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WWE is hinting at a dream match between The Undertaker and Sting, which seems impossible but is actually far from it. Last week, the company posted the following on its Twitter page, a not-so-subtle tease that "The Deadman" might soon do battle with "The Icon" for the first time ever:. Sting hasn't wrestled since suffering what most have deemed a career-ending neck injury during a WWE Championship match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in No one else.

We could just never get it together to make it happen.

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Wrestling :. I think the first three times or so over the years that I spoke with Vince McMahon and was close to going up there, there were a couple of times we got up to maybe a six or a seven. And I think this last go-around we were probably at a nine. We were very, very close. I was actually surprised things turned out the way they did. Sting, long considered to be one of the biggest possible dream matches in pro wrestling history and one that had its best chance of happening in , when both were under contract with WWE.

During this match, Undertaker's storyline brother Kane made his debut, ripping off the door to the cell and giving Undertaker a Tombstone Piledriver, Undertaker's trademark finisher, allowing Michaels to pin him. As the angle progressed, Kane, with Paul Bearer, challenged the Undertaker to fights, but the Undertaker consistently refused to fight his brother. The Undertaker's final encounter with Michaels was in the return of the casket match at the Royal Rumble , where Kane cost the Undertaker the win by trapping him in the coffin, padlocking the casket lid, and setting it ablaze.

The Undertaker, however, had disappeared when the casket lid was reopened.

WWE announce major change for Undertaker return match at Extreme Rules with Roman Reigns

The two had a rematch, the first ever Inferno match, one month later at In Your House: Unforgiven, where The Undertaker was booked to win by setting Kane's right arm on fire. Undertaker's longtime feud with Mankind was renewed afterwards, when Mankind cost the Undertaker a number one contenders match against Kane. During the match, Undertaker threw Mankind off the roof of the sixteen foot cell onto the Spanish announcers' table below, in what was a preplanned move. He later chokeslammed Mankind through the roof of the cell into the ring—which legitimately knocked Mick Foley Mankind unconscious—and finished the match by chokeslamming Mankind onto a pile of thumbtacks.

Undertaker and Austin's reign as tag champions lasted for only two weeks, as Kane and Mankind regained the titles on an episode of Raw.

Shortly before SummerSlam, however, Undertaker revealed that he and Kane were working together as brothers. Despite this revelation, Undertaker told Kane that he did not want him to interfere in the match with Austin, and even though Undertaker lost the match, he handed Austin his belt back after the match in a show of respect.

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In September, the storyline continued, and Undertaker began to show heel characteristics, becoming a tweener, when he and Kane revealed the fact that they were in cahoots to rid Austin of his title for Vince McMahon. Undertaker and Kane pinned Austin simultaneously after a double chokeslam, so the title was vacated by McMahon. Near the end of the match, Paul Bearer seemed about to assist Kane by handing him a steel chair to hit Undertaker with, but as Kane had his back turned, both Bearer and Undertaker hit Kane with the chair. Undertaker went for the pin, but Austin refused to count the fall, attacked the Undertaker, and counted out both brothers.

Finally, Undertaker turned heel the next night on Raw is War for the first time in over six years, reconciling with Paul Bearer and claiming that he and Bearer would unleash their Ministry of Darkness on the World Wrestling Federation. As part of this new angle, he admitted that he had indeed set the fire that killed his parents, for which he had previously blamed Kane. After Survivor Series , Undertaker returned his attention back to his previous feud with Austin for having costing him the title at Judgment Day, viciously hitting Austin in the head with a shovel during a title match with The Rock , returning the favor for what happened a month earlier.

WWE history: Undertaker hilariously breaks character at a live event

In the weeks leading up to Rock Bottom, the Undertaker character became increasingly demonic and satanic, attempting to embalm Austin alive, trying to have Kane committed to a mental asylum, and having his druids chain Austin to his symbol and raising it high into the arena. Undertaker, however, lost the match after Kane interfered. In January , Undertaker returned, remaining a monster heel and forming the Ministry of Darkness , explaining that he was taking orders from a "Higher Power.

He was then scheduled to perform at Unforgiven , contending for the WWF Championship, but a groin injury knocked him out of action for the remainder of the year and part of the next. Onscreen, his absence was explained by The Undertaker quitting. Undertaker was due to return to action for WrestleMania , but a legitimate biceps injury in February delayed his return until May When he returned at Judgment Day, Undertaker's gimmick was dramatically modified in line with the WWF's change to a more realistic approach.

His gimmick became that of an intimidating biker, known as the "American Bad Ass", and he began using the Last Ride Elevated Powerbomb as his finishing move, as opposed to the Tombstone Piledriver, which had become synonymous with the Undertaker over the years. Upon his return, his storyline called for him to take out all the members of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction , which quickly turned him face again. They defeated Edge and Christian , earning the right to face them the following week for the tag titles, which Edge and Christian retained. Kane turned on The Undertaker by chokeslamming him twice on the August 14 episode of Raw.

This led to another match between the two at SummerSlam , which ended in a no-contest as Kane ran from the ring area after The Undertaker removed Kane's mask. Angle, however, defeated Undertaker following interference from Kurt's real life brother Eric Angle. Undertaker did not win the match, but did perform a move where he threw Rikishi off the roof of the cell. The Brothers of Destruction dominated almost the entire match but were not the winners. The Brothers of Destruction were granted an opportunity to face Triple H and Austin for their titles.

Angle pinned the Undertaker due to interference by Austin. This was the beginning of a new persona for the Undertaker, as he cut his long hair short and called himself "Big Evil". Undertaker's next angle began at the Royal Rumble in when Maven eliminated him by dropkicking him from behind. Subsequently, The Undertaker eliminated Maven in return and brutally assaulted him backstage. This began a storyline with Flair, who declined a challenge to wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania X8 , and, as a result, Undertaker assaulted his son David Flair.

Flair eventually accepted the match after The Undertaker threatened to inflict the same punishment on Flair's daughter. A no disqualification stipulation was added to the match, and The Undertaker defeated Flair. Later that night, his storyline called for him to help Hulk Hogan win his title match against the Undisputed Champion Triple H. The Undertaker was then booked to defeat Hogan for his fourth world championship at Judgment Day. Undertaker soon turned face after a ladder match with Jeff Hardy , whose hand he raised after the match as a sign of respect.

The Undertaker was then switched from Raw to SmackDown! Undertaker was booked to challenge Lesnar in a title match at Unforgiven that inevitably ended in a double-DQ. Their feud carried over to No Mercy in a Hell in a Cell match. Undertaker performed in the match with a legitimate broken hand and eventually lost to the champion. Undertaker took a leave from wrestling after the Big Show threw him off the stage in Memphis, sparking a feud in reality, he and his wife, Sara, were expecting their first child together. The Undertaker returned at the Royal Rumble in He immediately continued his feud with Big Show and defeated him via submission at No Way Out with a triangle choke.

A-Train entered the angle by attempting to attack Undertaker after the match, but Nathan Jones came to his aid. Jones, however, was removed prior to the match, making it a handicap match, which Undertaker won with the help of Jones. Over the remainder of the year, he was booked to have two WWE Championship opportunities.

The first, on the September 4 SmackDown! The Undertaker disappeared for some time following the match, with Kane claiming that he was "dead and buried forever. The first was during the Royal Rumble when Undertaker's bells tolled, distracting Kane and allowing Booker T to eliminate him. Three months later, Bearer was kidnapped by the Dudley Boyz at the direction of Paul Heyman , who then took "control" of Undertaker. The angle added a new twist at The Great American Bash where Undertaker was forced to fight a handicap match against the Dudleys, and if he lost, Heyman would bury Bearer in cement.

The Undertaker won but buried Bearer anyway, explaining that Bearer was merely a liability now and that he had no use for him anymore. Fans were later told that Bearer was "seriously injured," but in reality, he was simply removed from WWE programming due to health reasons. The Undertaker also remained a face. This led to a Casket match between Undertaker and Heidenreich at the Royal Rumble , where Undertaker sealed Heidenreich in a casket for the victory to end the storyline.

Following WrestleMania, Undertaker took a two-month hiatus from wrestling after the birth of his second daughter in late May He returned for the June 16 episode of SmackDown! As part of the feud, on the following SmackDown! With this, Undertaker resumed his feud with Orton. The storyline intensified as the two taunted each other with caskets, leading to a casket match at No Mercy , in which Undertaker lost to Randy and his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

After the match, the Ortons poured gasoline on the casket and set it afire. When the charred casket was opened, however, Undertaker had once again vanished.

He returned at the Survivor Series , emerging from a burning casket. Undertaker returned to SmackDown! After winning the match, Calaway took a short hiatus from wrestling, presumably due to controversy associated with the match, as Bob Orton was diagnosed with hepatitis but was allowed to bleed during the match without Calaway knowing of his condition. In early at the Royal Rumble , Undertaker returned during Kurt Angle 's celebration of his world title defense against Mark Henry on a horse-drawn cart, signaling for a title shot.

As part of their storyline feud, Undertaker lost his match with Angle at No Way Out after a thirty-minute bout. Undertaker cornered Angle after the match, and after a stare down, told Angle that he had his number and that he was not finished with him yet. This began an angle between the duo, as Undertaker then challenged Henry to a Casket match at WrestleMania 22 , and Henry, like Orton a year before him, vowed to end Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak. Undertaker defeated Henry to become at WrestleMania, keeping his storyline undefeated streak alive.

During a rematch on the next edition of SmackDown! The Undertaker was not heard from until the May 5 edition of SmackDown! Undertaker was booked to cleanly lose to Khali, and he did not appear again until the July 4 edition of SmackDown! In the storyline, Teddy Long replaced Khali with Big Show as punishment for an attack on Undertaker shortly before the match.

Khali refused the challenge for SummerSlam, though Long made the match official for the August 18 episode of SmackDown! Undertaker won the match by striking Khali with the steel stairs, delivering several chair shots, and finishing him with a chokeslam. Kennedy at No Mercy but was disqualified in the match after he hit Kennedy with the championship belt. On the November 3 edition of SmackDown! Kennedy and Montel Vontavious Porter , with whom Kane was feuding with at the time. As part of the angle, Kennedy defeated Undertaker in a First Blood match at Survivor Series after interference from MVP, but finally defeated Kennedy in a Last Ride match at Armageddon by delivering a chokeslam and Tombstone on the roof of the hearse, sticking him in the back, and driving the hearse out of the arena.

The two continued to feud into as Kennedy cost Undertaker two World Heavyweight Championship opportunities for a championship match at the Royal Rumble. Undertaker won his first Royal Rumble match after Shawn Michaels attempted Sweet Chin Music, and Undertaker ducked and lifted Michaels over the top rope for the victory. He became the first man to enter the Rumble at number 30 and win the match. He then began an angle with Batista , whom he defeated at WrestleMania 23 to win his first World Heavyweight Championship.

On the next SmackDown! The rematch ended in a draw when neither man was able to answer the ten-count after Batista speared Undertaker off the entrance stage, causing the steel pillars to fall on top of the two men, resulting in the Undertaker retaining the Championship. On the May 11 SmackDown! The Undertaker's stats are similar to that of the Flintlock Pistol , though with more damage and a slower rate of fire.

Compared to the Musket, The Undertaker sells for half the price at 1.

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