Changing the Game: Poetry

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To play this game is to savor the experience of life — the joy, the pain and everything in between.

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These are the rules of the game of Thrivability, as I understand them. As I write in my book, The Age of Thrivability :.

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With this broader view, we can see that our organizations [and communities] have the potential to be places where we are nourished by our relationships and by the opportunity to contribute and develop our gifts…. Where we can experience beauty, wholeness and healing within our communities and our workplaces. Where we can grow into wisdom alongside each other, with trust that this is the most direct path to effective action.

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And where these are the express purposes of coming together. Thank you ,this is beautiful and practical. It speaks to our need for a change in perspective, a new way of seeing our role in this life and our relationship to everything and one around us.

How social media completely changed the game for poetry and made it more accessible

The practicality is in the to do list or the way of being to live in that new perspective. I am the National Coordinator for Simpol US and our vision is very compatible with what you have written here. Our current work is national and our vision is global. A related resource: An article and TED talk about how games like Monopoly — and societal structures that have similar dynamics — distort our behaviour.

Lent Poetry: Changing the Game – Rev. Gina Pond

May 2, Understanding the Patterns of Our Thriving. You exit this minute Workshop with new Apr 20, Moving Into the Age of Thrivability. Historically, labor unions have existed to champion the rights and needs of individual workers. These days, there is widespread debate over whether they continue to play a useful role.

But the question that may be even more timely and relevant is: what form of Facebook Twitter.

Meet the Spoken Word Artists Changing the Game

Jaki scarcello on March 9, at am. Tackling issues of race, mental health, cultural appropriation, and his own experiences of growing up in foster care, Solomon O. But his ability to spin stories of struggle in an effortless, often gentle, and vibrant way makes his words at once penetrating and approachable.

Hailing from Minnesota, Danez Smith is well on his way to becoming a household name as far as the spoken word scene is concerned.

His blunt, emotionally charged poems chronicle his experiences as a gay black man living in America and are both humorous and heart-wrenching. She takes a fresh approach to her poetry, relating the universal human experience of love and relationships in a funny and lighthearted fashion.

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The following page has been marked NSFW. James writes about a wide array of social issues such as relationships, children, economics, and politics. As is his down-to-earth style, James has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and think.

With Changing the Game , you will no doubt feel and relate to every word. James does not seek safety by writing in a polite style about tough issues, his words are straight from the heart. Changing the Game: Poetry James J.