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With that goal in mind, I was constantly searching for articles online that teach you how to make money blogging. Save this pin for later! The post is really long to provide you with as much info as possible! If it works out, then cool. And if not, then oh well… at least I tried!

After struggling for many months and testing it out myself, I can tell you that making money with a blog is REAL! I personally made A LOT of mistakes as a new blogger, but as soon as I invested in those e-courses and e-books, I started to see money coming in! I got back WAY more than what I spent on my investment! You can actually view all the blogging tools and resources you need as a beginner blogger at the bottom of this post.

But it is SO worth it in the end! If you want guidance and more info, sign up below! Almost anything can make money as long as it offers a solution to a problem. Another example is if you want to write about DIY and home renovation projects, you could write a blog post or come up with a tutorial on:. As long as there are people searching for answers, there will always be demand for your content! I generally use the Keywords Everywhere tool to give me some clues.

The way you write, the stories you tell, and how you deliver your message is what sets you apart from everyone else. There are 24 hours within a day and a gazillion people in this world. People can never consume too much or have enough. But to give you several examples, here are the blogs that bring in an amazing monthly income! Imagine what that money can do for you. It could help you cover some of your living expenses like your utility bills, cable, insurance, groceries, and much more! I personally started my blog as a fun side hustle and made some extra income on top of my full-time job.

All because I kept an open mind and did NOT give up! Some of you might be thinking of starting a blog for free on WordPress. DO NOT go that route! It would be near impossible to make money when you sign up for a free blog because no one will take you seriously. If your intention is to make money blogging , you will want to start your blog the correct way by following my easy step-by-step tutorial here. You will thank yourself for doing this! I think I already have WordPress? That means they can remove any data or content you create on this platform because it is NOT self-hosted by you. On the other hand, with WordPress.

When you sign up for Bluehost, they will make it easy for you to install WordPress. And yes, WordPress. When you use WordPress. This is a FREE and very powerful tool that can help you grow your blog! For now, as a newish blogger who you can relate to , I am making money through display advertising and focusing most of my efforts using these winning affiliate marketing strategies.

Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that these two monetization methods are probably the easiest and fastest ways to make money for beginners!

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  4. How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense.

Aside from those two methods, you can also make money blogging by creating your own products and writing sponsored posts. It took me many months before I got my first paycheck from Google which was a couple of hundred dollars. They pay you monthly. Let me walk you through how to make money online selling physical products:. I love this system.

Feeling confident? These types of websites much like im-blackbook. This strategy is more difficult than the first two how to make money online strategies.. Insert your Google Ads onto your website simply copy and paste! Get top rankings in Google using my step by step plan. Let me walk you through how to make money online selling physical products: Join Amazon. Click here for the CJ.

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I do have the help of VAs however. Thx for making this post. It renewed my fire for I. I have also gone the other way by conceptualizing some topics and then conducting research using market samurai to determine keyword viability. Thanks Sunil, I saw your message on twitter. Hi Sunil, great and exhaustive post!

We must only remember about one thing — Google is unpredictable not only with search engine changes G. Penguin, G. However I saw that most of my earnings are coming from YouTube. What do you think of the potential of YouTube Adsense Earnings? I do earn some money from YouTube, and know people who are doing very well. I am not experienced enough to answer confidently, but my guess is that you need a ton of videos that are very engaging, which are found for highly searched for keywords.

I guess that is not much different from what it takes a website to do well with Adsense. I am from Kolkata, India. Yeah you need views in YouTube that is true. For my site though its one year and my views are now saturated at one point. Also can you suggest me if I can improve my ad-placement on my website. Rahul, Google up the Adsense heat map and try those positions. Sunil, I heard in one of your podcasts somewhere that you implemented Adsense on your travel site about after a year or so.

Do you recommend adding advertising so late or from the very onset. What are your thoughts on that? I personally do that. I recommend waiting till you have a few hundred visitors. However, I do agree with how difficult it is to provide truly useful info when you spread yourself way too thin between hundreds of niche sites. Thanks for all the valueable advice Sunil. Please help me,I really need your help.

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Please let me how can I improve to earn more from this. Please Sir, I am really confused please…help me to get out of this.. I made blog on trekking in Nepal right. Please sir let me know about what should be my next step towards blogging. HI Sunil that is really impressive earnings sunil. I have one doubt though, how much traffic do you get. I have few blogs but my earnings from Adsense is no way near that figures. Bryan, read response to previous questions.

I know I have a brighter morning. Paralelly I tried to subscribe for Google Adsence and it got rejected. Do you have any idea on how to be successful in getting googld adsence approved? Thanks in advance Sunil. I have used them JJ, but in a very specific way. I see them misused all the time, which gets people into uncalled for trouble. I actually started working on a post on the best way to leverage PLR articles. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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