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Surpassing all competition many times over, it was voted the most popular book in Russia for Open this book and you will discover a wondrous, enigmatic, remarkably beautiful, yet absolutely real world. Peer into the mysterious Russian soul, where happiness reigns no matter what life may bring. Page upon page of thanks, praise, and testimonies to the life-changing effect of these bright, good-hearted, and poignant tales have flooded the Russian media.

This book has been the cause of many sleepless but happy nights: "I couldn't put it down-was sorry when it Write Your Own Review. Write Product Review.

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Everyday Saints and Other Stories (Dutch)

And that world had turned out to be boundlessly more attractive than the one in which we had previously lived our young and so-far very happy lives. In this book I want to tell you about this beautiful new world of mine, where we live by laws completely different from those in "normal" worldly life-a world of light and love, full of wondrous discoveries, hope, happiness, trials and triumphs, where even our defeats acquire profound significance: a world in which, above all, we can always sense powerful manifestations of divine strength and comfort".

Description In Communist Russia in , five youths from non-religious backgrounds joined a monastery.

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