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Note that priority queue is implemented using Min or Max Heap, and insert and remove operations take O log n time. Performance of the algorithm depends on how well the cost or evaluation function is designed. Recommended Posts: Repeatedly search an element by doubling it after every successful search Why is Binary Search preferred over Ternary Search? Improved By : ManuelRaimann.

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Intercept search algorithm to fetch agenda. Apr 26, Add karma to package.

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Apr 27, Actually in such a case no "search" is really needed, since the path from the initial state to the final state is known. Both above cases can be handled well in computer science.

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AI is interested in the situation in the middle: the intermediate nodes do have information on how promising each option is, though the information is not always accurate and certain. A " heuristic function " is a function used to rank the alternatives in each step according to available information.

Such a function is usually based on experience and intuition about the given problem.

Heuristic search is similar to depth-first search and breadth-first search, except that its "open-node list" is a priority queue , in which the nodes are sorted by a heuristic function. Consequently in every step the algorithm explores the current-best direction, therefore it is also called "best-first search". The actual efficiency of such an algorithm is determined by the quality of the heuristic function.