I leave open the comment box below for your thoughts, as ever. What could this change in death and dying look like?

A New Kind Of Death by Alison Goodman

For starters, the medical system will need to change, and this will take a lot of work. Not only would the ethics and practice of many, many health care providers have to alter, but so would hospital administration and medical schooling. It would require a great deal of soul-searching, conversations, reflection, arguments, and professional development. Perhaps a new subfield will emerge. Again, see Gawande for more. A key part of the American medical system is our unusual financial model, based on private health insurance.

Insurance companies would have to support people choosing death.

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  3. The new way of death: one possible future.

During a heartbreaking talk Elaine Fong mentioned an insurance company paying far more for a potentially painful death pill than for a painless one. Actually, you should all watch her story:. Perhaps a new death culture would trigger another round in various culture wars. We could see red conservative or reliably Republican states oppose this change for a variety of reasons: religious affiliation, partisan politics, etc. Imagine the United States divided in two by its attitudes towards and practice of death; indeed, one could say we already are, given the sharp divide in attitudes and practice of capital punishment.

Alternatively, red states might follow suit, but through different ways: a religious transformation, or de facto acceptance while de jure prohibitions persist, with authorities looking the other way. What level of pain, which prognoses justify self-controlled death, and which do not?

A New Kind of Death

Is there an age before which we ban assisted suicide, and, if so, what would it be? Should we allow people deemed healthy in most ways to end their lives, as Jacob Appel argues? Those are fantastically difficult questions for complex societies to answer, especially ones riven by political strife. Imagine America and other nations complete such a transformation, and some form s of death with dignity is are the norm, supported by policy, professions, and mores. What happens net? Yet what if many people feel outrage against those who fought to deny the right to death?

Religious leaders, insurance administrators, hospital directors, politicians, and more could become subjected to popular dismay or wrath. Family members could sue these people for causing unnecessary distress to loved ones. Our sense of medical progress has been very strong for a century, and the belief in overall progress is still a global article, if unevenly held.

What will it mean to live through the advent of peak lifespan? How will that change us? Perhaps a new culture war will ignite, as people like Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil keep fighting for longer lifespans and even immortality while others call for and practice death with dignity. This could break down along lines of different ways of responding to science, or in attitudes towards what it means to be human. Is a Hegelian synthesis of these views possible?

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  • Or will such high-tech projects move to red states to continue their work, leading to a new cultural-political alliance combining science and religion: pro-life, pro-life-extension? That would make the red versus blue dichotomy more interesting. How will assisted suicide and euthanasia play out in practice? That is, who will successfully choose such deaths, and who will not? How will the choice divide by economic class, by gender, by race, by region, or religion?

    If we accomplish this change, we would revisit the past accordingly. Writers and activists like Arthur Koestler would be thought of as cultural heroes ahead of their times. In the following winter began that agitation for the repeal of the laws prohibiting suicide which bore its final fruit in the month of April, , when the first Government Lethal Chamber was opened on Washington Square.

    Oregon, the first American state to legalize a form of suicide, would be lauded as a trailblazer.

    To Death and Back: The Morbid Darkwave of Buzz Kull’s New Kind of Cross

    Which date will become celebrated as a recognition of the new death? How will we think of the many, many people who chose death in the face of illegality and censure: as heroes, even martyrs? What kind of culture will grow up specific to an achieved right to die? What words will we use or invent to name actions and practices?

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