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Tony Mann, a project manager at nearby John Lewis and a trained bee keeper, helped to smoke the European honeybee colony out. Bees at risk from climate change, IPCC report to warn. Pesticides damage the brains of bees. David Cameron stung by beekeepers. London car swarmed by bees. Mr Mann said: "We have either had a virgin Queen or an old Queen, she has left the nest and she has brought the warm and settled on the shop front.

He said some of the bees were flying around the area "like scouts to try to find out where the next best place to go is". The colony was later safely moved across the road to Westminster Cathedral by local beekeepers using a temporary hive.

It will be looked after by beekeepers on top of the Catholic church's roof. It is not known where the bees originally came from, but shops in the local area do have their own hives. The beekeepers removing the hive PA. David Beamont, operations manager at the Victoria Business Improvement District BID , which manages the interests of businesses in the area, said trained keepers arrived quickly on the scene to deal with the situation.

He said: "In Victoria there are over a dozen experienced beekeepers who have all been on an intense training course that focuses on the theory and practical training of urban beekeeping, successfully managing hives for nearly two years. Police in Sussex said the warm start to this year's spring has seen an increase in thefts of bee hives because the quality of honey has raised prices. Woodingdean Primary School in Sussex also had to shut on Friday after the hot weather sparked an invasion of honeybees.

Part of the school's playground was cordoned off after a nest swarming with thousands of bees was found. And they were not the only ones to be confronted by a large group of bees after a year-old student found a swarm of 20, bees had set up home in his Nissan Micra. George Heal, a marine biology student, discovered the pollinators in his car, which was parked outside his home in Southsea in Hampshire.

Graham Cook, a beekeeper at Portsmouth City Council was called to round up the bees.

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He also enjoys the instructional videos that Beepods puts out to educate both Beepods members and people who are interested in beekeeping. When teaching about bees, Kip likes to have students write down ten questions that they have about bees. Almonds are exclusively pollinated by bees. What Kip likes to see is the kids getting interested in bees. He says that every year, around two to four students get really excited and want to help take care of the hive. As they get older and learn more, these kids become mentors to the younger students who want to learn more about bees, and pass on their excitement.

With the younger students, Kip can design entire units dedicated to bees — not only their life-cycle, but also their behaviors, what we can learn from them, and why we should protect them. At Nicolet High School , just down the road, Andi Winkle teamed up with the art department to install a Beepods system and bees.

Here, students are creating their own projects that show partnership between the science students maintaining the hive and the art students using products from the hive to create art. The combination of classroom time, technology, and active interaction with bees has created an exciting topic for students to sink their teeth into and explore.

As Kip noted, the bees serve as a great hands-on teaching tool for the students, which is far more exciting than learning about bees from a lecture.

Bees at School!?

To enhance the teaching possibilities offered by your school garden, think about keeping bees and the advantages in education and greenspace improvement that would be at your fingertips. Here are a couple things to remember when considering this project. And lastly, do what Kip does with his students. Write down ten things you think you know about bees, ten things you do not know about bees, and ten things you would like to know about bees and share it with us by email at brad beepods.

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Create a campus consciousness and you can teach your students and colleagues the importance of honey bees to the ecosystem and generate some buzz in your community. If you are considering this as a project, please contact Beepods or Carolina Biological with any questions you may have. Before Beepods, Brad worked with a variety of startups and non-profits to create opportunities both commercial and philanthropic to bring them into viability. Now he prides himself on being one of the few people who can pull off wearing a suit and tie in the bee yard.

Reading, writing, arithmetic and honey bees at Bega High School

Beepods offers data-backed sustainable beekeeping solutions to everyone from backyard hobbyists to county parks systems, schools, and large businesses. Through installations and training, Beepods is creating a network of sustainable beekeepers to create a world where pollinators thrive. Devon Rowley has a background in technical writing in biological sciences and works with Beepods in content creation and technical writing for the Beepods. When she joined Beepods, Devon did not have a lot of experience with bees, but had a fascination with them and their impact on the world around us.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her beloved cats. As an entrepreneur, Scott Offord enjoys identifying and reaching new business markets, growing online communities, and partnering with business start-ups.

His growing interest in honey bees and beekeeping led him into the development of data collection and visualization tools that beekeepers and educators can use to better understand the mysterious disappearance of honey bee colonies. Scott spends as much time as possible with his wife, baby girl, and Great Dane. Greetings, We recently started a bee program at our high school.

One of the things that we are putting together is a liability form to be signed by parents.