Its Your Move: An Inner Journey Utilizing Horses or Bicycles Based on the 12 Step Program

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She bolted and threw me off as I deserved. My uncle changed the bit to a soft one made of rubber. She calmed down. But still, I stopped riding her and just treated her as a pet goat who I visited in the paddock. I built a relationship with her slowly. At first she would kick and bite me whenever I came near.

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Soon I could walk all around her and under her and between her legs in perfect trust and safety. I began to ride her. When she saw me coming she would whinny and run towards me even though she knew I would soon be riding her. Once on her back, we communicated by mental telepathy. But if she wanted to take off and I wanted her to remain on the spot, she would do this beautiful on-the-spot up-and-down dance as a kind of compromise. I had no need to haul on those reins.

We thought as one. It was a beautiful relationship. I think it is equally bad to see dogs chained up all day or shut in houses. Done and done, Monica ;D Here you are! I use to work at a few Horse places and I never really had much problems with horses, One woman asked me what was my secret why did I get along with them so easy, and I said respect, she said she gives her him ,I then asked her a very simple question, If I were to buy you and take you away from your Mother, For the purpose of forcing you to carry me on your back and endanger your life, for nothing more then my own selfish gratification would that be respect, Horses, all animals are living feeling beings with feelings, But to you they are just objects for your selfishness which is something so many people need to learn….

I notice how all the Horse Riders all say their horses love it? Did they actually tell you that? All I can sense is speciesism and exploitation. The reason that is all you see is because your mind is closed. Please be sceptical about your own beliefs — maybe they are prejudices.

If you think animals need human language to communicate with humans, think again. I know when horses are distressed, in pain, frightened, excited and ecstatic from their body language.

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Not only that but horses can and do interpret human body language too. I could give you numerous examples and no counterexamples. There is nothing that is more scientifically solid and as close to proof as that! Rejoice in the sheer beauty of the close bond that can form between horse and human. Chas and a couple others have the idea.

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Who was the first person to think to themselves. Hey, i will just jump up there. No invitation required. BTW Mr. Sorry, no more of that freedom. Your breaking an animals mind to do what you want or else. We, meaning society as a whole, will look back at this idea hundreds of years from now and wonder how we ever thought it was morally and ethically acceptable to do such a thing! I think from a more rational standpoint I can say that horse-riding is completely unnecessary.

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Not needed in this modern day and age. We have bikes and cars now to get around and transport goods.

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It is a basic morality issue. Should we use another sentinent creature for our own gains? Where do we get the right to enslave an animal simply for our pleasure? Both horse and man are looked after by their owners. Both are fed and given a warm place to sleep. Horse riding is not necessary anymore. Ride a bike or something. Not every horse has a fitted saddle, though. Take lesson horses for example. Lunge whips are not meant to hit the horses in the same spot as a jumping whip; they are supposed to hit their back legs, if anything. You would have to really want to hurt a horse to be able to harm them with either of those things.

However, I have no defense for jumping whips. You mentioned a study of sound horses who had their backs x-rayed. There were only a couple hundred in the study, but there are millions of horses in America, and sometimes stuff like that happens, where an old, untreated injury causes their anatomy to alter. Additionally, you did not mention whether these injuries were acquired from being ridden in saddles that fit. There will always be those whose egos and closed minds will not allow anything new past that stubborn wall they have in front of their brains.

Several of my followers shared it on their own pages, though. That was a positive thing, for sure! I rode trails and competed in obstacle courses for many years. But I no longer ride any of my horses because of these facts and relatively new insights. I applaud and commend you for posting it. Stand firm in your convictions. Thank you so much for your testimony of change and being open to truly loving horses. Appreciate you sharing this! Much love and thanks. Thank you for taking the time to write this, Kate.

I am not of the equestrian world, no.

Some questions explored in this book:

This is an early video of mine and not as in depth as I tend to go now with subjects. I would direct you to my interview with Ren Hurst , a former horse trader and trainer who worked with horses her entire life. Horse riding is an elitist and exploitive activity. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click to enlarge. I'm interested in volunteering.

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Liz on February 6, at pm. TV on May 10, at pm. Brahmdev Singh on February 24, at pm. Lulu on July 5, at pm. Josie on September 20, at pm. Very true and quite a simple and logical view on how crazy our reasoning is! Kyra on April 26, at am. Rex on November 22, at pm. Niki on November 3, at pm. Why do good kids from the upper socioeconomic strata of society become addicts? Who is really in charge of my life, me or my emotions? What is codependency and how does it affect the addict in my life? What happens if the compass falls and becomes damaged?

Welcome to the life of an addict. An addict is someone whose internal compass is damaged; they think they are following the right path but in reality they have no idea which way is north. To improve your basic mechanic skills, check out your local bike shop or council website as many of them run free bike maintenance courses.

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Layering is the key and the base layer is the most important. Try to avoid cotton, as when you sweat in cotton it cools fast, making you feel cold and clammy. Padded shorts or leggings should definitely be considered depending on the distance you are riding, as they will add significant comfort to your commute. Once you get started you will find that the more you ride to work, the more it will become a normal routine that requires less planning than when you first started. Try gradually building up from starting out riding once every few weeks to once a week and then possibly even 3 times a week or more.

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