Sand in Tuscany

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Sand in Tuscany by Lorretta Segars - FictionDB

Our managers have worked with these film distributors above and are preparing for a new wave of film opportunities on the horizon! We invite you to visit our website to discover more of our past movies, our team and the amazing distribution companies who have partnered with us for almost 45 years of cinema. There would be many hardships in both families and a new love was the last place war would welcome into a harsh reality.

Lorretta Segars shares of the plight of her parents in this original work. They endured tearful separations because of the demands of war.


The battles were hard-fought against formidable German infantry, Panzer units, and elite paratroop divisions. The 88th Infantry proved the fighting prowess of an all-draftee army in that the Division and individual soldiers won many citations and awards for courage beyond the ordinary, including heroes with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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During the horror of war, the Italian families were experiencing another series of home invasions and fighting in their streets. An evil dictator in Mussolini was only making matters worse.

A Film of Love In WWII

Could their love survive through the terror and the trials from two worlds of drama and suspense? Only they would answer with an endearing hope experienced in the documentary being made. Could love really survive? The movie was birthed from the literary hand of a caring daughter of this amazing couple, Lorretta Segars. The story has humor and definitely a reverential element even in the midst of horrendous, battle scenes. A series of humorous actions and those from war buddies provide comic relief entrenched in the realities of war. The story of an Italian war bride was challenged.

Would their determination to find a lasting love, overcome the obstacles of an Alabama grown soldier become their reality.

White Sand Tuscany

From the boots of Sand Mountain to the shores in the sands of Tuscany, love will be born and eventually, change the world. FictionDB Reviews:. Paperback editions:.

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