Faces: The Evolution of Authenticity

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‘Service with a smile’ makes people booze after work

Two individuals who struggle with their own authenticity unconsciously conspire toward an inauthentic relationship. In fact, this is one of the largest impediments to successful relationships. Very often, what we might refer to as a troubled relationship is, in fact, a manifestation of the challenges each individual face in their own personal evolution, but just further projected onto the external relationship.

Learning how to communicate challenging matters in a delicate and compassionate manner opens the pathway to an evolving relationship.


And a commitment to personal evolution honors authenticity. When we devote ourselves to such a path, we actually cast off the burden of fear and anxiety about what others may think of us and begin to honor our own authenticity. An authentic person may be sensitive to what others think yet choose not to subordinate themselves to the opinions or judgments of others. This is a key source of genuine self-esteem. You might begin to think of the departure from being genuine as a self-betrayal.

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And self-betrayal is a terribly destructive action, after all. It has many faces. Being a people pleaser or avoiding confrontation betrays your own authenticity, as you submerge yourself in deference to others. Conversely, being controlling or acting out in anger distances you from being genuine. In these circumstances, you may be more comfortable wearing the mask of anger than revealing your vulnerability. Fear and insecurity are often at the core of anger. As an aside, when people communicate their vulnerable feelings, others actually tend to listen, and validation becomes a possibility.

Angry people may be feared or avoided, but they are seldom validated. Genuine self-esteem requires avoiding self-betrayal. Much of the problem lies in the fact that being genuine is devalued in our culture, while success, achievement, and avoiding criticism are highly prized. Our prevailing cultural imperative does little to value authenticity. This goal appears nowhere in the curricula of our education. If our primary education provided coursework that taught us how to achieve emotional intelligence and the skill set of genuine communication, we might realign our priorities accordingly.

The competitive spirit honors the winners, not the most sincere.

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  • And within that motif there is a belief that being authentic may impede success. Yet one need not preclude the other. If you untether yourself from insecurity and fear, you can set the stage for a self-empowered life. Freeing yourself from the tribulations of worrying about what others think of you emboldens you to be genuine. Whether just starting out or having spent many years in marriage counseling is always available.

    Marriage counseling is a type of treatment for fixing disputes which is commonly carried out by a trained psychotherapist. Marriage advice can assist save marriages and improve marriage partnerships. The therapist might not fix the issues in your marriage directly, but will enable you to remedy them your own self. It assists to make your marriage union durable and keep your relationships alive. I really, really like this article. I will look for more of your work.

    Thank you for writting this and understanding and expressing the need for authenticity so well. You might also want to read my article, Who AM I? Also might want to follow my FB page for my thought of the day.

    What's the true path to happiness?

    Mel Schwartz, L. His website is Melschwartz. Why are we are quick to criticize but reluctant to praise those we care about? Our elected officials must always be sworn under oath to tell the truth.

    A Closer Look at Evolutionary Faces | Science | Smithsonian

    Words are our most powerful way of communicating. Pay close attention to them. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Psychology of Creativity. Gender Segregation at Work. Mel Schwartz L. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Seeking Authenticity What's the true path to happiness? I really, really like this Submitted by Anonymous on October 21, - am.

    A deep desire to connect inwards gave me the courage to let go of the safety of appearances and come face-to-face with the real me inside. In my efforts to relate, I searched for my defining characteristics and found them in the well-developed habits and natural traits that were a part of my unconscious behavior. This alignment with the virtues I considered most central to my sense of self gave me a level of well-being that had been missing for a long time. Sadly, this well-being proved to be a passing experience. As time went on, I began to feel yet again that I was wearing a straitjacket.

    Strangely, it was no longer the demands of others that weighed me down. It was the freedom of not having to adapt according to external demands that began to confine me to a life of rigidity. I began to lose the ability to imagine other minds, and with it, the flexibility to act in ways that other minds would.

    The evolutionary history of the human face

    In the consistency of my predictable persona, I was living a lesser existence. So I found myself desperate, once again, to find my authentic self. Authenticity is all the buzz-word these days. Although a preference for the genuine over the fake is a part of our human inheritance, the current obsession with the real thing may be a sign of the discomfort with the emergence of a second virtual world where there is no telling the real from the synthetic.

    This has made us, as individuals, increasingly desperate to align our outer appearances with our inner realities in order to connect with our human essence. However, this is not a one-day workshop.

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    Despite the hype of self-styled gurus, this is not an easy journey. Emerging as our authentic selves is like the birth of a child, sometimes risky and sometimes excruciating. But it is in this process that we see magic happen. The birth of a new being, the real us, has been long and patiently awaited. We, with our symbolic brains, have Heaven and Hell as divine justice when life and circumstances fail to level the playing field. We cannot be authentic unless we truly care about others, about creative expressions, about nature, about our place in the larger universe.

    I had gone from one mask to another, from the semblance of authenticity to the rigidity of comfort. In my misguided assumption that authenticity was about owning a certain set of virtues that I believed to be most genuinely me, I was living only a version of what I could be. This insight has opened me up to the many expressions of my authentic self. Confined no longer to the rigidity that alienated me from the oneness with life, I learn every day to adapt to changing circumstances while staying true to the core virtues that make us human.

    It makes me think of life as a stage, where we play different roles. As an emerging actress, I have fumbled my lines and forgotten my expressions more than once. But I am maturing and slowly beginning to own my roles. Like Joanne Woodward in the Three Faces of Eve , I am learning to appreciate the distinctiveness of each self and the flexibility with which one transitions into another. I may not get an Academy Award for my acting. Haidt, J. The Righteous Mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion. New York: Pantheon.

    Medlock, G. Taylor, C.