Confession of an Invisible Man

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It just fascinates me that so much seems to go on in the world when backs are turned and eyes averted; so I decided to go deep undercover for the sake of my studies. It seemed like a rather splendid idea at the time. Now if only I had the faintest idea how to reverse the effects.

I fully intend on working around the clock to make that happen but, in the meantime, it seems wasteful not to explore my new superpower and have a little fun with the veil of secrecy that separates me from the rest of society. I wish to make it abundantly clear from the get-go that I have no intention of embarking on a reign of terror or anything unlawful like that.

What gave me away? Am I really that transparent? By now you should have a fair idea how this is going to play out from hereon in. Listen, the last thing I want is to come over all autocratic, I despise rules and regulations as much as the next man and glean no enjoyment whatsoever from laying them down. Stick around and you may just learn a thing or ten. Oh and one more thing before we set off. You look a little too conspicuous dressed as you are. May I suggest changing your attire and perhaps taking a quick shower to freshen yourself up?

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Tell you what, run the water hot as steam will soon give my coordinates away should I decide to play uninvited spectator. What a positively wretched coincidence.

[Editorial] Why The Invisible Man is the Most Underrated Universal Monster - Bloody Disgusting

Are you still hung up about me catching you in a state of undress? I could have asked any number of other curvaceous blonde interns to assist me in my research but chose you purely based on your impressive qualifications. It had nothing to do with the chiffon blouse you wore to the interview or the floral bouquet radiating from beneath your petticoat, where the nectar is sweetest. Anyroad, enough of that eyewash. Thus I have compiled a short list of places to visit and people to see, and see no reason why any of our subjects should become any the wiser.

Joseph: Confessions of an Almost-Invisible Man

At any rate, our first stop this day will be the local library. You see, libraries are known as the ideal locales to get your head down, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Invisible Man Essay: Identity and Invisibility

They also have rather implicit rules regarding noise pollution and anyone who breaches the acceptable decibel levels is shown the door faster than Bobcat Goldthwait at a Shakespeare recital. Of course, there is also the small matter of an iddy-biddy bonus objective just to make things vaguely less mind-numbing. To surmise, it is my belief that librarians are all well and truly gagging for it. Take a glance over at Betty Bunsen and try not to make it too obvious.

Sounds like a stick in the mud right? Bookmark huh? Well then, what about the ball gag? What other reason could Ms. Bunsen possibly have for the metre rule she brandishes so ruthlessly if not to spank a couple of well deserving bottoms?

The Philosopher's Stone

I even took the executive decision to flick through her shuffle playlist and do you think I come across a solitary arrangement from Chopin or Wagner? Given that she holds a position of great authority, I find her deception most unpalatable. Be back in the time it takes to knock one out and mop up… I mean… catch our culprit red-handed. Just as I suspected, Ms. Bunsen is into all kinds of wrong and has a rather tasteless method for punishing late fees it turns out.

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Were you aware that the penance for tardiness here entails being soundly flogged until you puke, before being ordered to lap it back up from a pair of ten-inch patent clad spiked heels? At any rate, our work here is done and might I commend you on an excellent job done thus far.

Now how are your getaway driver skills? Just out of curiosity. Back in a jiffy. My bad. Now what have I said? What do you want me to do?

The Invisible Man, Gou's Confession!!

Open the passenger door and toss myself out of a speeding vehicle into incoming traffic just to prove my sincerity? You do? Fine, well then I… suppose I shall.

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There I did it. For the time being, how about applying a little more gas? Actually, take your next right and double back, if you would be so kind. But something inexplicable keeps drawing me back to the library and, as luck would blindly have it, it should be closing any minute now. No pressure, but I reckon we could still catch Betty locking up if only you were to discover full throttle. There she is, looking all sweet and innocent when I already know different.

It was totally irresponsible of me. But the thing is, I just get so sick of all the constant rules society imposes. The very moment I deal with Betty Bunsen, my sole priority will be searching for the antidote as, for all the mostly harmless horseplay, part of me hankers just to be normal again. I even picked up some litter in the park and a geriatric dog-walker suffered a stroke when I was delivering it to the trash can. Funnily enough though, the thing I miss most about visibility is being able to pull a two-thumbed Fonzie salute in the mirror when nobody is looking.

I mean, when are we likely to be in this position again? For me at least. I can see it in your face. Not feeling appreciated, is that it? Come now, dry those eyes as I have a surprise. But you deserve to be let in on the action after the stunts you pulled to get us this far. And do you know who three million readers will see?

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Confessions of The Invisible Man

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