Humility, Humor & Heritage

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Independent cartoonist and corporate hero fan. School teacher and nib jockey.

Past Comments

Person of Catholic faith and champion of diversity. In its limited use, the word refers to how peoples harmonize diverging religious frameworks like Buddhist and animist, for example into a mixed yet whole practice or belief system. Sometimes, he straddles them. Sometimes, they humble him. The straddling parts are aided and abetted by a unique publisher with whom Yang has shared a mutually beneficial relationship.

There is something pitch perfect about the partnership.

Humility – chosenperspectives

As Yang describes it, Siegel is the son of a New York Jewish father and a French mother two cultural pillars of comics , from childhood an American comics reader who could read French BD fluently and rubbed shoulders with Moebius, who envisioned a graphic novel line that had the color and stock of European comics, the size and breadth of manga, and the market, audience, and cultural appetite of an untapped segment of American readers.

You could make the case that First Second and Gene Yang have emerged together, fittingly un-fit, hand-in-hand. The books we love best leave us in a generative place. Just living in my own head. This joke may contain profanity. A father and son go fishing. They push off their boat and settle in when Dad pulls out a beer, cracks it, and takes a long hard gulp. Eventually, Harry suggests they go as a figure for their heritage whom they respect and admire. Arnold thinks this is a great idea, and George A visit to the pope A man walks into the barber's and says "I don't mind what you do so long as it looks smart, I'm going to see the pope".

He's done nothing for the faith. I went to see him a while ago and he never even appeared. They said he wasn't feeling well.

The Virtues of Humor and Humility

Pathetic if you ask me, lett A long time ago, there was a hermit preist who accepted guests for only one day, every ten years In the Soviet Union, among those dehumanized by Lenin and his successors were any labeled bourgeoisie, capitalists, kulaks so-called rich peasants , counterrevolutionaries, or enemies. They killed you for being circumcised and they killed you because your foreskins had been left on. Long hair got you murdered and haircuts too; light skin flayed dark skin and if you spoke the wrong language you could lose your twisted tongue.

No, such an approach is too simplistic.

If God becomes entangled in politics, then democracy is in danger. What endangers democracy is the arrogant belief of any group, religious or not, that it has a monopoly on truth and need not welcome, or even tolerate, opposing views. In regard to questions like abortion, civil rights, same-sex marriages, or the justice of wars or capital punishment, religious and political views cannot be easily separated—nor should they be.

Overwhelmingly, most Muslims are opposed to terrorism, and many terrorists are not Muslims. In , the U. National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism stated that various groups associated with Christianity were a greater terrorist threat than any associated with Islam.

The Best of LGBTQ+ Pride on The Ellen Show

Besides taking prudent security measures to minimize terrorist threats, we need to do all we can to increase tolerance and reduce prejudice and stereotyping. Past mistakes like European imperialism, often linked with racism, the French war to prevent Algerian independence , the U. Any increased prejudices and unjust policies towards Muslims will just increase the radicalization of Muslim youth.

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