Information Development Using MIKE2.0

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Information governance is a term used in MIKE2. The governance model provides assessment tools, information standards, organizational structures and roles and responsibilities in relation to managing information assets.

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Governance 2. The task list is underpinned by the information development approach and tightly integrated with SAFE architecture. The overall product is referred to as "omCollab" and was released in Since its release, MIKE2.

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The content was taught through online webinars and as a part of a Melbourne University lecture series on data warehousing in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section is empty.

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You can help by adding to it. July Retrieved Press release. April 16, Chapter 1 introduces the methodology.

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Chapter 2 describes the implementation phases. In chapter 3 the solution offerings covered by MIKE2. Chapter 4 focuses on some select solutions that include a number of traditional disciplines like information management and relatively new information development areas such as Big Data.

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Some supporting and very useful assets and blogs are presented in chapters 6 and 7. Chapter 8 provides some select case studies that illustrate the methodology in action. A savvy information management professional can quickly familiarize himself or herself with the methodology framework, activities, deliverables, phases and solutions.

Despite its breadth, the book is relatively concise and it is written very well.

MIKE2.0 Publication: Information Development Using MIKE2.0

Some chapters, especially discussions on information development history, will be of interest for a broader audiences including college students. Rather than merely address the symptoms of the problem, this book delivers a methodology and framework to improve IM competency that shifts the focus from technology to the people and processes that make it work. I highly recommend this book for my colleagues and community members.

From the functional manager to the CEO, it is a must read for anyone who is looking to improve the management of information as it relates to the core of enterprise operations, strategic marketability and organizational mobility. Go to Amazon.

ICS/IASA - Information Management with MIKE 2.0

Back to top. Since , MIKE2. With many governments and businesses thinking about how to respond to the latest round of challenges including cyber risks and privacy, the MIKE2. Information is arguably the most important resource available to business and society.