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The Caribbean has great potential for crowdfunding, provided that the right enabling environment is put in place to promote it. Crowdfunding is the art of raising funds through social, professional, and public networks using the internet. With the rise of this form of financing, there are many crowdfunding success stories, but in the Caribbean among the most successful campaigns is that of the Jamaica bobsled team.

Can Jamaica 'Hack' Entrepreneurship For The Caribbean?

Crowdfunding in the Caribbean could bolster early stage capital markets, entrepreneurship, creativity, economic growth, and employment — provided that policymakers create the right environment. They are now lined up for a coveted interview spot with the Slush Global Impact Accelerator program panel in Finland. The investment facilitation program aims to enable early-stage Caribbean entrepreneurs to raise capital from private investors, particularly business angel investors. Kitts and Nevis. They represent a wide variety of sectors: retail, creative, cosmetology, baking, engineering, sports, and manufacturing.

The Women Innovators Network Caribbean WINC — a cornerstone initiative of the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean sponsored by the government of Canada — recently concluded its first acceleration program for women entrepreneurs. Designed to jump-start women-led enterprises across the region, the program provided local entrepreneurs with mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.

In the Caribbean, a growing number of women is pursuing technology careers, as developers, coders, and tech entrepreneurs. We spoke with a business development specialist at Reperio, a Trinidad and Tobago-based language learning company.

US$100,000 grants available for innovative Caribbean business ideas

How does an entrepreneur catch the attention of an angel investor? Jeremy Bauman, a senior consultant at the World Bank, shares a glimpse into the mind of an angel investor at the launch of LINK-Caribbean, an initiative to improve access to capital for Caribbean entrepreneurs. As EPIC enters its sixth year, several major milestones have been recorded.

Caribbean start-up, early-stage and growth businesses now have another means for raising capital.

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Accelerate Caribbean's third professional development webinar focused on how to build effective mentoring networks in the Caribbean. At an Accelerate Caribbean workshop, representatives of the World Bank Group and the governments of Jamaica and Canada discussed how to build a stronger ecosystem to help regional entrepreneurs launch and grow profitable businesses.

When Yekini Wallen Bryan returned to school for his final semester in January, the energy and electronics student never anticipated he would soon receive the grand prize in a clean-tech innovation competition. A large crowd of young clean-tech entrepreneurs brought their ideas and enthusiasm to the first Green Tech Startup Bootcamp in the Caribbean, which was co-hosted by the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center on February , Accelerate Caribbean partnered with Marlon Hill, a United States-based lawyer and champion of Caribbean entrepreneurship, to host a webinar on team building, marketing, and brand protection for Caribbean business owners.

New Leaf Power received a grant from the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center to develop a solar-powered lamp and charging device for a remote Jamaican fishing community. One year later, their lamps are lighting the way for disaster relief in Dominica. Harlo Mayne and Dr.

40 hot businesses to start

Jamaican tech entrepreneurs Nichole Crawford and Winnie Dzidonu-Genius traveled to Helsinki, Finland, to pitch their businesses at the Slush Global Impact Accelerator , a nine-day bootcamp for social impact entrepreneurs from emerging markets. A new peer mentorship-based program will support high-potential women entrepreneurs in the Caribbean. The eight-month intensive Acceleration Program will provide participants with a wide range of support services to innovate their businesses, improve their competitiveness, and boost their growth. The program will include one-on-one coaching, technical workshops, and opportunities to connect with successful women entrepreneurs.

In the last few decades, women in the Caribbean have made impressive strides to break through the glass ceiling and become successful entrepreneurs.

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  7. The growing network of peers, mentors, and angel investors has provided women across the region with the tools and resources necessary to launch and grow new businesses. The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship- Caribbean, based in Montego Bay, recently launched an online training platform in order to efficiently expand its program to other islands.

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    The Branson Centre embraces a broad view of entrepreneurship by fostering innovative business models in technology and also in more traditional sectors such as tourism and agribusiness. This approach appeals not only to local investors, but might also attract capital from the vast Caribbean diaspora that sends remittances back home.

    When it comes to finding capital and expertise in scaling small businesses, Jamaica turns to partners like Oasis and a pair of new angel investor groups in Kingston and Montego Bay. Guest post written by Patrick McGinnis Dirigo Advisors , an investment and advisory firm focused on Latin America and emerging markets. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin At the Start-up Jamaica headquarters in central Kingston, an entrepreneur pitches his idea to me.

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