Journey of the Red Shoes

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Roberta believes that women's lives are made infinitely richer by participating in a supportive and inclusive community and exploring their spiritual paths.

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After beginning in a small store front on Perkins Road, we moved into our present location in The Red Shoes welcomes men to many of our varied programs. We are proud to collaborate with other organizations throughout our community to broaden the circle of women whose lives we touch.

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Read, Musings on Mothers ,. The Red Shoes Community. Because Mother's Day. Support our mission.

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    The Red Shoes

    The answer is not to stop wanting or dreaming, but to find new dreams when our hearts have been broken apart. Easier said than done, I hear you say. I lost a piece of my heart, I lost a part of myself, and I will always bear the scars.

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    I found my heart again and I mended it. But I made it.

    Follow Her Red Shoes - Follow me on the journey of a lifetime

    When you have experienced traumatic loss and grief for whatever reason, the effort of bringing our broken pieces back together can seem impossible. We fear we have lost a part of ourselves for ever. It can help to find someone who can honour our broken fragments and the strength that never leaves us and stay with us as we are. Someone who can accept us as we are now, without wanting us to be different in any way.

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    Someone who can walk alongside us and give us time to process what has happened in our own way. We can ask our hearts what brings us to life and finding something, no matter how small, sows a seed for our new dreams. We can water them and watch the tiny plant grow, strengthen and blossom. The seed may need a long rest in the ground first as it gains strength and resolve for the next phase, but the seed will grow. We can care for our growing and changing self, we can bring ourselves back home and recognise once again our deep humanity, understanding, worth and vulnerability.

    We can be good enough again. If I can walk alongside you in your journey, then please do get in touch.

    The dark heart of Powell and Pressburger’s The Red Shoes

    Privacy Home About What is Counselling? Back Counselling for Childlessness Resources for childlessness. The Red Shoes: Longing and Healing. Photo by Viktor Hanacek on Picjumbo.